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With Covid-19 Deaths on the Rise, Hardest-Hit States Report Hospitals are Near Capacity Following Early Reopenings

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/11/covid-19-deaths-rise-hardest-hit-states-report-hospitals-are-near-capacity-following


No surprise there.
Medical facilities are getting overwhelmed
And the tRUMP loyalists are downplaying it.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

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Opening too soon. ALL States opened have moved through the phases too soon.

Pritzker has done a pretty good job here in IL but he has moved through the phases too soon also. We’re at Phase 4 now - indoor dining, Bars, Gyms. Too soon.
I think Pritzker will regret that he moved this fast

I’ve done take-out about 3-4 times since March. All of that in the past month and a half
I still haven’t been in a restaurant or Bar and won’t for the foreseeable future. I’m betting that we will fall back to phase 3 or even 2 by mid September/ early October.


With covidiot parties proliferating throughout Trumplandia, parties in which people knowingly crowd in amongst known covid-19-positive cases, what else can we expect. You can’t fix stupid, and with covid-19, education only gets you as far as your legs can take you from some maskless idiot screaming about their freedumb in your general direction. Idiocracy ueber alles.


Michigan slowly spiking after the kids hit the re-opened bars.
We had it under control.
Right up until we didn’t.

This country could not handle that sweet combo of personal responsibility and government stopgaps.
Instead we had the craven politicization of a public health crisis.
We deserve to go down in flames – we failed to earn success.


Washington under Gov. Jay Inslee responded well at first in response to the stunning, early outbreak at the LifeCare Facility, the early superspreader event in Mt. Vernon, and the ability of the University of Washington to compensate for the CDC test kit failure with a test of its own. Inslee shut us down early (mid-March), and people in the Seattle area epicenter did pretty well abiding by the social distancing guidance. The emergency field hospital constructed by the military to handle an expected surge in cases went up and came down without seeing a single patient, and we sent surplus ventilators to New York. By the time NYC went nuclear, we were effectively flattening our curve. So far, so good. [Indeed, we should really count ourselves lucky more than smart that we responded before it got way out of hand (days matter).]

Then, the Big-Ag food processing plants of Yakima County had outbreaks that have yet to abate, while other counties began phased re-openings. Our area went to phase 2 (economics, don’tcha know), and lo-and-behold, cases increased. Our 14-day moving average of new cases is now substantially higher than the infection rate that had us scrambling to put that field hospital on the ground, though the geographical spread is much broader now. We’ve not been overwhelmed (yet), and I do credit our state and local leadership for that. But we are also a long way–years–from being out of this.

The fact that we must come to terms with is that we have no safe way to return to pre-pandemic economic activity (insane as it was) and prosperity (destructive as it was) until we have herd immunity. We’ll get herd immunity either: 1) via vaccination; or 2) the hard way, with the pandemic burning through the global population, inflicting morbidity and mortality until our immune systems catch up. The early re-openings were driven entirely by perceived economic necessity, not public health priorities. Okay, so, we tried that, and we’re not going to overcome the pandemic by going shopping. Any other ideas, guv’nors? A Public Health New Deal to go with a Green New Deal? All while we tilt the class war away from the capitalist class toward the working majority and de-institutionalize racism? From here to there: I wish I could imagine how.


But you can get a chuckle from this cartoon:



We’re going to have huge numbers of people getting the coronavirus at home, being afraid to go to the hospital for fear of getting the coronavirus at the hospital, and dying at home. We played this record two months ago.

The difference this time is national volume.

I have 20 states (including DC) improving and 31 states accelerating into this pandemic. Of the top forty states in my immediate threats list, not one of them has a five days versus previous five days deceleration rate better than 12%. Translation: a national bomb including just about all of the states outside of the Northeast and Hawaii is still in the process of going off today.


Meanwhile, US members of Congress including both Republicans and Democrats are pushing for Canada to reopen the borders so US Citizens can enter Canada freely.

Needless to say the vast majority of Canadians are against the idea and suggest Canada can not risk another wave of COVID after all of the work done to contain it when the USA has utterly mismanaged the situation.

The group that crafted the statement in the USA are asking Canada to develop metrics that can be used to reopen the border as soon as possible rather then extending another 30 days. How about new COVID cases in the USA start dropping instead of increasing by 60000 a day for a metric?

81 percent of Canadians polled do not want the border reopened.

I have read a number of comments from US Citizens who seek to blame the Canadian Government for keeping them away from family or vacation homes in Canada. Look to Donald trump and your respective Governments and all those yahoos running around saying it faked if you want someone to blame.

Please stay away.


We are an empire in decline. I guess this is one way to do it


There’s a third possibility you’re not considering: (3) Not at all.

