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With 'Drums of War Are Beating,' Bernie Sanders Says Everything Must Be Done to Prevent Attack on Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/22/drums-war-are-beating-bernie-sanders-says-everything-must-be-done-prevent-attack


Regime change begins at home.


I doubt the rabid war mongers Pompeo and Bolton would be foaming at the mouth for war if they had to send their sons and daughters to fight.


This a break down of Iran’s military capabilities: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkG4-QVXVPw


Yet again Sanders shows his quality and commitment to issues while the DINO “leadership” remains silent, craven, or overtly complicit to the war-machine and trump regime lies/deceptions to foment war, partly in service to foreign malignant influence. The DINO establishment by their actions or lack thereof are supportive of trump bolton, and pompeo, and their march to war - no commitment to truth and peace above all else!


…or had to fight themselves


Thanks for being right there on issues of intervention and war and the Congressional duty to decide on whether we enter another country as enemies. The most emotional response I have had to your words and beliefs came during the debates in 2016, when you responded to Hillary Clinton’s proud naming of Henry Kissinger as her foreign policy advisor, and you retorted that you would not have him as an adviser, and reminded Clinton and the audience of Chile, and Kissinger’s role in overthrowing President Allende, and the death and torture and ruined lives that followed those government plotters’ machinations. So keep on keeping on, I support you, and will work to put a progressive, ethical President in office.


Cue the MSM Breaking News Wartime music lead-in. (Trump is great for ratings - Les Moonves, CBS)

Cue Trump with his slitty-eyed serious affectation. “I launched the missiles. I’m important. I should get the Nobel Peace Prize. Isn’t this chocolate cake beautiful.”

The strange chemical odors of missile explosives and burning metal and flesh, mixed with human agony screams and children crying. USA! USA! Stable genius. Best people.

Evangelicals applaud.

"It’s no sign of good health to be well adjusted to a sick society." J. Krishnamurti


One more reason why the choice is clear for Bernie 2020 :fire:


The US has bad karma but so does the West. This time Trump the clown may prevent the second US war of carnage in a generation begun with Bush/Cheney. Bolton/Pompeo are running the desire to use those mini-nukes they have designed for the Iran bunkers they wanted to use before Obama flanked them with a treaty signed by the large global powers in the world. The US flies alone despite Trump’s claim he sent the planes into the area and changed his mind. It is the US that is going down. Add the global supply of oil.


But, but, but, we can afford war! It’s healthcare and infrastructure and stuff like that we can’t afford. Look! All these dollars in the war budget, just waiting to be spent!


I am very tired of lying America—not only is this unjust to the planet—but these people are tiresome and just taking up space without producing anything worthwhile and positive! If crazy people can run a government and get paid at the same time, then as a true America, I offer my free advice : )

I have an idea : Maybe Trump will drop dead from one fat burger too many and then Pence will be prez.
Great, now Pence, I have heard say, believes that when Jerusalem falls, Jesus is returning. So-------let’s put Pence at ground zero in Jerusalem, and bomb there first to see if anything will happen…o,k, that’s done and then----well yes, Pence will be smoke----but then maybe Jesus did come back---- but as no one is sure, we will have to wait around to see, and probably no one will knows for how long—but who would want to start Jesus’ war if they weren’t Jesus?
So----hey maybe PEACE would prevail—but hey in the meantime—with Trump and Pence gone— we get the first lady president would be Nancy-----and maybe we would get Peace, or if not, well then we keep going through the power of succession line until we find a peaceful person----EARTH is saved and no more wars are started because, who knows—maybe Jesus is there already and watching to see who is a true believer----maybe the planet would be a lot nicer—especially since waiting around is a lot more proactive than another war.

That’s my version of a possibility-----and unless another asteroid hits us, we should be o.k. :slight_smile:


It makes one wonder, if Trump was leading all the democrats in recent polling, would we be planning to march off to yet another middle eastern war?
Not a chance.
He is in full survival mode now. While he knows the hapless, helpless democrats in the house pose no threat to his presidency, he has been told by his attorneys that, if he loses in 2020, he will most likely have to flee the nation in order to avoid being indicted for financial crimes in New York and New Jersey. That’s why interest rates will stay low, the stock market will continue to be manipulated higher, and the price of oil will stay below $65 a barrel. And of course if none of that works, the last arrow in his quiver, war, will be fired off with a fervor.


Sounds like Crickets from every Dem but Tulsi and Bernie. So now is time, Warren, now’s your time to separate yourself from the DNC War Pac if you are truly are a Progressive, which I have doubts.


There is a zero percent chance that congress, which represents the warmongers and the bourgeosie, will take up these demands.


For a major US politician who is an outspoken leader in condemning this Iran war disaster, Senator Bernie Sanders strikes me as humble, altruistic, humanitarian, and centered on issues that help citizens of the US and our global brothers and sisters.

This man is a rare politician, and Americans are largely blind to these qualities. At times I’ve waxed about the admirable qualities of the former governor of and senator from Iowa of my youth, Harold Hughes, and I’ll admit that Bernie is surpassing him in my estimation.

My distaste for Trump and his ilk almost matches my admiration for Bernie.


The trouble is, Bernie, it would take everything, and that would mean civil war here at home.

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I would add their grandchildren, too. That might give their children a chance to talk some sense and persuade them to protect the nation and our future.


Yes, and I would only add; BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! Trump plans to round up 11 million immigrants in America, starting next week and once he has that finished who will be next…,people accused of giving sanctuary?