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With DNC Leaks, Former ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Is Now True—and No Big Deal


With DNC Leaks, Former ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Is Now True—and No Big Deal

Adam Johnson

For months, Bernie Sanders supporters and surrogates have complained about unfair treatment from the Democratic National Committee—only to have these concerns dismissed by media observers as petulance and conspiracy-mongering:

The Sanders campaign, by propagating these DNC conspiracy theories, doesn't encourage voters to be vigilant. They're encouraging paranoia.

— Jamil Smith ( @JamilSmith ) December 26, 2015


Scheduling the Democratic Primary Debates at times when the Audience would be as Small as possible caused the most Damage to Bernie's Campaign, denying the Public an opportunity to hear Bernie's Revelatory Message.
That prime piece of Political Sabotage is owned completely by DWS, no matter what Bullshit Stories the DNC come up with now.


The Mighty Wurlitzer that attempts to form public opinion about Clinton and Trump is about to blow a gasket this week. It will be fun watching them do double backflips as events develop day by day in Philadelphia. When they confront information that doesn't fit the narrative they are blasting at us... CONSPIRACY THEORY! It's the ultimate pejorative, used to discredit anyone who actually looks at little details like evidence and truth.


Another big factor is that the superdelegate "score" was 359 to 8 in November, months before the first primary was held. I'm sure Clinton's large but phony lead swayed a lot of votes her way.

Given all that the DNC did to undermine Sanders' campaign, it's a credit to him, to his message, and to the millions of independent-minded voters who saw through the bullshit that he did so well.


This will only fuel Trumps attack on the DNC as being corrupt and Hillary belonging in jail. The American people now have a choice between which putrid rotten corpse of a political party they want to vote for.


The Russians did it. Yep, that's it, those damn Russians.
Front page headline on Huff Post, Putin is now interfering with our elections. No proof, all a big spin to take the heat off of the DNC. What a joke. They can't even clean up their act when they're busted.
Assange swears the next release will lead to an indictment. Hope he gets those out quickly.
The DNC convention looks to be a fiasco much like the Republican convention only more contentious. Party unity my you know what.


That's easy. Vote for Jill Stein of the Green party, let's make a third party for the people. She still has integrity.


The narrative is that it's all a Russian attempt to help Trup. Those without insight or conscience blame others when they are caught; Election fraud? Blame the Russians. A Trump victory? Blame Sanders supporters . . .


I have lost track of how many conspiracy theories the Clinton's have used to paint themselves as victims. "Vast right wing conspiracies" and most recently, left wing conspiracies that have now proven to be true.

When does it become crystal clear to a critical mass of people that the behaviors of the democrat (ic--not) and republican parties are based on manipulation and lies fueled by greed and insatiable hunger for power? (edit: part of the answer to that was just put out by Jake Johnson with his excellent article on CD today)

If only this were JUST a DWS problem! It is deep, wide and out of control (exhibit A: dying biosphere)

And the Clintons are manipulators at the cellular level. For HRC it goes back as far (+) as her cattle future days.

“Cheating can become self-reinforcing. When we cheat, we have a tendency to rationalize the behavior. We can’t change the past, so we change our attitude and justify our actions. But that adjustment, while it may make us feel better, also makes us more likely to cheat again: we cheat, we rationalize it, we accept it, and we cheat once more. Recent research suggests that people who behave dishonestly are more likely to become morally disengaged from their environment and to forget moral rules, such as honor codes. Cheating, it seems, can cause a self-justifying temporary block on ethical information.”

And this is something we have seen HRC excel at: casting herself as the victim of right wing (and recent left wing) smear attacks:

“Cheating is especially easy to justify when you frame situations to cast yourself as a victim of some kind of unfairness,” said Dr. Anjan Chatterjee, a neurologist at the University of Pennsylvania.


Thanks to the alleged "greatest democracy" ever sold, we now have a choice of the greatest poisons ever sold. PICK YER POISON, FOLKS


I guess my timing was great. I joined the Greens last Thursday. In the light of this (predictable) DWS/DNC scandal, I contributed $$$ to Jill Stein this morning. Anyone else interested in doing so?


