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With Deadline in Sight, Senate Scrambles on Patriot Act


With Deadline in Sight, Senate Scrambles on Patriot Act

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As public outcry against government spying reaches a fever pitch, the U.S. Senate is scrambling to address the USA Patriot Act, key sections of which are currently speeding toward expiration.

President Barack Obama on Tuesday warned the Senate—which is on a weeklong Memorial Day recess—to pass legislation that would renew those provisions, such as Section 215, which are scheduled to sunset on June 1.


The illegal, unconstitutional and misnamed Patriot Act is just an expanded version of Hitler’s Enabling Acts which removed the constitutional rights from the German People.

  • Hitler put the Enabling Acts in, immediately after the Reichstag fire, (set by the SS and blamed on a mentally impaired Dutch communist), ostensibly to “protect the German people from Communism.” In actuality, it was introduced to ensure the survival and growth of the Third Reich by removing all protection for the German People from the Reich. It was to be only for the duration of the emergency, which ended with the Fuehrer’s death in his bunker in Berlin.
  • The Patriot Act, prepared long before 911, was introduced and voted on even before it was read, right after 911, that second Pearl Harbor that the Neocons were waiting (or working) for. It was ostensibly to protect the American People from Islam. It and its descendants have done the same thing to the American People that the Enabling Acts did to the German People.
  • I have found once again that my alleged representatives, all “Democrats” are all in favor of suppression of our freedom and poverty for all but their presumed masters on Wall Street.
  • It is way past time for the “Patriot” Act and others of its ilk be allowed to die a lonely and unmourned death.
  • Then, it is way past time that the sock puppets that run the nation from top to bottom be removed. Clean out the sock drawer, then get rid of the 0.001% puppeteers and redistribute their extorted wealth back to the people and the world!
  • Then, perhaps, we can begin to rebuild the world and end the current march toward poverty, hunger, and homelessness that seems to give so much pleasure to the puppeteers.
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I just wrote Feinstein to ask her what kind of Naïveté kool-aid she’s drinking. Can you send her your post? Excellent points…that apparently most Amerikans never learned in h.s. history courses (did they even TAKE history?).




Hi Toni,

  • As I am no longer in California (thank God), anything I sent to Steinfein would be deleted. However, you could copy and paste my remark and send it on.
  • I am in Washington, and every time something critical comes up, I look at Murray and Cantwell’s votes, and the 0.001% get whatever they want. The only time Larsen votes for the people is if there is so much to override his vote he doesn’t have to worry. Then he writes another of his letters saying, “See? I tried! Please support my campaign.”
  • I’m in my seventies and I remember, I experienced, what this nation was about. I have watched it going into an increasingly steep death spiral for too many years, now. I hope somehow that we can pull it out, but the only way that might work is to get rid of the sock puppets and the puppeteers at the helm.
  • Not too many seem interested in such things, not with pocket computer games and the latest “Smart” phone to coo over and talk about.
  • It is up to us and I don’t know the answer, for far too many of us seem to be them.


Time for another event. Can’t let those patriotic acts expire.


Mini, apparently my email letter to her got through b/c I got an automated thank-you response, and I don’t live in CA, either. If I can get to my computer, I can do that cut and paste. Too dumb to do it on this old iPad! I am shocked at her stands, and considering her age, I don’t know how much of her selling out is due to bribery or misguided loyalty and how much may be due to some kind of blackmail… She certainly should be more sensitive to the insidious repression by the Nazis since she is Jewish, and she actually, IMO, ought to be hyper-vigilant about that sort of dynamic here!

I hear you about our spiraling downward, and we’re too old to storm any Bastilles…we need something to spark up the young people. TPTB are too smart (did I actually say that?) to reinstate the military draft---- because I think that would be the needed spark!


High school history courses are whitewashed pap that glorify Euro-American feats and tacitly ignore or sweep under the carpet the abuses that enabled those accomplishments. When I pull out Zinn’s text, students struggle with the overwhelming realization that they have been lied to.


I know what you mean. I can send Larsen a carefully written position paper on one of our many problems, explaining what he should support and showing that he is supporting the wrong things.

  • I get back a form letter thanking me for my support of his position on “x” problem. This is usually followed up by a request for support and money.
  • Scoop Jackson used to be introduced as The Senator from Boeing.
  • I’m not sure what companies own Murray and Cantwell, but neither of them are my representative. I was raised a Democrat, but having seen that the "D"s and "R"s are now just sock puppets of the 0.001%, I will never vote for a Democrat or Republican again. (Not even for Dog Catcher or Garbageman.)
  • It is definitely time for serious regime change before the ultimate collapse of civilization as we know it. This fragile planet, our Mother, is feeling the stress and beginning to crack. Nobody can seal these cracks with dollars, it is going to take a lot of work! If our Mother dies, we won’t be around long.


While truthful history has never been taught in any of my years as a student in this country and Zinn was not on the radar of anyone in our education system, it is far worse now. Teabaggers and their predecessors have successfully perverted curricula across the country. However, Feinstein attended school before the worst of the whitewashing, and so did most of our esteemed Congress. They all ought to have some glimmering of their lying ostrich-ism. But alas…if their heads weren’t in the sand, they be in a different place, if you get my drift.


Your last paragraph says it all…perfectly.


Thinking along that same line. Her proposed legislation is of personal importance to her.


Oooooh, I don’t know anything about her husband. What’s the deal?


Hi bluesapphire48,

  • You are absolutely correct. I have written at great length on the propensity the US has for black ops, from Tonkin Gulf through 911.
  • There is at least one nuclear armed cruise missile that the Air Force “lost,” maybe more. Those are black ops in the making, and as the PTB don’t give a damn about our lives and welfare, we could see one of the US cities (probably one with liberal leanings) blown up, followed by an immediate attack on the enemy of the day. And, of course, martial law, sweeps of “subversives” who believe in the Constitution, freedom of speech, etc.
  • Bush had the concentration camps built during his tenure and they are still there, manned and waiting. Everything is in place for the PTB to complete the transformation of the United States into the Fourth Reich.
  • We’re nearly there already, but We the People who care must keep trying. Otherwise, we are already looking at a fait accompli.