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With Democrats Clamoring for Trump Impeachment After Mueller Statement, Pelosi's Response Denounced as 'Embarrassingly Weak'

With Democrats Clamoring for Trump Impeachment After Mueller Statement, Pelosi's Response Denounced as 'Embarrassingly Weak'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday made public remarks that numerous Democratic members of Congress interpreted as a clear "impeachment referral," but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sparked anger from progressives by responding with a statement that did not even hint at impeachment.

Who is she trying to protect? Our Republic? Our democratic institutions? Our civil society? The American Dream? The Constitution? Donald Trump? The President?

Thoughts and prayers folk’s, that’s all you get, thoughts and prayers. Go a hymnal? Sing along with Mitch.

Yes, I am in pain, I am angry and what makes it worse, as you all know oh so well, there is no one to call :((( Except maybe Ghost Busters, Maybe they can revive some long dead politician with enough guts to come back alive and do nancy’s job for her.


She’ trying to protect the Status Quo and the Oligarchy. She sure as hell is not protecting democracy, the constitution or the American people.

She needs to be Primaried at the first opportunity


Pelosi is the poster person, a living billboard for the Duopoly.


One has to wonder how much worse it would have to get before the 80 year old corrupt Speaker of the House would say: " YES IT IS TIME TO IMPEACH TRUMP"!


Pelosi is now the enemy of democracy.


She’s had her hand in the cookie jar for years, aiding and abetting legalized corruption. Usually, criminals and politicians like her don’t snitch on each other unless there’s something in it for them.


Mueller couldn’t have been any more explicit if he had said, “Get off your ass and do your job, Nancy!”


This spineless sellout is basically protecting the donors who, through her, have contributed more than $500 million since 2002. That kind of bank comes with a real price that has nothing to do with the commonwealth. I despise Pelosi and think that she should be recalled. She is now revealing her true agenda as she plays her pathetic political games and allows Trumpo the Klown and his enablers to damage the country even further.
BTW, for the establishment/corporate Demo take on things go to Democratic Underground and read how supposedly great Pelosi is at playing Trumpo and how lucky we are that Biden is looking more and more like their nominee for president. These are the fools that will help run what’s left of our country into the ditch.
“The Republicans and the Democrats are two wings of the Property Party” – Gore Vidal


What you mean-um “now”, Kemo Sabé?   P’Loser has been an embarrassingly obvious enemy of Democracy – and Justice – ever since she first became Speaker of the House several years ago.

Right On!!   P’Loser and O’Bummer let the BIG War Criminals like Cheney, Prince & Yoo, and the BIG Banksters like Mnuchin and his henchmen off the hook in 2009, and as a result they took in millions of dollars of “campaign contributions” in 2012.  Then she got a lot more in 2014, 2016 and 2018.


Pathetic response from a corporate stooge. Does anybody know how she can be removed from her speaker position? I’m tired of hearing about all her experience. Give the money back Nancy and reclaim some respect by starting the impeachment process.


Pelosi and Biden are a pair of gutless shills for the EMPIRE.

Here’s my commentary to Cornel West’s excellent, brave, and revolutionary interview/article in the “Times” today


There is nothing wrong with doing an impeachment inquiry. It will atleast set precedent. This ____ is out of control and needs to be pulled back into our constitution along with Mitch et al.


Pelosi wants a 51% Presidency and a divided Congress. It gives her unprecedented power and political leverage; ya know, the most powerful Northern general at The Battle of Bull Run.


I did not want her to be the leader she is definitely part of the status quo.


I decided at Barack’s last victory that our WH et all is like the wrestling matches. They put on a show and all go out after the show. Scary as hell we are pawns.


I listened to a few minutes of her Commonwealth talk today – l am seriously beginning to think she’s got some problems, not yet willing to call it dementia, but what I watched those few minutes didn’t encourage me. At the very least I’d say it’s time for her to relax and enjoy what’s left of her life outside of DC.


War crimes? Oh yeah, she let those go too.


I believe Nancy’s Family are the one’s who need to hold an “Intervention.”


The farther we get into this national nightmare, the more it becomes apparent that Nancy, and the rest of Third way have but one goal for 2020.
Save the Clinton legacy.
Just listen to their tired rhetoric. Sure, they will consider “change” but only within a capitalist construct. The fault is clearly within their stars, as clintonians still delude themselves into believing that you can be fiscally conservative and socially liberal at the same time. And the likes of Nancy, and Steny and Diane, and Chuck are not about to change course now, as they have all grown fat and rich in their old age, all the while watching their party wither and die.