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With Demand 'Echoing Across the World,' UN Chief Calls on Israel to Abandon Illegal Annexation Plan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/24/demand-echoing-across-world-un-chief-calls-israel-abandon-illegal-annexation-plan


The whole world needs to BDS Israel!
So sayeth this goy, oy vey!

Please note that I have no problems with jews.


Genocide, not so pure and not so simple. This is one covenant country following in the steps of another covenant country in eliminating the Indigenous peoples. Ok, this is tricky, because we have a fear of being accused of being anti-Semitic. However, both Palestinians and diaspora Jews who returned to their homeland are Semitic. And the term homeland, after reading the Old Testament and all the Books describing all the battles to take over the Promised Land from the inhabitants who had settled in after the Twelve Tribes emigrated to Egypt. But then…ok, I’m done. Do the research and have your head spin over the thousands of years of invasions of one nomadic group into another’s lands. And then flip back 75 years with the whole SNAFU Britain made with Palestine. I’m going to take some aspirin now…after saying…the Palestinians need to have a secure area where they are safe, able to raise their children, and feel free. Not be an global Big Power football.


They should be cited for land use violations and environmental fraud as well. Not to mention a severe lack of esthetics.


The parallels between the Palestinians–indigenes of Palestine–Israel, First Nations People of US America and black people is striking because it is one fight for justice:

Palestinian Scholar Noura Erakat: Israeli Forces Killed My Cousin on His Sister’s Wedding Day


If Palestinian, indigenous, black lives don’t matter than no lives matter. We are ONE human race or species.


"U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters Wednesday that extending Israel’s sovereignty to parts of the occupied West Bank was a decision “for Israelis to make.”

In other words: we don’t have a problem with that.



Oh . . but WiseOwl don’t you know BDS is malarkey?!

Take it from the cognitively impaired, neoliberal, presidential nominee:

Joe Biden thinks BDS is Malarkey

Going to tack this piece on here as I thought it was uplifting:

Apparent Bowman victory over Engel is a monumental collapse for Israel lobby–(h-ttps://mondoweiss.net/2020/06/apparent-bowman-victory-over-engel-is-a-monumental-collapse-for-israel-lobby/)

JOSH RUEBNERJUNE 24, 2020(h-ttps://mondoweiss.net/2020/06/apparent-bowman-victory-over-engel-is-a-monumental-collapse-for-israel-lobby/)

Jamaal Bowman’s apparent victory over Eliot Engel is not a setback for the Israel lobby–it is a monumental collapse. Not only does it present an opportunity to better align Democratic policy-making toward Israel and the Palestinian people with the growing pro-Palestinian sentiments of the party’s base, but it also punctures the Israel lobby’s carefully cultivated mythology of invincibility.


Does the UN have any power at all? If not, what’s the point of its existence?


Why doesn’t the UN send in some of their troops to occupy the land until a solution is found:



They are about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.


Palewithdrawllstinians like blacks in America have been treated worse then pigs in American slaughterhouses. They’ve nothing left, no land no humanity and no dignity since the Jews arrived there back in 1947. I hope this time around the Palestinians get all out and never relent fighting back to free their once great nation. The international community must fully implement BDS until Israel sets down to negotiate their withdrawal from all of occupied territories back to 1967 borders. Still a damned good deal for free land to a bunch of unwelcomed squatters.


Thanks for the laugh!!!

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We shouldn’t even have to note that we don’t have a problem with Jews. It is absolutely legit to criticize a fascist, corrupt Israeli ruling class as it is legit to criticize the US fascists. There are progressive forces in Israel, as well as there are progressives in America. This is how I discern.


Hi WiseOwl:
Judaism is a religion—but sadly Israel has become a terrorist state.
The best thing now is for all nations to sanction Israel by cutting all ties. Then go back to the Balfour Agreement. Make that work. Return the stolen land . If Israel wants to be a terrorist state the best the world can do is sanction everything and let them live with that.


Thanks for the Bowman uplift. Sadly, Biden is tone-deaf and reactionary on Israel:


Perhaps you mean the Balfour Declaration – no Palestinian ever agreed to it.
And what do you mean by ‘make that work’? It works quite well for the colonizers
who took over Palestinian land after World War II, as Balfour envisaged.

Pretty hard to leave out Iran from the equation. Is there still anyone else to aid Palestine?

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Once again Israel shits all over the memory of Holocaust victims.


Yes---- he makes no attempt to hide this, not now, nor when he was more with it cognitively. I’ve been trying to research who the people are that are pulling his strings and learn more about them. If you have any thoughts/knowledge please pass along.
Ron Klain? How much is he involved with Biden campaign these days?


As far as I know Iran is the only country supporting Palestine. With Saddam and Gaddafi brutally killed by the western goons, Egypt having a western stooge at the helm there is no other.