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With Deadline to Save Net Neutrality Days Away, Here Are the 18 Democrats Siding With Telecom Donors Over Open Internet


I loved that song. How wrong he was, however. Nothing much has changed re. war and greed.


Considering three whole primary challenges bore fruit in this supposedly ‘progressive’ cycle, I’d look into your own fantasy realm, friend. The conservadems control the House, just like the Blue Dogs did in Obama’s first years. That’s who the D-party is: the organization responsible for swallowing up us progressives and squelching our policies.

Enjoy your RomneyCare.


Kirsten Sinema and Tom O’Halleran. I voted for both of them in Arizona because the alternatives were republicans. I asked them both why they don’t want net neutrality on their web pages and in emails. They’re not going to listen to me, a common citizen with no money or power. There was no response at all.


Looks as if these 18 from the Democrat end of the DemoPublican party and All the ones from the other end will get nice Christmas bonus checks from Verizon this year. It’s good to invest in your own politicians, and convient. One time pay of to purchase them and they always take you calls to give them instruction for what you want them to do. Voters should look into buying some politicians of their own.


I don’t know if this idea will help, but WHAT IF no one buys any holiday gifts today pr possible doom Day if Net Neutrality is lost.

WHAT IF: as many as possible boycotted Amazon until Net Neutrality is given back if it leaves on the 10th?
WHAT IF no one read the NY Times ( or as many as possible ) for today and tomorrow?
MAYBE the biggies would decided they do need the “little people,” aka not the elite people and realize that Net Neutrality is needed equally for every business… since some still seem to think that the only business in America is business. : (.

WHAT IF: everyone wrote their Reps and Senators and said if you diss Net Neutrality, you will never get my vote. :slight_smile:

What else…any suggestions…??? But act quickly, because maybe all the web sites we like will be turned into turtle speed, for worse into sloth speed !!!: (


Guild…There is still a huge difference between the parties. Ignore that at your own peril.


I wonder just how many broadcasters have had their licenses revoked for failing to observe the public good requirement their access to the public airways demands.


Oh it has changed alright but for the worse. The Supreme Court no less has declared that court created personages have the rights of actual human beings and can, and should, buy all the legislative seats they can.


A good guess would be zero.