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With Dozens of Children Among Soaring Civilian Deaths in Yemen, US Sends More Weapons to Yemen


With Dozens of Children Among Soaring Civilian Deaths in Yemen, US Sends More Weapons to Yemen

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Amid warnings that the Saudi-led attack on Yemen is taking a devastating toll on civilians, including more than 75 children killed since fighting began, the United States announced on Tuesday that it will be expediting the shipment of more weapons to fuel the conflict.


While this is a boon for American weapons manufacturers, the indiscriminate killing by Saudi forces will sow the seeds of bitterness and hatred amongst Yemenis for years to come. As usual millions of more people will shift their allegiance from America to the radical forces that will claim to avenge the death of their loved ones. All of this plays well into the hands of the 1% but is devastating to the concepts of humanity, justice and equity.


You nailed it but in the long run that is what Amerika wants. The need more enemies to keep the great war machine a float. Sad.


Better to let the blood thirsty, psychopathic houthis rule the roost and ethnically cleanse the nation? Better to let imperial iran use their puppets to take over?


Stop the killing! Enough is enough! Stop the killing now!


Capitalist mass murder on display. Kids are really just collateral damage to capitalists. Or are their deaths creative destruction? Capitalism is the beast of revelation.


Ka…ching$ Ka…ching$$$$$$$$$$$$


Sounds like you propagandists are now working overtime at demonisation to manufacture consent for more slaughter.


The houthis have bombed multiple mosques and have no compunction about killing civilians and children. The un and ngos are all condemning the houthis for their atrocities. However, you guys are saying that the world should just let them take and rape Yemen. I don’t get it. Were the allies wrong to take back Europe from Hitler? I guess not.


Concise post, Clovis, and I share your passion and directive.
During the 9-day Christmas bombing on Vietnam in 1972 that Nixon ordered, the late Bishop Charles Buswell, of Pueblo, sent this telegram to the White House, “In the name of God, stop the bombing.” There is nothing I can add to that.


Yemen exists only as drawn by European Empire. The two religious sects are being killed to maintain State control of the border Empire borders. Sunnis in Syria, shites in west Iraq, Sunnis in eastern Iraq are all settling territory. Assad in Syria is cleansing territory. Isis is a collaboration of Sunni who were being slaughtered anyway.

The weapons are everywhere and as you say the manufacturers have market plenty. But, it isn’t american companies, they are part of international cabal. The population reduction is a regular recurring cycle used by Empire.


Your Zionist tag is a strong representation of your leanings. Believing they are psychopaths just dehumanizes them for you. The borders of Yemen, Iran, Isreal and the rest are European inventions. There is a mass population reduction program going on. Your “Zion” came about not after six million were killed but 29 million was the number of population reduction.

The housing projects of Israel on land outside their border is never going to stop. There will be wallmarts and BP gas stations. America dealt with the native peoples the same way.