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With Economy Still in Deep Recession, Millionaire Trump Adviser Complains $600-Per-Week Boost in Unemployment Benefits Is Too Generous

Yeah, I was expecting the UBI discussion to be more prevalent with TPTB since the lockdown started, and especially after the protests started, but so far nothing. The money ends soon, and the evictions have already started in some areas, once that becomes mainstream, todays protests are going to become child’s play. I guess they’ll get it when some of them get their asses dragged into the street.


Time to take every dime fools like this have and re-distribute it.

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If they were wise we wouldn’t have a problem.But because they are a mature age and believe by divine right they should be in authority .
They are still mostly old white males ,just making an observation not a judgement.
I’m old too.

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I always find it interesting that poor people never begrudge rich people making millions in their yearly bonuses and inheritances for doing nothing yet rich gluttons such as this one begrudges poor people a living wage for their hard work and in this case badly needed survival money after they have worked hard all their lives and now are in an impossible situation. These gluttons as described need to have their riches removed so they learn some compassion and how to work for a living. As long as there is capitalism without socialism to balance it this will continue until all is destroyed.


Y’know, it’s pretty fuckin’ rich for a guy who reputedly spent $100K/mo on cocaine to be whining about $600/wk for the hoi polloi.

If I were Larry Kudlow (and thank goodness I’m not), I might not want to go there. And, given that this dweeb in pinstripes has been wrong a lot more than he’s been right, it would behoove us all to just tell him to go fuck himself with a sharp stick.


If the $600/week is eliminated in 2 income households the biggest eventual results are: legal evictions and foreclosures. Followed by auto repossessions, unpaid creditors, etc. Eventually, they’re creating a debtors prison where Trump’s slumlord class holds all the cards, effectively. Wage garnishment ensues and a lifetime of misery is the most predictable, the foreseeable outcome.
This is caused by ALEC legislation, implemented around the country but starting in the Southern states, where weekly unemployment benefits are much lower than average weekly take home pay.
It is not a coincidence, btw. It is a legal racket to control 55-60% of the working age population. It creates a cheap, pliable and a weak unorganized labor pool. Who must work for slave wages and live in slums ( favalas ) one sees in Mexico or Brazil. This is a planned strategy supported by wealthy people who give $$$ to both Biden and Trump. Yes, ( Carville ) it’s the Duopoly, stupid!!!
Additionally, the ability to collect such a benefit is also deliberately made complicated and frustrating. Keeping benefits is an ongoing struggle, too. State sanctioned obstacles are deliberately put in place to ensure a horrible experience. Discouraged? You’re supposed to be.
BTW- If you’re evicted you don’t have an address and you effectively can’t vote. ( See Palast interview on Salon ) Voter elimination is a good bi-product for the upcoming elections.
The PTB have a blueprint, a plan, an agenda and a desired outcome. They’re going to push it to the
limit, too.
There’s a lot more that’s going to come down on our collective heads. It should be discussed openly, but won’t be.
FYI-Kudlow is not an economist. He is an idiot, a pig and a lackey for the worst people in the world. But, you should know that based on his previous incarnations, as a effin’ hack.


Look at the expression on Scum-Low’s face. He is saying, “Who gives a rat’s ass about human beings? Who gives a rat’s ass about families?”

This neoliberal monster wants to keep tanking the economy, so he and his cronies can steal more wealth and power. Nihilistic ruling class functionaries smirk at human misery. They smirk at the annihilation of compassion.

The ruling class wants everyone except the ruling class to feel scared and nervous all the time, to live their lives in constant fear and insecurity, fighting for scraps among themselves. A frightened, insecure citizenry is more easily dominated. The annihilation of compassion and solidarity – the essence of fascist anti-culture – results in permanent rule by heartless and greedy scum. Permanent monopoly of economic and political power is their goal. To achieve it, they need to destroy humanity and Earth.


I divide the dangers from this issue into two parts in my mind:

First is the direct language in these trade agreements which directly encourage a race to the bottom on the treatment of workers. You don’t even have to read too much between the lines to see that. Thus, just looking at the WTO site itself as you pointed to is important so people understand the broad outlines of how the treaties work.

Second though is the potential for much worse things to come down the pike primarily because there is a great deal of subjectivity to the interpretation of the agreements and the WTO has a unique dispute resolution pseudo-judicial process that countries have agreed to be subordinate to (and could make governmental implementation of progressive policies subject to penalties). I do not think that the WTO website helps people understand this second category of danger. I have found nice references from Public Citizen on those type of issues and, with respect to health care, I agree with @zed’s recommendation of the 2009 article by Nick Skala. Like the U.S. courts - if the wrong people are appointed as judges in the WTO dispute process and if the wrong people are serving as advocates, a great deal of damage can be done. Really bad court appointments meet a good deal of opposition in their senate confirmations and with just a couple decent senators we might be able to avoid many of those. However, really bad Trade Representatives - willing to give away the store at the WTO - are barely opposed at all in the Senate. We need to change that imbalance.

My debates with @zed have been centered around this second area where I advocate that these dangers are not a fait accompli; should not be used as an excuse to stall activism advocating for progressive solutions to public policy like Medicare for All; in the case of health care favor M4A over other plans like Obamacare anyways; and national decisions to move their health care systems toward universal care has not been an area where other countries have shown a proclivity to bring disputes forward.


For 1 person it is too generous. I easily live on 350 a week. 600 is enough for 4 people to subsist until the economy rebounds.

Where do you live is the question? The cost of renting/mortgage payments in your neighborhood/community? So much is unclear.
Please elaborate.

