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With Covid-19 Infections at All-Time High, Azar Thanks Trump for His "Leadership That's Gotten Us Where We Are Today"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/13/covid-19-infections-all-time-high-azar-thanks-trump-his-leadership-thats-gotten-us


How do people that are this defective qualify for government?


Trump didn’t do this alone. A lot of people knew “The Donald” was a con artist, and anyone familiar with sociopathic or narcissistic personality disorders has the signs blaring in their face the moment you look at this guy.

He should have been seen for what he was and shown to the door.

Instead, Republican politicians played along, complained about him anonymously and in quiet, and went along with it for their own power grab. They colluded to break the checks and balances that should have stopped such a twisted man. They turned traitor to democracy for a partisan power grab. They have turned our politics into a cold war, knowing full well the debased character of the man they followed.

Traitors, spineless hypocrites, and opportunists, the lot of them. The nation has paid the price. You can’t lie or cheat a pandemic, and Trump didn’t even think he could. He deliberately used it in a weaponized way, hoping to kill off more urban blue and hence Democratic voters, and hoping to suppress their votes by making pandemic precautions a political filter. Again, people with a sane grasp of reality but absolutely cold, treasonous hearts let him do it.

He has a lot of blood on his hands, and so do his enablers.

This is why we should screen for personality disorders before considering candidates for any public office.



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The Trump backers got exactly what they wanted. A hard-right shifted Federal Judiciary, tax breaks for the rich and corporations, a newly (re-)empowered conservative goon squad, and new levels of active racism. the electorate has been effectively reduced to arguing hordes. This election may well be the last one we witness.


Their “defects” are precisely what carried them into governments.


I think that’s a very telling portrait of Orangeman, dated Nov 13. Note the absence of his trademark raccoon-eyes, because Orangeman isn’t as orange as he used to be, transforming into Grayman before our eyes. I know White House occupants always age very quickly, but take a look at any picture of Orangeman from 2018. This guy looks at least 10 years older, as he shuffles off to Buffalo.

Jeffrey sez:

In the wake of Esper’s firing, Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, sent a memo to his staff saying: “We do not take an oath to a king or a queen, a tyrant or a dictator. We do not take an oath to an individual.” Of course, not. They take their oaths to Raytheon and Boeing, Lockheed and Northrup Grumman, United Technologies and BAE Systems…


Good point.


Trump had no credentials, no experience, just enough money to buy his way.
Do we expect anything at all honest to come from this White House or it’s appointees? NO.


Just like any Mafia, Don and his thugs called Republicans.


Because they are chosen by defective people.


Because, for many years , our governance has become increasingly removed from the needs of the people and only caters to the needs of the corporate and the wealthy who own those corporations.
People lacking representation, people fearful and insecure make poor choices.


This is an exceptionally important point. Been saying that for a few years now.
The Reich, 99% of the republicans and even some democrats, are ALSO responsible for this clusterfarce. And We cannot forget that or let it slide

You listening Mitch?


This is like Goering congratulating Hitler for his leadership in helping the Holocaust take place.
Azar and all the Trump sycophants should be put on trial for aiding and abetting genocide and treason.


There is no soul, no mercy, in those cold, cold eyes.


Because the (lame) requirements for office are not like they are for any other job. Usually just residency and age requirements, unlike other jobs. Where can you get any other job where the requirements are that lame and pathetic? In fact, many Representatives and Senators in the US Congress have no legal experience whatsoever or law degrees while making laws for millions of people. Insanity.


Land of the Living Dead


Wow! The guy sounds great! Guess Biden will keep him on.


Here in Canada we have seen a huge spike in COVID cases. I listened to a report on CBC radio detailing how the Nurses are struggling. Over 50 percent report severe mental exhaustion. 40 percent report depression and anxiety. These people are making great sacrifices to help treat those suffering and the absolute callousness of Trump and crew and those people who refuse to wear masks because “it all a hoax” or “I am exercising my freedom” are beneath contempt.

I would say think of someone else for a change , but these types of people are just incapable of it.


Yup, there’s a photo of a proto-dictator in the making. Why the fuck is he having another rally tomorrow??? It’s over, dude, unless he’s going to pull a Jefferson Davis and rile up the MAGAs to secede and start another civil war? And it’s another super-spreader event.
Geez, dude, give it up already and prepare to be fitted for your new orange suit. Extra-large. It will go so well with those pretty hard blue eyes…