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With 'Economy On the Verge of Renewed Carnage,' the Squad Demands Relief Prioritizing Working People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/05/economy-verge-renewed-carnage-squad-demands-relief-prioritizing-working-people


Will they organize resistance in the House, to vote “NO” on any bill that does not meet their “demands”?


Pelosi will insist that Dems in the House must vote for this really poorly put together set of actions, because there is no time to do anything else and we’ll get more ‘next time.’


Working people must unite, worldwide. Nowhere, except on a very few progressive sites, has anyone written about the largest general strike in human history, that occurred this past week in India. Tradespeople, farmers, industrial workers, and others united in a massive general strike of over 250 MILLION PEOPLE to demand changes from the elitist government of Modi. They have paralyzed the country and his government and demonstrated vividly the enormous power of a united front of workers. It is little wonder that the oligarch controlled media does not want Americans to know about this. The oligarchs and their slaves in the media do not want Americans to get the idea that they don’t have to accept this crap government that is being foisted upon us. I am also dismayed that Common Dreams has not posted an article about this.


This is an economy on the verge of renewed carnage.

That’s true enough, but to my ear it sounds strangely US American, like the guy who hears about airplanes falling out of the sky and worries about the price of Boeing. An economy verging on metaphorical carnage, certainly – because of very real, irreversible physical carnage on the bodies of poor US Americans. The situation seems an extreme caricature of US America’s pathological inversion of ordinary human feelings for one another.

Stuff like this – in the vein of reality orientation – can make a terrific difference to our remedial priorities: what we get around to fixing first. I hear way too much getting lost in the weeds over “economic stimulus” at a time when compassion calls for all hands on deck, focused primarily on the medical catastrophe unfolding: How to minimize suffering immediately, in order to weather this terrible winter.

USA stands on Hell’s threshold this December. We’re about to experience a nationwide catastrophe in mass denial of care – the likes of which almost all US Americans would have thought could not possibly happen here, before 2020. OWID’s chart of per-capita Covid deaths is eloquent, this weekend:


Rolling your mouse over the “United States” label at the right shows USA’s curve alone, which will exceed its April 24 height very soon. This morning USA is at 6.07 (deaths per day, per million – someone dying every 43 seconds), about half of Italy’s previous and current height over 12.

This weekend is plenty awful, but you ain’t seen nuttin’ compared to next weekend, when Thanksgiving returns seriously bloat our stats. It’s fine to notice USA’s economy is circling the drain because so many of us are buying the farm a bit sooner than expected – but it feels strangely disconnected to focus on economic concerns while the medical emergency we face continues to explode.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  01/24/2020           2           2
>  18.  03/27/2020     103,319     103,321
>  27.  05/29/2020   1,634,629   1,737,950
>  36.  07/31/2020   2,804,629   4,542,579
>  45.  10/02/2020   2,768,046   7,310,625
>  54.  12/04/2020   6,944,910  14,255,535

Our ongoing outbreak log, now using 9-week segments, shows another statistical milestone USA verges on this morning: doubling our national caseload in just nine weeks (as last occurred on 7/31).


The plan is actually coming along nicely. That is to say, the plan to crash the economy between Christmas and January 20. The GOP as usual is playing the long game. They are already thinking about 2022 midterms. And what better way to do that than to test the meddle of the center/right Biden.
The question now will be, will Biden and the democrats act accordingly with a new, New Deal, or will they pull an Obama and give more tax breaks to the rich, and fun size candy bars to everyone else?


Who does the squad support for to be Speaker of the House? Anything else is just B.S. to trick us.


Does that make us number 1?


We threw about 13 trillion dollars to the corporate criminals and wall street thieves during the housing crises of 2007, 2008 and what did we get back in return? More big bankster expansions. Communities lose when monopolistic corporate banks gobble up every little community’s savings with their high interest rate loans and outrageous fees. Those too big to fail entities should have been allowed to fail and instead the money should’ve gone to local community owned cooperative banks and small rural and urban locally owned businesses. That is the recipe for economic power and key to prosperity for the 99.9% Americans,


If you see a solution in the Republican or Democratic Parties, you do not grasp the problem.


In North Korea as Kim Jong Il was deliberately starving two thirds of the country (millions went to an early grave, nobody knows the exact numbers), the people who sat there expecting help from the government died in very very large numbers.

At the same time, Jong-il was buying MIG-29 fighter jets. The cost per jet was about the cost of enough rice to feed a city the size of hiroshima.

So Kim was basically nuking his own people with these jets. Except they died by starvation, one by one. Starvation is a horrible death.

For a long time you could see the huge fields of thousands of burial mounds growing (thats how Koreans bury the dead) but eventually they plowed most of the graves into mass burials because - they could be seen from space.

People have to free themselves from this trap.


Percent of wages currently subsidized by governments due to COVID:

France: Up to 84%

United Kingdom: Up to 80%

Canada: Up to 75%

United States: 0%

There is only one reason for this that I can see and that is to privatize everything as in one big, miserable Pottersville.


Will working people continue to work for somebody else?

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I am certain they will try. I am not so certain they will succeed…
Frankly, I have tried to see Pelosi’s decisions fairly and with a sympathetic eye. But this is simply a betrayal and nothing less.
More giveaway to those who do not need it and nothing or next to nothing for the vast majority who need it desperately.
That AOC and the real patriots in Congress cannot persuade Pelosi and the out of touch and no longer relevant leadership of the democrats seems likely. That leaves it up to we the people.

“The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”
Frederick Douglas.

“What we need is sustained outrage. Far too much respect is given to authority.”
Molly Ivins



lead or resign, all of you. Both parties are shams at this point.

Dump the WTO GATS


That’s fascism.

Where is the unemployment extension?

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Sounds a lot like Trump’s corona virus play, or Johnson’s Vietnam war and even the neocon George W Bush’s Iraq fiasco.

Patriot act, like hell.

I think Joe knows what’s coming on the horizon. He almost has to deliver on all that stuff he promised or he’s gonna have a hard time with his 100-day mask order. The people need money to spend and stay alive. I hope he doesn’t pull an Obama.


It doesn’t matter if those calling themselves the Squad or the other so called progressives organize resistance in the House They’ll continue to be as inconsequential as they are now and that’s totally so. Pelosi is down to a one vote majority and she’ll be calling upon Kevin McCarthy on a regular basis to get what she wants passed. In return, she’ll be giving McCarthy a lot of what he wants. Look for it as early as the vote on the next so called covid relief package, as she and the unDems hand the big corporations a big Christmas gift while screwing the average guy and gal once again.

AOC and the Squad, Khanna and the other progressives will continue with their totally inconsequential demands that do nothing other than give some of the folks posting on Common Dreams something to feel good about. They’re every bit as irrelevant as has been that “political revolution” of Bernie Sanders, and they’ll be so as long as they remain within the unDemocratic Party. Of that, there could be no better demonstration than Biden’s giving progressives the finger on a daily basis as he forms his neo-liberal government and totally ignores all those progressive demands. PeeWee Herman has had a greater impact on the political policies of this nation than has the progressive caucus in the House. They are a joke.