The most indicting thing for Hitlary is her appointing Shultz "Honorary" chairman of her campaign. I think this shows her rewarding DWS for a job well done. I also think this acknowledges her complicity in the "conspiracy." I agree with the gentleman who said that Trump initially was in the race to solidify Hitlary's ultimate triumph in November and then he changed the game and "got away from them." I don't often hold out hope but I enthusiastically hope that the next email drop shows the portrait of this "Dorian Gray" of a woman.


Interesting that as the DNC tries to dismiss the incident as trivial, in another matter regarding the emails of MS Clinton herself, those being the ones she kept on her personal server as secretary of state, the nature of the emails were deemed so sensitive and so damaging to the United States of America,members of Congress were forbidden from reviewing them.

The "nature" of the Candidates for President of the United States having reached this level of low on either side of the floor reveals exactly what voting for the lesser of two evils leads to, This race to the bottom can only continue if the people use their vote in such a manner again. Ms Clintons actions and those of the DNC alongside her show she holds the voter in complete contempt so why would any voter give his or her support to her?


There were other factors. The strategy was multi-faceted.

The states that only allowed REGISTERED Democrats to vote or weigh in gave Mrs. Clinton far higher numbers than would have been the case had primaries been legitimately open to ALL voters, or certainly allowed in Independents (who compose an estimated 40% of the entire voting public).

So tactics set to work against Mr. Sanders included:

  1. The timing of debates
  2. Limiting the voting of independents in numerous states
  3. Vote count anomalies in California, New York, and places that relied upon "coin tosses"
  4. The Super-delegate mathematical advantage
  5. The percentage of positive media time/spin granted to Clinton (and Trump) while leaving Sanders largely invisible
  6. The shenanigans exposed in the Wiki leaks material
  7. Intimated backroom DLC deals and perks to super-delegates (= vote purchases)
  8. A.P. calling out Clinton AS winner before the California votes were even counted

This is a partial list.

However, everything on it SCREAMS OUT "illegitimate win!" for Clinton.


It was not a "win" in the traditional sense. It was an appointment.


I agree. I made the case for it NOT being a win by defining the matter AS illegitimate.


Yes if you donate now it will be matched with fed funds. Aug. 9th is the cut off date and the Greens have a little over $500,000.00 at this time. Go Greens


An apology is good when accompanied by a sincere attempt to rectify the wrongdoing. Promoting two of the wrongdoers is simply adding insult to injury.


In a democracy, if an election is proven to be irregular, a process should be put in play to nullify, or remedy the bias. True to her colors however, Hillary does just the opposite: She lauds the perpetrator, rewards the offender, then ignores any remedy that might prevent a future replay. This is a terrible example to set for the next generation, far more consequential than watching Donald Trump making an ass of himself on TV (as shown in the Hillary TV ad, 24-7).

For my money, the fiasco that is the Brooklyn primary voting should be scrutinized. (It turned the tide against Bernie.) and Wasserman's late night Saturday debate schedule (which cuts the viewing public by almost half) should be examined by an official independent panel .If proven, these are profoundly undemocratic acts, and must be prevented from happening in the future. If a country's leadership coddles evil-doers, how can we expect the younger generation to respect, or engage the system? Without them, I am pessimistic about our country's future.


It's no big deal because everybody does it (it being the sum of all unethical games used to tip the scales)
Non-establishment candidates in the past have regularly complained about this sort of tactic, and essentially, you just admitted to that, too.
Therefore you just undermined your own excuse that non-establishment candidates are excluded from debates and media coverage simply because they don't have enough popular support.
You can't have it both ways.

I am a member of the Democratic Party (I think; a letter from my state's election department suggested my registration may have been cancelled because this was my first year voting in this state) so I can have a protest vote.
But the DNC is clear on this: we are allowed to vote as democrats, but we are not allowed to participate as democrats.