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With Debate Framed for Chopping Safety Net, Lawmakers Denounce 'Measly' Social Security Increase

With Debate Framed for Chopping Safety Net, Lawmakers Denounce 'Measly' Social Security Increase

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump prepare to go head-to-head for a debate set to cover so-called "entitlements," several U.S. lawmakers are denouncing what they say is a sorely insufficient increase in Social Security benefits for next year.

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It is astounding that the powers that be thought that any American would believe that the cost of living has gone up .03% in the past twelve months.
Clearly none of the people making this decision has ever shopped in a super market of paid a light or heating bill.
Starve the poor and the old.
That’s the Democratic and Republican motto. It’s tacked on the wall of the office of every elected politician in Washington.
That and the sign that reads “Trillions for War? No problem.”


Note that other than the US Veterans Administration (VA) Congress has prohibited all Federal agencies and programs from negotiating drug prices. One of Obama’s first actions after moving into the White House in 2009 was a secret meeting with Billy Tauzin (former Congressman turned drug company lobbyist) to assure him that Obamacare would perpetuate that prohibition.

Bipartisan efforts three decades ago revised the way the consumer price index (CPI) is calculated so that essentials are weighted far less than non-essential imported junk, putting workers and retirees into an economic downward spiral.


This “increase” is not measly, it is stupid! It will cost more to implement than it pays out. The numbers games the government is playing on us become more and more insulting. Unemployment figures, CLI indices and many others are just manipulated at will to justify whatever they want us to believe. Whoever is up for re-election, throw them out, is my advice!


Democrats began cutting social security almost as soon as Obama won.

Have your social security increases covered your health insurance increases and the price of an occasional steak after the democrats elected president Obama?

I don’t think so.


Many of these so-called progressive Democrats would have supported Obama’s chained CPI plan had it reached the floor of Congress. These calls for increases simply are election year promises, and reductions will be on the table in the new Congress and supported by either a Clinton or Trump presidency.
When dealing with war or military (I don’t call it defense) spending, we rarely, if never, have anybody ask, “How are we going to pay for it?”


These are some of the reasons why.


The “Most powerful Military in the history of Man” is also the most expensive. It fills the pockets of a handful with billions and billions of dollars.

Oh and Afghanistan and Iraq war costs are now around 5 trillion. The US Government can not afford to feed old people or poor people, but it can find all the money it needs to blow them up.


This is systemic enforced poverty by the state on behalf of the (capitalist) elite ruling class.

We should not be surprised. Social Security retirement benefits are provided to the elderly … those who no longer produce profits for the elites through their labor.

This is nothing less than class warfare and the elite ruling class is winning. They will continue to win until “collectively” the working class decides it has had enough. Unfortunately, I don’t think conditions are bad enough yet for the working class to stand together in solidarity against the elite ruling class. Is it because we don’t have enough of the citizenry homeless and hungry yet?

Are you still lovin’ capitalism?


"A statement from Baldwin’s office explains that the act would give an “emergency payment equal to 3.9 percent of the average annual Social Security benefit, about $581—the same percentage raise that top CEOs received last year.”

Oh about the same as the increase that top CEOs received last year eh? Well, if you will note the increase is presented as a percentage of the previous income. Sure, for a Social Security recipient that amounts to GASP a whopping $581…over a year’s time. But, CEOs don’t get $1500/month or as I get with SSDI $1600/mo. or $19,000 per year. CEOs get more like $15 million per year so rather than $525 they get $525,000 based on the percentage increase. So Social Security recipients get a staggering $48.75 per month increase (enough for perhaps four to five days worth of food or one prescription copay) versus the CEO’s $4750 per month increase or more than enough to make the payments on a yacht. Great numbers game but don’t try to make those of us who worked our asses off for forty years and then got hurt and can no longer work out to be fools. We aren’t fucking idiots simply because we happen to be disabled or too old to work. We haven’t received a cost of living increase for two years because the way the CPI is rigged (thanks Bill Clinton) there haven’t been any increases in the cost of living over the past two years. Now this year we get a 0.03% increase? Is that all that prescriptions, groceries, fuel or utilities, insurance premiums, etc. have increased over the past three years? Gee. I feel better now. For awhile I felt like my monthly disability check had just not lasted as long as it used to. I guess it was all in my imagination. So please…,to all the republicans, democrats who are pretending to be on the side of the workers who make this country function, and people like Pete Peterson who possess billions on billions of dollars but are too fucking cheap to pay taxes on the first $108,000 of their annual income to help those who have worked their fingers to the bone for the majority of their lives yet have never done so themselves, I offer my apology…you greedy fucking pigs.


The more that Politicians try to ram down our throats that this is a “Christian Nation”, the less they seem to display any semblance of Charity, Mercy or Forgiveness.


Congress need money for Social Security? Remove the cap! Everyone pays the percentage on all of their income. The Corporate Criminals sure don’t want to do that. These same Corporate Criminals also like a “flat tax” Maybe this is where we should start with a “flat tax” for everyone.


Social Security is given to low income and people on disability too SSI and SSDI D for disability .I know from working for over 20 years in rehab for people with disabilities Its not only to senior citizens


The increase in $$$ is a sad effin’ joke. The Kleptocratic Permanent Political Class, now with unlimited amounts of unknown campaign cash, are insanely running a criminal scam of epic proportions. In 24 months my auto insurance, food costs and housing have increased by 14.8%. And, I do keep receipts on the same products I must purchase. Time to invest in some strong rope and march on Washington, D.C. ( Sen. Sanders is now the most trusted and liked politician in America. ) President OhBummer is a complete fraud and a true piece of scum. Today I dislike him and his phony crew of thieves more than ever.


You are absolutely correct. Thank you!

“[M]ore than two-thirds of the elderly population rely on Social Security for more than half of their income”: Plenty of us rely exclusively on SS.


I believe this situation is going to get worse. With the exception of governments, company pensions (defined benefit plans) are a benefit of past generations. Today’s work-related retirement benefits are in the form of 401-Ks with results being at the mercy of Wall St.'s stock market casino in which the only people who really come out ahead are the elite … the one’s with insider information, etc.

The retirement outlook for many workers is dire.


Dire is appropriate here. OhBummer is a true Hollywood invention, better in his lies than Reagan, and younger. Photogenic and empty, like a character from Central Casting, he is the Kenny G of American national politics. If you heard him give a speech, while riding in a shopping mall elevator, you’d understand his politics completely. He is that banal and commercially saccharine.


I would go so far as to suggest that it be reversed and there be only a DOWNWARD cap, no contribution necessary BELOW a certain income, with contributions unabated as Income Rises and one becomes more Financially Secure and Able to pay in.


Vacuous would be a good thing to call him if I had to describe him in one word.


As surely as day follows night, Chris Wallace had to repeat the lie that Social Security is about to run out of money.
As odious as using the pejorative term “entitlements.”