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With Covid-19 Raging, Warnings of Worse-Than-Usual Hurricane Season Point to Trouble Ahead

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/21/covid-19-raging-warnings-worse-usual-hurricane-season-point-trouble-ahead

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The same storm season is aimed at China. How are they preparing for this? Any good ideas to share?


Republicans (especially Caligula and his spawn) will do nothing unless they can line their pockets at the same time


Coronavirus, the economy, hurricanes…sounds like the makings of a perfect storm (pardon the pun).

Let’s hope Trump and his cronies go down with the ship and get washed out to sea.


Okay. Agreed. Then there’s We the People evolving at Life Speed in sync with Cosmos.

Same as always, prepare, and expect nothing from the federal government if your area takes a hit.
Bush set the standard for lack of response, Trump just continues the tradition.


April 2020 just came in at +1.15 C over NASA’s mean. I mean: It certainly looks mighty hot:


March was +1.2 C. If the sky stays reasonably free of pollution for awhile, we could see one record-hot month after another. There’s an extra heating jolt from the withdrawal of “global dimming” when the sky clears this much. Not good news for California fire season either, during this pandemic.

Incidentally, USA just posted a record high for new COVID-19 cases in a single day, for Thursday the 20th, adding 46,231 cases (total: 1.6 million). Yesterday the governor of Washington said there can’t be a second surge until after the first one is finished – which it isn’t.


If the Big Hurricane hits Montana, Alaska, Hawaii or Vermont we’re all set. Those are the states with so little native contagion that most of their new covid-19 business comes across the state border. Hurricanes do hit Hawaii.

Everything from D.C. up to Massachusetts is a horrid mess. Worse, unlike Montana etc., the South shows no interest in wiping out the coronavirus. They might still be hot in September.

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Fake news. The Chinese led Paper Towel Cartels are trying to undermine Torquemada Trump’s election bid.

Let’s not forget, it is also the start of fire season in the west but, unlike Florida, they are under Democratic control so no one on the east coast cares.

Rare event for typhoons to hit China or, by the time do, they’re not much more than a heavy rain. The Philippines is the Florida of Asia with Taiwan and Japan being secondary targets.

Big Typhoons hit China almost every year. They have the same problem of Hurricanes and Corona virus as the US And have superior science to plan with. If the undeveloped US is too proud to ask China for advice, Cuba has advanced medical knowledge and superior social systems much closer to home. The US is a dumb underdeveloped country at war with the world; it could ask for help but plastic, corporate semi slave agriculture and war are among its few GNP products so help probably won’t be asked for.

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Not just the west these days. Most of the state of Maine is under a red flag fire warning right now as well.


We would never listen to any advice from China anyways. Instead, we will be unprepared and likely blame China for creating the hurricanes and not warning us about them.

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I’m still hoping, as Trump and Pence refuse to wear a mask, that Covid-19 will come knocking and relieve us of this burden; still waiting for that, as yet unseen, evidence of God’s existence.