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With Covid-19 Rife Among VP Staffers, Democrats Says Pence Presiding Over Senate a 'Violation of Common Decency'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/26/covid-19-rife-among-vp-staffers-democrats-says-pence-presiding-over-senate-violation

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Pence presiding over anything governmental is a “violation of common decency,” and the constitution, as he is a theocrat sabotaging the separation of church and state.
Pence should have resigned, to play the role of a Commander in The Handmaid’s Tale television series.
He’s the quintessential sinister religious fanatic patriarchal nutcase.


You really want to do something about this outrage and make one of the main culprits pay? Then out that little weasel SOB Lindsay Graham. He is a deeply-closeted gay man who has patronized underage male prostitutes. Do a search under “Lady G Lindsay Graham”. The left cannot get media traction on this at all, but you know if this was someone on the left it’d be all over the place. It’s going to take a non-media oriented campaign to get this out to the voters of S. Carolina before next Tuesday, but they have a right to know the truth about him.

The GOP-DNC apparatchiks do whatever the hell they want. They have shredded the social contract and discarded all epistemological and ethical guidelines. They are completely unmoored from any semblance of truth or morality. They ad lib their way through everything. They just make it up as they go along. All judicial, senatorial, congressional, and presidential precedents are long ago out the window, defenestrated. They have even defenestrated themselves, though still they prance about on thin air like cartoon characters who haven’t looked down yet. They are nihilists through and through… nihilists with deep currents of rage and resentment… raging against everything human, everything natural, everything that has ever been held up as true or good… they are gutting and slashing and raging… piling the bodies heavenward as shields against their own despair and fear…


Pence violating common decency? Who could have imagined?


and your plan for moving forward?

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Global revolution. Follow the lead of Chile, the laboratory of neoliberalism and the first nation poised to emerge from the long neoliberal nightmare…

Scrap the U.S. Constitution. It was enacted to preserve the power of a small group of self-entitled wealthy men. It was enacted to deprive the People of power. Don’t bother with amending it. Don’t burden yourselves with any of it.

Turn out in the streets in overwhelming numbers, demand an entirely new system. No more nations, no more corporations, no more borders, no more legal fictions. Renounce military action, renounce weaponry, renounce rule by the rich, renounce exploitation of Earth and Humankind.

Affirm Love and Truth and Beauty. Heal the People, let Mother Earth heal.


I wonder what the rules are on correcting typos and other mistakes in proceedings in the Senate.

I dream about the next Senate saying “Oops - the committee never legally voted to forward the Barrett nomination to the full Senate so that all of the subsequent votes were immaterial and invalid. Sorry Ms. Barrett, but we are now correcting this error and the record now. You were never legally confirmed. We will take up your confirmation now…”

It would certainly throw the government into turmoil.


Unbelievable Joe Manchin signed with the democrats. Republicans do whatever they want and dems scream and nothing…

Good rage, do you feel better. I do.

Carol, excellent description of Pence. Also, Pence is a christo-fascist who is sooooo ignorant that he is a believer in the RAPTURE. No wonder Trump chose Pence for V.P.!.


Mr.Debs, this was meant for Thylacine 13 not you, my bad, sorry.

As a typical left winger,sad to note, you see the goal but fail utterly to consider the steps necessary to get there.
Global revolution, what a plan, and, after all, what are the deaths of tens of thousands, if not much, much more, when your high minded and idealistic goal is envisioned. Rudolph Rummel estimates 10,000 killed during Pinochet’s regime, with 30,000 being the highest possible number. Rummel notes an estimate by Sivard that 3,000 miners were killed by the Chilean army in a dispute in 1987. Other sources place the number of all the victims of the dictatorship as high as 15,000 killed and 2,000 disappeared.

That is the future under Trump and with those like you advocating for violence. I see a democratic socialist republic in our future, and do what I can to achieve that end. I see that non-violence is the most powerful way to achieve that as well. Evolution not Revolution.

Anything made by man can be altered by man, something you seem not to understand. Our governance has the way to effect change built into it. I choose using that , not tearing it down.

Someone once sang, “you say you want a revolution, well , we all want to see the plans. You say its evolution, well, we are doing what we can. But when you talk of destruction, well, you can count me out!”

I do not deny your eloquence, only your commitment to destruction rather than construction. Many, not you perhaps, but far too many, speak to a violent revolution they have no intention of joining.

I prefer to use logic, Doctor.

The direction I sketched out in my comment above will be followed, or (what of course is far more likely, absent some sort of alien or divine intervention in human affairs) humankind/mammalkind will go extinct.

Rage is worthless.


Especially the fake ‘Coronavirus Task Force’, which is now bending over backwards to aid and abet the spread
of its declared enemy — the very definition of Treason against the United States per Section 3 of Article III of our Constitution.

To even consider an alien intervention in earthly affairs is hardly logical; intervention by anything divine even less so.

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Bay Area life has finely tuned my gaydar to fairly inerrant performance in obvious cases like this. I’d have thought everyone knew – “It’s written all over your face” as the old song goes. Maybe more people know than you expect. Just so you don’t frighten the horses, as they say. It seems to me the South accounts for a disproportionate share of US America’s grand old gay men.

But you know what? There’s something about using the Commons to out someone like this which I find deeply repellent (quite contrary to your namesake’s spirit of human solidarity). I’ve been decrying the bigotry of the phrase “Moscow Mitch” because it’s not nice to Russians (and also, I should perhaps explain, because I hold with Brother Emmet Powell’s timeless dictum: “It’s nice to be nice”). You disrespect gay people by treating gayness as a dirty secret. Not exactly a welcoming tone for us to strike here, is it?


Pence needs to ask himself, “What would Jesus do?” Don’t think Jesus would go out and teach without a mask so as to protect people from the spread of disease. I don’t think Pence has been reading that Bible he so righteously expounds on in his daily pretend life.

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In my neck of the woods we have the WWKRD bumper stickers (What Would Keith Richards Do?)

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I don’t know what he would do but if it involves lighting up, I like it! Lol


No, it’s about hypocrisy and criminal conduct. Outside of a few counties in Nevada, prostitution is illegal in the U.S. and having sex with anyone underage is rape/sex trafficking.


Speaking of hypocrisy, it’s meteorically hypocritical for self-styled leftists to behave so indecently in the name of decency. And in the name of Eugene V. Debs? My God, that’s depressing. (Did the Christian Warrior phase of Debs’ career just slip my mind somehow?)

Further developments to depress us further…

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    35 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   5.  02/23/2020          15          15
>  10.  03/29/2020     140,889     140,904
>  15.  05/03/2020   1,011,468   1,152,372
>  20.  06/07/2020     786,451   1,938,823
>  25.  07/12/2020   1,357,776   3,296,599
>  30.  08/16/2020   2,085,526   5,382,125
>  35.  09/20/2020   1,404,227   6,786,352
>  40.  10/25/2020   1,830,670   8,617,022

Each day brings CDC’s 7-day running average to a new all-time high, at this point, on a steepening curve. Johns Hopkins shows frighteningly steep ascents to new highs all over Europe. It’s an international catastrophe, but here in USA the outbreak is far worse than anywhere else – even India.