My impression from overviews I’ve read is that virology is learning how little we actually know about immunity, from SARS2. Just as neurologists have no idea how narrative memories are stored in the brain, or how technical memories (e.g. playing the piano) are integrated into your arms and hands, biologists are only beginning to assess the multiple cellular systems involved in memories of microbial assaults.

Bottom line: We actually don’t know shit about immunity, because it’s hela complicated. We certainly don’t know whether durable (or even temporary) “herd immunity” to any coronavirus is possible.

Consider the HAART (highly active anti-retroviral therapy) “cocktail” which has made life liveable for people with HIV, ranging in cost from 20K to 60K per year. That sort of thing (protease inhibitors, anyone?) might wind up the best drug deal on offer to combat COVID-19, if we’re lucky.


They wanted overloaded hospitals because the neoliberals want to
1.) ship poorer or sicker patients overseas to poor countries, making deals with their providers - taking care to suck out all of the increased value so that poor Americans dont get rich peoples health care, which would create liability issues here in the US when patients with low value insurance realized how bad the healthcare they had been getting here often was. or
2.) Using a “healthcare emergency” to implement a plan they have had for deceades (this is why healthcare has been kept in limbio since the Punta Del Este Declaration of September 20, 1986 and the subsequent Marrarkesh document and then URAA, (i.e.WTO and its GATS, TRIPS, etc.) was signed in 1994, as a wedge to destroy professions like nursing medicine, teaching, IT, engineering, construction and many others by importing vast numbers of guest workers making very very low wages, then they mark up their work to the usual prices. Trillions of dollars in profits can be made by replacing US professionals with guest workers, For a rough overview of some of the problems caused by a shift to guest workers (besides mass unemployment)
3.) euthanasia, the unspeakably evil and wrong “mecy killing” of the infirm and very sick, this happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, although most of us have likely forgotten. As capitalism demands higher and higer yields more and more perfectly viable people or businesses will be deemed no longer profitable and annihilated.

My governor, Dumb ass Ducey, either doesn’t get it or he’s such a trump lackey (and I do mean lackey as in lacks any morals or intelligence) that he’s blind to what the public needs to do. Because of his and trump’s ineptitude, the followers and flag wavers STILL do not wear masks in my town and there are many of them. Until there is a body bag on every street, they just won’t listen to reason, endangering all of us. Stay out of Arizona, tourists. It’s a dangerous place to be.


Perhaps Covid 19 will permanently eliminate some of the stupid. Unfortunately they will take others with them.


Update: the CDC took the date off of their daily update today. Then they reported zero cases today. It being a Saturday, I guess they all wanted to go to the beach today and party. Their official site is at:


I find that hilarious, ironic and oh-so-satisfying. A little humble pie will do us Americans a world of good. So, when does the “Build the Wall” chant start?


That’s not what I see on CDC’s site. They did omit the webpage date-stamp, but not the data-update (for yesterday, as usual), which is a record 66,281 new cases on Friday, 7/10.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    28 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   4.  01/24/2020           2           2
>   8.  02/21/2020          13          15
>  12.  03/20/2020      18,732      18,747
>  16.  04/17/2020     671,967     690,714
>  20.  05/15/2020     744,384   1,435,098
>  24.  06/12/2020     603,246   2,038,344
>  28.  07/10/2020   1,134,868   3,173,212

In another day or two, new cases for the past four weeks will double the previous interval, at a full-month pace of one new COVID-19 case every two seconds, somewhere in USA.

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It doesn’t work like that. Lots of people who are intelligent are basically being forced to work and sometimes even go without PPE because they need to eat.

No employer should be able to prevent their workers from wearing masks and buildings should be required to ventilate aggressively.

It would be straight up insanity for your country to open it’s border with the US right now, and you can bet if the situation was reversed, officials here wouldn’t let Canadians across the border.
Just like anyone from the Northern US traveling to the south right now is insane - Go to Disney World, not even if you put a gun to my head.

I look at it as a rapid form of evolution, you want to do stupid things related to this virus (not wear a mask when out, have COVID 19 parties), evolution might just take over, and you wont be breeding in our gene pool anymore.


We are paying the price for what Democrats offered us in 2016, they’re offering us less this time in response.

America’s ruling elite ought to be exposed, but We the People rather outsource our democracy to Fox, MSNBC, and CNN, and other oligarch outlets.

Voting against something election after election without the realization that we’ve had nothing to vote in favor of, is taking it’s toll across the board. Some of America will vote against Biden, some will vote against Trump, and most will tacitly vote against both by staying home, and a few will vote Green or another third party for positive reasons.

Don’t be a negative-voting loser all your life. If they can get your vote for nothing but words every time, that’s all we’ll keep being offered.