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With Crushing Sanctions on 18 Iranian Banks, Is Trump Trying to Leave a War Behind for Biden?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/09/crushing-sanctions-18-iranian-banks-trump-trying-leave-war-behind-biden


The daily travesties Trump, Moscow Mitch and their organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP that we are witnessing during the campaign season are salvos compared to the heavy shelling that they will wreak in every direction between November 4 and January 20…a 21st century Sherman’s march to the sea and then some.


Trump, not even understanding the true nature of his own story, has no clue that Persia-cum-Iran won’t and didn’t bite for his petulance. With oil becoming less and less important in the world economy, the Carter Doctrine will also diminish as shall friction between the interests of US and Iran. The wildcard, as always, is Israel, and the world seems to be tiring of their meddling. Biden is not likely to begin a shooting match with Iran as there is nothing to be gained absent a diminishment of China’s power. The new Biden, who will be focusing on his legacy will not resemble the old Biden. I don’t know exactly who he will be, but I am optimistic that Brzezinski’s (1997) The Grand Chessboard game is running out of steam to a great degree. Climate change issues, among other things, such as empire exhaustion, demand it.


“Is Trump attempting to bequeath an Iran conflict to Biden, as a poison pill?”

But it’s a bit like the briar patch to an incoming neocon administration, and who doesn’t think the neocons won’t be coming in with Joe Biden?


Yes. agree.
The blue states and cities will be in trouble. And if he wins, well same.

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If Trump starts a war with Iran, I think he will use it as an excuse to keep himself in office.

sigh—every empire has its day----and I have read that while America was bombing Afghanistan----China was working a copper mine there and hiring local people. AND, I am very tired and embarrassed of living in a nation that is the junkyard dog of the U.N. America it seems, BITES everyone!
While China is building with other nations , America is threatening them all.-----Don’t the people in D.C. understand that NO nation rules indefinitely?----This negativeness to other nations seems to be because those at the top are drawn to the"effect" of something—not the reality of what people in other nations and even in their own their nation are actually living. In this time of severe climate change we do not need idiots like Trump, Pence and Pompeo acting as if they know what they are doing.
I HAVE A DREAM: Close the UN and move it to the HAGUE, and yes, I do say this a lot, turn the UN building into a really big homeless shelter. for the people of NYC.
And Trump, Pence and Pompeo–stop posturing with Israel and leave the People of IRAN alone! And leave the people off Venezuela alone too! It is an impossibility, America, for you or for any nation to be a hero and a bully at the same time. : (


What a relief to know that it is only Trump and the GOP that starve nations with sanctions.


not enough time to put The Donalds face on Mt Rushmore though (whew).

Surely even the most amoral of Americas, of whom there are untold millions, can see the danger and hypocrisy in Trump’s actions. This sanctioning is the work of an utter fool and mental incompetent, a man with no morals or ethics! I think Madame Speaker has the right idea. Check out the 25th Amendment, it might yet save the US.

No mention of the biggest factor in the future of US/Iran relations - the Persian citizenry hates the fundamentalists who have co-opted the government. They are pro-western and pro-US - and would love it if the US toppled the mullahs.

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Maybe Trump is trying to gift Joe Biden a war. But it seems far more characteristic of him to want Joe to pay for it.

Whatever his severe limitations, Biden is unlikely to share Trump’s obsession
with destroying the nuclear deal with Iran that Joe’s boss negotiated.

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Good perspective. Two supplements:

  1. Cole omitted to say that when Dumph pulled the U.S. out of the nuclear deal
    and started strangling Iran’s economy, the European partners to the deal
    promised to set up a payments mechanism to bypass the U.S. monster.
    They did so, but it’s weak and ineffective. Europe should act.

  2. Pompouseo et al. are also ratcheting up sanctions on Venezuela and
    making life more difficult for Cuba. These unilateral economic wars are illegal
    and could lead to justified retaliation if international law had more weight.

Is Trump attempting to bequeath an Iran conflict to Biden, as a poison pill?

And Biden will gladly accept it as both he and Trump take their orders from Israel.

But hey, let’s keep talking about Russian meddling.


he doesn’t have to leave a war for Biden–Biden and the Dems already doubled down on the 7 -8 wars we are already losing from N Africa to the Middle East–all our pathetic war machine can seem to do is bomb poor third world countries for the profits of the war mongers and the military industrial death machine the politicians keep handing our money to while we wait for the relief that never comes–

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USA economic sanctions = a naval blockade.
Naval blockade is an act of war.
Therefore, our sanctions are an act of war.

Democrats in the coming January can lift all sanctions on Iran.
Resign nuclear deal.

If they do not do this. Then, you know AIPAC is in charge in DC.

We cannot win a land war in Iran. Too many people.
And our army is tired, worn out + lacks leadership.
Besides, Persians are great people. They have not
flown airplanes into our buildings or attacked our navy
as Israel fired on Liberty in the Med.emphasized text

No country, especially the US, will start a war with Iran with a population of 84 million. The USSR lost in Afghanistan with a population of 20 million. The US lost in Vietnam with 30 million. Trump and the US are bluster but not stupid. Even the US can learn from mistakes. Congress would yank funding & might even decide to use war powers that have lain dormant since 1950.
The sanctions are enforced by The Bank of International Settlements, an independent, privately owned central bank of central banks. Most international transactions funnel through BIS and its subsidiary SWIFT. Control the money flow and you control the world. Iran is one of four countries that have an idependent government owned central bank. The other 3 are Syria, North Korea and Cuba. The last to leave that exclusive club were Afghanistan and Libya. Any commonality??
Through Russia and China Iran has access to military technology superior to the US. There has been recent testing. Trump sent 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian air base with a warning. Around 26 came close. The rest were sent back out to sea or were otherwise misdirected. After the assassination of General Soliemeini, Iran sent 22 missiles to strike an airbase in Iraq with warning. ALL of them hit the target!! No WAR. Nuff said.

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“Trump attempt to bend Iran to his will has failed for 3 and a half years”

Netanyahu’s goal hasn’t failed, it has weakened Iran, punished it severely for opposing the wishes of the Jewish State and the Sunni State, and that’s what he wanted: Hopefully, that could lead to regime change…

It makes no sense to claim that fear of a non-existent nuclear weapons program is the reason Trump (on behalf of Netanyahu) cancelled the effective protections against any such program that the agreement did in fact provide: That claim was just cover.

The great (in his own mind) Trump-olini, a real poser, is unreliable as a source of information.

Maybe trump and Iran will have to get their money from Putin.
Although being president, for trump, has meant he has an ATM card to the U.S. treasury.
Other than that, is trump trying to get Iran pissed off enough to bomb a city near you for Christmas?