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With 'Echo of Trump,' French Far-Right Leader Le Pen Launches Presidential Bid


With 'Echo of Trump,' French Far-Right Leader Le Pen Launches Presidential Bid

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Riding on the coattails of far-right victories in the U.S. and U.K., France's Marine Le Pen officially launched her bid for president on Sunday with a speech and manifesto full of populist talking points and anti-immigrant fervor.

"The impossible has suddenly become possible...Other countries have shown us the way," the head of the Front National (NF) party declared in Lyon, pointing to the surprise Brexit vote and Donald Trump's presidential victory.


Let's hope the French people aren't as stupid as US voters.


Hopefully the French are drawing parallels between their WWII Vichy Government and La Pen.


It's horrifying to see this filth raising its ugly head again.


Yet another petty despot in the fray. May she fall flat on her unattractive face into the arms of her biggest financial backer, Putin. I would hope that the French people would be deeply concerned about her ties to this Russian tyrant and do all in their power at the polls to eliminate her once and for all. She makes Margaret Thatcher look like an almost saint.


Welcome to the 1930s.


Didn't we hang the last lot of European Nazis back in around 1947-1948? I thought that it was only outlaw bikers who used Nazi salutes and swastikas these days. Wouldn't it be funny if Germany had to once again invade France, this time to put down the Nazi threat to civlisation.


Just exactly what does "curb universal rights to French citizens only" mean? ? ?

Restrict the universal rights of French citizens but not those of others? What are "universal rights" anyway? And if they are "universal", meaning available to everyone, how can their applicability be restricted, thereby making them "non-universal"?


I hope they are not, and that Trump's continuing lies and changes to his promises make them wary. Restrict rights to French citizens? (7 million are Muslims but live here like the rest of us- I am Australian). More prisons? More police? so they really want to be like the USA? I can tell you that now we are reasonably free (bureaucracy is inefficient but not really cruel, and you are not likely to be shot in ordinary circumstances) and I do not know which of these candidates would be worst!!


Please do not be so limited. Putin is NOT the one interfering, Russians are NOT right wing nuts, and Putin is careful in foreign policy. He is NOT a tyrant either- try to avoid the fake news and nonsensical anti-communist background of decades ago.