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With Crucial 'Yes' Votes From Dems, Senate Confirms Big Pharma Exec as Health Secretary


With Crucial 'Yes' Votes From Dems, Senate Confirms Big Pharma Exec as Health Secretary

Jon Queally, staff writer
The U.S. Senate on Wednesday, with the help of crucial votes by Democrats, confirmed former Eli Lilly executive Alex Azar to become the nation's top healthcare administrator, provoking ire among progressives and healthcare advocates. "Shame on every Senator who voted to put pharma exec Alex Azar, who has a long history of putting profits over people, in charge of regulating the health care industry."


Why Alex Azar—is Josef Mengele still dead??


This in essence is how the ILLUSION is given that there in fact a differeence between the two Political parties when it comes to those matters of import.

That just enough got on board with the Republicans here leads to Democratic Party supporters still being able to advance the notion that there credible opposition within the Democrats.

Very much the same happened up here in Canada wherein when some of the more important issues would come to a vote, opposition party members that could have swung the vote in their direction were away for that vote or called in sick.

What is most important is not those lists of who voted for what and those that see THEIR representative on the Nay side should not tell themself “at least MY candidate represents my views”. What is important is the OUTCOMES of legislations passed which anyone can see has favored Corporate interests over that of the Worker for literally decades no matter the party in power.


Exactly. All coordinated and planned. The Dimocrats confab ahead of time, knowing darn well that the bill will pass with a handful of them joining their Rethug brethren, but allowing the majority of the other Dims to vote “no,” thus giving them the ability to say “we tried to stop the evil Rethugs! We voted against!” Thus it just becomes a matter of triangulation in trying to decide which Dimocrats will be able to vote “No” and still maintain their re-election chances.

And the kabuki theater continues, while the LOTE Plebes continue their part in propping the vile system up.


Writers PLEASE! It is NOT a “health CARE industry”, it is the “health INSURANCE industry”!!! That will remain true until single-payer arrives!


Democrats who voted to put Big Pharma Exec in as Health Secretary should “resign.”

Shame on all of the voters who keep this corrupt Duopoly shit show going.


Expect to see a lot more blue dogs elected. That’s the Dem strategy for winning back the House.

Republican Lite is always part of the D-Party majority ‘coalition.’ From them we got welfare reform, mass incarceration, RomneyCare, Wall St’s bail out, and massive budget increases for the military. Is it any wonder that voters are voting to stay home on election day?


When one realizes that presidents are selected, not elected he no longer wants to be conned into thinking his vote means anything. Voting for the selected, POTUS is just a dog and pony show for the sophomoric, masses to make them think their vote counts. Like someone said: if voting for POTUS made any difference it would be illegal!


Yes, your post corroborates what I have been saying for a long time: THE DEMS. ARE THE FAKE OPPOSITION PARTY!


Too true!!  But what did you expect when the Clintons and their DNC take millions of dollars of “campaign contributions” from Big Pharma and the Insurance Cabal?

Also true!  But Big Pharma and Big Insurance are as interdependent as sharks & remoras – thieves & blood suckers – so you gotta admit that it’s hard for us ordinary-citizen victims to tell which is which.

Agreed!  I too have been saying this for a long time, and O’Bummer himself confessed it several years ago (back in January, 2010, IIRC).


Love this post. Battered spouse syndrome - perfect.


The Team mentality - my team is better than your team - seems to be insanely entrenched in American minds, moreso than in other countries (except maybe Britain). Not sure why this is, does anyone else? This blind tribalism, as Jayne puts it, is such a disease, and so harmful. Repeatedly voting for your “team,” or for any candidates that have your team’s letter behind their name, regardless of all the evidence that doing so is against your best interests, and then performing 2,100 varieties of mental gymnastics in order to make it seem as if you are doing the exact opposite - it is quite amazing to watch. But Americans seem to do it so very well. This has to be an interesting research topic for some social scientists…?


Yes - remember several years ago when the Dems held both houses of Congress, yet oddly were not able to get anything progressive passed? Always was a handful of Democrats that voted in opposition along with the Republicans :slight_smile: Hmm…seems familiar…


And the first thing Doug Jones does is throw his voters under the bus.
Shame on Doug Jones. Jones kills them. Moore would make them pray before raping and killing them. Dead either way.



My son takes insulin everyday since he’s Type 1. What a shame. This country is going to hell.


so much for electing another damn democrat DOUG JONES over the sexual predator Roy Moore. we need a strong third PROGRESSIVE PARTY. NOW.


Yet another example of the Democrats stabbing the American people in the back. I said this in another topic and I will say it again. Anyone who still feels that the Democrats has the country’s interest at heart is a hopeless fool.


Doug Jones is not Roy Moore

He only voted like him


“But hey at least he doesn’t diddle little girls.” -DNC justification.

What a wasted opportunity, you flip a normally republican state for the first time in decades and you immediately vote like a republican. Is it any wonder no one has faith in our political system anymore.