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With Deadline Approaching, 500+ European Lawmakers Tell Congress to Stop Trump From Ripping Up Iran Nuclear Deal


With Deadline Approaching, 500+ European Lawmakers Tell Congress to Stop Trump From Ripping Up Iran Nuclear Deal

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As analysts warn that U.S.


Corporations rule us. We the People need to incorporate to rule.

Online Voting


Trump is so dumb, he vehemently criticized the invasion of Iraq and now is considering attacking Iran. He probably denounced Iraq’s invasion because that’s safe, since virtually everyone agrees it was at least a mistake if not illegal, immoral, etc. But then, like the idiot he is, he appoints Bolton.


European leaders telling Trump he is on his own is music to the ears of Trump and his base. Ain’t gonna have no commie Europeans telling Murkins what to do has always been their attitude and this event strengthens their resolve.


If trump does rip-up the nuclear deal it will be in the service of the Israeli terrorists, not America, not the 500, or any sanity, ony Israeli subversion of America and our politicians and foreign policy. Israel must have conflict to mask…to deflect attention from their crimes against humanity, and premeditated racist ethnic cleansing. They are very like white nationalists…or any racist hate group…in their brutal treatment of the Palestinians, Bedouin and all others.


News Item: “A coalition of community organisations in the city of Durham, North Carolina has successfully lobbied the city council to ban training and exchanges between Durham’s police department and the Israeli military.” This Israeli “training” reflects their brutal treatment and racism toward Palestinians, and I believe has contributed to the execution shootings and brutality by US cops toward Americans, especially people of color! ENOUGH!


If I could be granted one wish and had the power, I would tell war crazy, John: okay John, since you cannot wait to attack Iran, here is your gun and a parachute because you have been chosen to lead the attack on Iran!

Bolton’s insane war narrative needs to be changed to: Bolton has repeatedly called for murdering innocent Iranian, men, women, and children.


Trump needs to wag the dog and he is appointing people who will help lay the groundwork for doing so. He is narcissistic but not dumb.


Maybe so, but that would be because of his smarter advisors telling him to divert attention. I don’t think Trump has ever read a book from cover to cover. That’s my definition of dumb. The way he talks, his meathead thinking, etc., exemplifies the dumb that is the average American.


While I often agree with the theme of you’re posts, online voting would be a terrible idea. Our voting machines are hacked now, and they’re not even hooked up to the net. Imagine how vulnerable they would be if they were.
The only honest voting system is paper ballots, hand counted by humans, being watched by the parties involved.


Yet the msm states Drumpfs approval rating is at 50%. No way, more fake news!


Now this is rich. Because of our mass inaction, we now have to hope that Euro lawmakers embarrass our Kabuki Kongress to some level of sanity. Sorry Euros, they are way beyond being embarrassed about any damned thing.


Any voting system controlled electrically can be hacked.

Same as our hack-able electronic voting computers which Americans have
been voting on for more than 50 years now.


With Deadline Approaching, 500+ European Lawmakers Tell Congress to Stop Trump From Ripping Up Iran Nuclear Deal
"The message to Trump/Pompeo/Bolton is clear: You do this and you’re on your own."


Penned just weeks before the May 12 deadline for Trump to recertify the nuclear accord, the lawmakers’ letter also warns that U.S. withdrawal from the Iran deal would do “lasting damage” to "diplomacy as a tool to achieve peace and ensure security."

That is, of course, exactly what this fascist-minded right wing wants to do - destroy all efforts at diplomacy.

To destroy any efforts at keeping the peace.

This has ALWAYS been true of our US/CIA/MIC – from Ike and the U-2 to JFK and his efforts to stop nuclear testing – to end the arms race – and the amassing of nuclear weapons.

(500 parliamentarians from UK, France and Germany)


I’ve given links to many websites that refute these security concerns.

Until we have unhackable Quantum Computing, Encryption and Blockchain voting are by far the safest ways to vote, much more secure than hackable voting machines and throw away paper ballots.

Here is another link to the future of secure online voting:


Voting machines are not online. Here is yet another link, though it won’t change opinions if left unread:


Trying to be fair I looked at you’re link, and I have to say it’s above my computer and internet knowledge. I won’t have an opinion on it because of that. I will say we’re talking about the USA’s elections (for particle purposes the US treasury), not someone’s’ private info. With that big of a stake, I have to go with my son (who holds a BS degree in computer engineering) on this one, there is no system that given enough time and resources, that can not be hacked. Sorry, at this time I’m standing with paper ballots and human eyes.


There are many links on electronic voting. Here is another:

Regardless of our ignorance about computers, E-Voting is as inevitable as online banking and almost everything else online. Since democracy’s future depends on it, I am trying to learn as much about it as I can and studying successful examples of direct democracy and Universal Basic Income.


We need to have countries (and everybody else) trusting our country if we want to have any influence at all. Kim Jong Un (and others) are watching.


Did you actually make reference to the Neanderthal “Freedom Caucus” as something positive? WTF! You make me feel sane.


That will just make him want to do it more.