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Thanks for the link! I looked up my county here in Oregon (Benton) and the living wage for one person with no children is $12.77 an hour. That works out to $26,561 a year. I’ve been on Social Security as my only source of income since 2008. My annual income right now is $12,852 which works out to $6.18 per hour if I was working a 40 hour week.

My point is that today’s workers are not the only folks that can’t survive in this gawd awful capitalistic system. Our elders are also suffering. And our youth have no hope or future either. Somethin’ is going to give/collapse…


And how exactly will that help the people or the planet? Biden has already told you (and the elite that run this joint) that nothing will change if he is elected Prez.

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Sounds to me like something Bernie would say like in 2016 when he said the same thing about HRC. But lets hope that we do not have a repeat of 2016! I have no use for Biden, but Trump is sooooo corrupt and so criminally insane…that Biden is the lessor evil. Hell who wouldn’t be?

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow complained Sunday that the $600-per-week increase in unemployment insurance authorized by the CARES Act is too generous

Folks: How much more will it take before the 99% of us realize that just like the Whig Party in the last century, the Republican Party needs to be destroyed?

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A one bedroom apt. in Portland; well, some folks are paying $1400-1500 a month ( including the utilities, recycling, etc ) for the privilege of 600 sq. ft. and the right to use public transportation, etc. They have to eat, etc. Pay for other things, too, including debts, healthcare, etc. And, are making $18-19 an hour. After federal, state and other taxes- what’s left? Nothing if you can do basic math.
It’s a lose/lose situation if you’re suddenly on unemployment ( Through No Fault Of Your Own!! ), which you still are paying income taxes on, btw
The Federal Gov’t, by the actions ( or lack thereof ) of the Trump Adm. caused this pandemic to spread like wildfire. They should NOT be allowed to use COVID-19, for eventually gaining massive financial advantage, at the working folk’s expense. It’s inevitable if they get their way.
FYI- The occupancy rate in Portland for all these new living units, according to candidates running for city council and other regional offices, is 60+%. No full occupancy problems, right? What happened to " the ol’ supply and demand " model? Ha! Ha! Ha! { snark }
Gone like a cool breeze, imo.


Larry Kudlow is the same guy who told us Covid-19 was under control back in March.

He’ll push his ideology even as it is being proved wrong day after day.

It will help to keep trump from another four years, and that is reason enough.
Respecting everyone’s right to their voting choice of course.

The argument that wages should be living and that higher or even primary education are a public good are increasingly falling on deaf ears among neoliberals. the closest they get to it are arguments by developing countries that they should be able to pay their workers as little as they want, when working in other countries! The argument invesrts “living” and applies it to corporations. The “poor” (country) corporations would not be hired if their rates were not a lot cheaper, so since the deal is the repayment of an alleged debt, the way they aregue it is that their firms must be allowed to pay as little as they want, because if they had to pay workers more they wouldnt win the bids, i.e. die.

(A corporate right to pay less, and not be required to pay well!) Obviously, regular peoples rights to be paid a living wage dont figure, except as a trade barrier when brought up by developed nations, just another in a long chain of obstacles we have put into place to cheat them out of the jobs that are their due, since they are cheaper. Thats the logic.




As you see, they plan to change the makeup of the workforce in more developed countries a great deal. To make them more profitable for trans national corporations, some sacrifices will have to be made. According to these “done deals” they are finishing up the details on.

Bizarre and evil as this must sounds, many of them do not want us to invest in our own young people, instead they want us to rent them from other countries where education is cheaper and wages are lower, preferably countries whose generally low wages and high levels of inequality we want to support in place, preventing any improvements there.

They want our young people to stop having “unrealistic expectations”, and if that means making it impossible to go to college - well, maybe they wont do that but they certainly dont want to help, meaning they want to defund public education and all other public services except ones that meet a very narrow criteria. (this is a search which will bring up a bunch of documents explaining this very narrow definition and what qualifies to remain public, the rest must be put on what amounts to a fast track to privatization and eventual globalization, in most but not all cases. (miltary and national security, is a big one, and the government itself, services which are part of the core governmental function with no competition, is the other this particular definition should be well understood by Democrats and currently its not understood at all, also many people are trying to confuse what is allowed to be public and what arent. I’m afraid that most Americans are really badly misled as far as this, and its going to hurt us resulting in the loss of a lot of jobs and also our remaining public services unless we understand this definition and figure out a way to get what we need either outside of its grasp or leave the whole funcking thing. Right now we’re being led into a trap.


Education is a case in point. Neoliberals find it perfectly reasonable to defund or even end publlic higher and even primary education, eventually. Why? To them education is all about jobs, where we work making them money. If there is no reason to hire us, (say we’re more expensive) if we’re outsourcing all the jobs, we dont need schools. Thats basically their logic.

Those who want their children to learn will then have to pay for education completely themselves out of savings which will rapidly be dwindling, since there wont be jobs to add to it. This is the way it is in much of the world and since they won over comunism many of them seem to feel it should be that way here too. However, currently primary education in the US is protected by a broad exception unless we start selling education internationally creating entitlements like charter schools. Then its protection becomes challengeable. (Something like that is also slowly happening to Social Security and Medicare which are only protected because they remain part of our retirement system).

Read this statement from the European Education Association (EUA) an organization of thousands of universities throughout Europe:

Also, see these searches





Or at least force them to make reparations when they kill the economy. Instead it is always a windfall for the rich.
They plan this shit all day long while the rest of us are at work or sequestered from a virus or the condition of retirement.


Insert into the mix a large number of very high skilled guest workers relatively speaking whom are willing to work almost for free, for various reasons for several years, maybe even a decade - many have substantial family resources and can buy investment properties even while working for only a few dollars an hour. There has never been a situation like this in history. A huge number of people are just desperate to come here and “work” Many will even pay to work.