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With Deadline Looming, Groups Urge Public to Speak Out Against DeVos' Plan to Steamroll Rights for Sexual Assault Survivors


With Deadline Looming, Groups Urge Public to Speak Out Against DeVos' Plan to Steamroll Rights for Sexual Assault Survivors

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

With the deadline for public comment fast approaching, advocacy groups are urging their supporters to let the Trump administration know its proposed changes to the federal law that bars sex-based discrimination in schools are unacceptable as they would "make it easier for schools to sweep campus sexual assault under the rug."


This inhumane piece of crap ( Devious) is intent on harming anyone who needs to get justice in their lives. Whether it’s the student loan scam, purposely diverting money from public schools, or now making fun and harming women and men who are victims of sexual assault- she’s right there. While Obama increased support for victims- of course De Vos and her ilk will talke it away. I hope she suffers an assault on her- then she’ll blame her predator and say that she did not get enough support. Please continue to contact your reps and say that survivors need all the help they can get. The appointment of Brett baby confirms this as well.


Next she’ll say that Nassar is her idol.


Just a reminder of the collusion/tentacles of the microsoft empire of one of the saddest turns in human history pivoting on so many flawed presumptions … from the advisory page for comments linked in the article:

" If you are submitting comments electronically, we strongly encourage you to submit any comments or attachments in Microsoft Word format. If you must submit a comment in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), we strongly encourage you to convert the PDF to “print-to-PDF” format, or to use some other commonly-used searchable text format. Please do not submit the PDF in a scanned format. Using a print-to-PDF format allows the U.S. Department of Education (the Department) to electronically search and copy certain portions of your submissions.¨

Sickening - what about folks who can’t afford the shite of MS? What about people using open source systems? Even those have to provide options for versions in order to interface with the system. Unbelievable to think of how “marketing” forces its way into places it should never even dare to assert.
Damn the system - forget that - its already damned itself.
Elite governance? Pigs do not fly. it is effete not elite.


I thought to be too bold to suggest a hopeful assault on De Vos to enlighten her, but I didn’t quite feel that I should be one to insist. I am grateful that you did mealouts.


Betsy you ignorant slut.


This so called woman is not human. I want her tested to see if in fact she(and I say she very loosely) cause I believe she is not of the human species. How can a person be so F’ing heartless?. Does this so called woman not have a family or kids. Oh yeah they don’t worry about their kids cause they are all coddled. wow just wow…the America I know and love is just killing everyone who ever loved it. WE MUST NOT ALLOW THIS TO STAND IN OUR NATION!.