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With 'Ecological Foundations of Society' at Risk, Warns UN, Hope Resides in Urgent Global Action

If indeed “hope resides in urgent action,” then there is no basis for hope. Urgent action was urged decades ago. Urgent action is urged now that we have a decade left to act. Urgency is about to take a very hard turn into desperation (in those remaining places where it hasn’t already). Stay tuned. The sixth extinction will be televised.

For all his mysogyny and flaws, Henry Miller once wrote, “To want to change the condition of affairs seemed futile to me; nothing would be altered, I was convinced, except by a change of heart, and who could change the hearts of men?”

It’s an old problem.

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Without massive education
I think you mean massive indoctrination. There is absolutely no willingness to concede that prophecies of doom are - as per usual - no more convincing than entrail readings by the shaman. At least he does not posit his results as ‘scientific.’ It is not that humans do not understand the problem. They do not acknowledge the representations of disaster as having any proofs which could be ‘denied.’ That there is the effrontery to present speculation as ‘scientific consensus’ is to overlook completely the standard use of data collection and measurement to demonstrate correct analysis - and the impossibility of doing so. NASA hides page saying Sun is primary driver of climate

And yet, as Ovid showed, there’s scarcely anything to write about besides change (however it might come about). My most intimate literary guru (for all his flaws) is Anthony Trollope, whose realism mandates that the characters keep changing. That quality arguably separates terrific narratives from mere anecdotes.

Maybe stories can save us, to the degree we can be saved, but really important stories are really hard to tell. Also hard to listen to, in a world so intent on severing all interpersonal connections. What can be done to reverse the extinction of stories?

Thank you for your attention to this vital issue, please keep it up! Why should radiation concerns waft away without a thought, despite a huge boost in the amount of radiation the PTB propose to soak us with via 5G? This is serious poison, coming soon.

It’s depressing to hear that AOC is also clueless about 5G.

OK, 9 million sq miles of permafrost is currently melting, releasing CO2, methane and thawing out anthrax for good measure! That is the size of China, the US, and most of Canada combined! Melting, releasing heat trapping greenhouse gases, more melting etc! We could pass a tipping point and then what?

If we were to get serious about taking action, here is what we could do right now:

  1. Nationalize the fossil fuel industry and plan an orderly phase out. This must happen because the industry will not do it on their own. They could have transitioned into solar by now!
  2. Nationalize our energy infrastructure in order to maximize implementation of renewable energy. Some things are just too important to leave to private industry.Government is employer of last resort.
  3. Everyone has a job and a paycheck. Pay people to seek additional training in whatever field they want with emphasis on jobs that are open. Pay single parents to be parents! The best investment a country can make is in helping its people be productive.
  4. Confiscate all wealth above a certain level. If that level were $100 million for instance, that would generate $10 trillion, and that would impact 36,000 people. What is survival worth? It’s their future on the line too!
  5. Restructure key industries to manufacture solar panels, wind turbines, carbon capture equipment, large scale batteries, etc. to quickly transition toward CO2 reductions.
  6. Remove all fossil fuel vehicles from the highway ASAP. Subsidize electric vehicles as needed.
  7. Convert large scale military computer systems toward global climate modeling and prediction.
  8. Re-structure military toward responding to natural disasters, providing food, housing, medical aid and resources as needed.
  9. Re-structure political decision making to ensure a diversity of opinions, and means of making decisions based on best available science. Move toward artificial intelligence systems to propose/make objective decisions.
  10. Move cities away from rising oceans levels.
  11. Close all large scale meat and dairy operations ASAP, a high source of greenhouse gases but also a waste of resources. Beef has a 4% return on investment.

This list is far from comprehensive but would at least start moving us toward a sustainable future.


You’ll benefit from hearing confirmation. Yes, 5G is expected to push up the cancer rate. No, adding cancers and killing off huge numbers of extra people isn’t the least bit necessary for “progress”, most of the problem is legally actionable corporate penny pinching plus their total refusal to admit that they’re causing medical problems because that interferes with their sales pitch.

You know those glyphosate legal ads on daytime TV? Well, they can start writing the 5G copy now.

In that case the list needs something like, “Stabilize the Arctic meltdown.” Coating the tundra with snow in late spring (as it used to be) is an ecologically benign way to reflect sunshine back into space, and it naturally insulates the tundra against the late spring “heat”.

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But it is up to us to freak everyone out, the kids can’t do it alone. Tomorrow is a Big Day, everyone alive should be in the streets turning this bus around. Even if it is busy work, we gotta try. We are most likely going to die but we gotta die trying. Make more noise :-))) Got a bunch of new stuff on my site to help you make noise :-)))


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Perhaps those of us who can afford to should buy electric vehicles or use public transportation exclusively. Find work at home lobs and cover their roofs with solar cells. Even if this was adopted by a million it would serve no purpose because most of us are forced to “gas up and go.”
Where is the hue and cry to abandon combustion as our major source of energy? Which 2020 presidential candidate would promise to reinvigorate the national economy by putting the nation on a war footing and nationalizing the laid off auto plants to build cheap safe and durable electric cars. Why are electric charging stations not found at every gas station, or better yet mandated to be installed at every parking lot as needed? Where are the roofs covered with solar cells? We live in the richest nation on earth and we are last in this effort by industrial nations.
It isn’t the people who are retarding our development it is the oligarchs who run the show and can’t see the beyond the bottom line who are pissing on the future of not only our civilization but of the planet Earth!!!
We the people are just the followers after all.

No, actually I meant what I said, “education”.

Of course the sun is the primary driver of the Earth’s climate. Science has simply proven that human activity is accelerating the warming of the atmosphere and oceans.

If you are still denying the science, well, I don’t know what to say about that.