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With 'Ecological Foundations of Society' at Risk, Warns UN, Hope Resides in Urgent Global Action

With 'Ecological Foundations of Society' at Risk, Warns UN, Hope Resides in Urgent Global Action

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A comprehensive United Nations report released on Wednesday found that while global human health is under dire threat from the climate crisis and industrial pollution, there is still a window for bold and urgent action if world leaders would but seize it.

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Go Big…or…Go Extinct!


Here is an example how just a miniscule measure do the right thing for global warming is not even in the realm consciousness in the USA.

My federal employer has announced that they are definitely searching for a new site for our facility - which employs about 70 people. They have already decided that the new workplace will be in some kind of office park out on an exurban stretch of interstate highway, outside the city and as much as 50 miles from where I and most of the employees live.

Now, if global warming was even in the back of the planners minds, the location relative to the employees commuting distance would at least be a factor in the planning (forget about considering locating the workplace where there would be access to public transit). But in reality, if I were to bring up a suggestion that commuting carbon emission impacts be considered in the relocation, I would be dismissed as an eccentric, fanatical kook (Being as I show up ever day in suitable weather in an electric motor scooter - I already am dismissed as such). I dare not even think of asking about a location with public transit access - that would be way, way too radical…

And planning like this goes on in thousands of workplaces places the USA every day - the consideration of global warming in their decisions is not present in even a single brain cell of the planners.

And we are not even talking about the missions of consumer decisions made every day.

So no; just no. No urgent action is forthcoming on any for foreseeable time scale.


From the article:

“‘The science is clear. The health and prosperity of humanity is directly tied with the state of our environment,’ Joyce Msuya, acting executive director of U.N. Environment, said in a statement.”

Or as Chief Seattle said so long ago, “Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth.” I hope we have time to catch up with this ancient wisdom.

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We may not but the next Gen might. Going Green is the last thing on the minds of most people in this country. They just wanna Gas up ‘n Go.


Remember the saying " it’s the economy stupid" ? :flushed:
We are 100% dependent on the planet for our existence.
EVERY Thing we have comes from the resources that the planet supplies.
We cannot last beyond ten minutes without oxygen, more than some days without water and a very short time without food.
All of these gifts are provided by our host and without them there would be no economy.
Earth First , everything else second!


Greta, if we don’t your generation will have no future.

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Sorry…I’m just not that positive. Everything I read, everything I see, says 7 years max. Even going Big is just making busy work while the inevitable takes place. Sorry, I am doom and gloom. Be kind, only love remains.


The morons in this administration are intent on driving us to extinction.

Profit for the ruling power elite or existence for the rest…We are toast. The only consolation is the ruling power elite will die with the rest of us.

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That’s what I tell my age peers (I’m almost 65). It’s not about us anymore. Sometimes I get a blank look, even with former counter culture people from my youth. I suppose it is because American narcissism is so prevalent. My generation has to honest with ourselves and think about the next ones. I posted this quotation from Greta Thunberg before but it’s worth a re-post because it doesn’t just apply to the leadership, it applies to every one of us as well.

“We need to focus every inch of our being on climate change because if we fail to do so then all our achievements and progress have been for nothing. And all that will remain of our political leaders legacy will be the greatest failure of human history and they will be remembered as the greatest villains of all time (italics mine)."
Greta Thunberg



Yes, excellent reply!

I agree with you totall D, but didn’t want to freak everyone here out! You know how I usually get with people here and their reaction to my posts. They tell me to “tone it down.” Like I care…We’re all screwed one way or another…sucking in CO2, eating and drinking poison, and one step away from the next catastrophe: hurricane, fires, earthquakes and lightning, and Medical Bills!!!.. you know the rest. Let them keep drilling on the San Andreas… Friggin’ Idiots!

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I completely agree!

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" Investing in green innovation & circularity"

They just got one step closer to reality! I feel like I’m encouraging a toddler to complete his first walk across the floor.

Next step: Name the actual areas of innovation. C’mon, you can do it! Displacement of fossil fuels? In what specific areas? Agricultural-based sequestration? Inhibiting the Arctic meltdown? Anti-extinction zoos?

Hi Yunzer,

I checked out this thread looking for someone to annoy, and came across your heartfelt account.

We’ve been bumping into each other in threads like this for years. The interesting thing about real people is how they manage, if they manage, to change - and what changes. That’s what stories are made of, and one of my hunches is that stories, sincere narratives, might be our only hope.

Augh! But I don’t like that word “hope” - which lives with “fear” in some temporal phantasm. Profound disturbances in my personal history (believe me, you don’t want to hear about it!) have flowed together to wash me into a more uncompromising commitment to now. This moment is a gift, that’s why it’s called “the present.”

Unfortunately, my coherence declines markedly as my sincerity rises. Thinkers among us (not “all of us”) are faced with the puzzle of how to most usefully pursue the rest of out lives on an apparently (not inevitably?) dying planet. And nobody knows of any other living planets. The end of Life here may be the end of Life.

My mantra now is that I cannot effectively defend Life without fully listening to my body, and to all the connections which blur “inside” and “outside” - some extensive concentration (for God’s sake, don’t call it “meditation”) is called for. That’s to start with.

From there, figuring out how to escort fellow human beings into reality is a nut I’ve yet to crack.

So the average American is going to have to decide which is more important: preventing millions of premature human deaths and species extinctions or driving their pick-up truck.

Boy, pick-up trucks are selling really well.


Given the urgency of acting, I have no faith in governments to “save” us. Instead, I’m “pushing” this: https://www.academia.edu/38492331/Finding_a_Useful_Approach

NkAs long as most of the over 7 billion humans don’t understand the problem, no political system in existence can convince them to change. Without massive education, there will only be conflict and more consumption of fossil fuels. We’re running out of time. Ask your neighbor to define “anthropocene”, or explain why burning coal and consuming palm oil is endangering our existence.

Nothing will happen, at least in the US, as long as there’s a chicken in the pot and gas in the tank, ma. No pain, no change. Most don’t even understand the problem and the government (cough) cannot be expected to educate. The problem and solution are being thoroughly explained by science but trying to get 7+ billion humans to change in less and less time is becoming very unlikely. Mahatma Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Good advice but we’re running out of time.