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With Deadline Looming, Doubts and Disagreements Linger Between Iran and P5+1


With Deadline Looming, Doubts and Disagreements Linger Between Iran and P5+1

Jon Queally, staff writer

With a self-imposed Tuesday deadline looming for talks between Iran and the P5+1 nations—the U.S., U.K., China, France, Russia, and Germany—reports on the progress of the negotiations on Monday indicated that a framework agreement remains possible, but not a certainty.

"We are working late into the night and obviously into tomorrow," U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters in the Swiss town of Lausanne. "There is a little more light there today, but there are still some tricky issues. Everyone knows the meaning of tomorrow."


The thought that they might actually strike a deal and then have Peace break out is just too scary to think about.
I better sell my war-profiteering stock immediately.

On second thought, there is no way that our leaders and their masters would ever let that happen.


I still don’t understand the deep concern about Iran acquiring full fledged nuclear capability. I really don’t. Nuclear weapons do need to be demolished and banned, I agree with that. But here you have the case of Israel drumming up anti Iran sentiment while it sits on its own undeclared hoard of nuclear weapons. Mutually assured destruction does work, has proven to historically. We are the only ones to have used nukes, and that was before MAD came to be. China, N. Korea, Pakistan, India and several countries in the West have them already. They’re kind of like Maserati’s in the garage: no one ever drives them because they might get scratched, but damn, they are expensive as hell to maintain. Iran is returning to its roots as a major regional power; and deservedly so. It has as much right to full use of technology as anyone else, including Israel. As for terrorist attacks against the US, two things: first, why don’t several trillions of dollars spent on defense make us feel less obsessive about what others do? Then why spend that money at all? Second: If we got the hell out of the region then all the publicized rationales for the attacks would wither and blow away. 911 was not an accident–it was an act of war and an attempt to push back with a Kamikazi attack against the oppressor. Yes, yes, I know Islam is oppressive. But dammit, that is not our ideology, it is theirs. Catholicism is oppressive too. So is Mormonism.


As long as the United States is involved in such negotiations there will not be a deal. It’s not cynicism, just history.


Nations queue up in favor of, or opposition to, all sorts of things, and not always for disinterested reasons. Similarly, scholarship (your term for MSM information, blogs, opinion pieces) can often be as self serving or biased as it can be factual. What I think you really mean to say is that my concerns are not coincident with your concerns; but because we don’t agree doesn’t prove much of anything. Difference does not always have to imply deficiency.


You were the one who conflated the two in your first post, not me. I merely pointed that out. I will not be responding to you again because it is a waste of time.