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With 'Devastating' Consequences in the Balance for Hundreds of Thousands, Supreme Court Agrees to Weigh Trump's Move to End DACA

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/28/devastating-consequences-balance-hundreds-thousands-supreme-court-agrees-weigh

The criticism of the GOP’s right wing Supreme Court has been
too silent - we need to get much louder in our condemnation of the Court
and specific members. Their backgrounds/connections.
The favors they’ve done for Elites/corporations/patriarchy.
The biggest block cramping the patriarchal structure right now is Roe and
which gives women CHOICE as to whether or not to bring a new life into this world –
this corporate/fascist world where human beings are held hostage to a corporate
agenda to pull in as much wealth as they can for political power.
Now they have almost total control over our government which makes
stealing and their crimes much easier to pursue and to hide.

Capitalism is fascism thriving on exploitation of all living things, including humans.
Overpopulation is their roadway to cheap labor/higher profits.
A woman’s right to abortion is standing in their way of higher profits.