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With Economy Still in Deep Recession, Millionaire Trump Adviser Complains $600-Per-Week Boost in Unemployment Benefits Is Too Generous

People cant eat without jobs so eventually the struggling will slow down and grow deathly quiet.

Welcome to the Amerikan, Fourth Reich complete with it’s Amerikan, fuehrer

Good point. Lets all vote for Trump!

Great post …It’s not the young people that believe that ,its the beliefs of the most powerful people that create our world and on the ground reality.
These are mainly the beliefs of mostly men ,mostly old and mostly white !!!
It’s the beliefs we must change ,as beliefs create behaviours.

In a free country, just as its not okay for Republicans to subvert and take over the Democratic Party as some have done, it also should not be legal to “destroy” another party because we disagree with them. That would be totalitarianism.

We can’t get to a single payer system until we get out of GATS as far as that set of commitments.

Everything you are reading is likely FROM OTHER COUNTRIES which are trying to protect their existing HC systems from US.

Also, WTO dogma is that countries “opt in” to GATS, and thats true, we opted in the Clinton Administratuion traded our right to regulate away, promising jobs in exchange for markets.

Remember this is before people realized that India for example, would never let a real middle class occur there, even now, semiprofessionals, make so little that a whole family drives on one scooter (tremendously dangerous) THEY DO THAT BECAUSE WE ENCOURAGE THEM - we enable their greed, when before we encouraged their being progressive.

Compared to us, GATS is actually “liberal”

Our trade deals are negative list, or Opt Out, meaning much more aggressive (or in WTO terms “ambitious”)

Privatizing everything- We signed away dozens of services sectors particularly FINANCIAL SERVICES (health insurance is primarily a financial service)

We also signed the Understanding on Commitments in FS, which contains a standstill, an actual FREEZE,. What all that means is that officially, we want our own system to be locked into the for profit system forever. that is what we decided, 25 years ago.

We got married to this system we have now. they didnt tell us but thats wahat they did and that was the legal effect.

We didnt elect Bernie, it seems as if all these things basically conspired to make sure we could not win, is that coincidental given that his whole platform was forbidden and they never told us this? No.

Even if we had, he would have to leave the GATS before we got to have any expansion of public healthcare. Also, the WTO document that is supposed to clarify things, if anything, shows how rigid their thinking is and how unlikely it is to go the way of any country that thinks it can make these kinds of commitments and just ignore them because it doesnt want its own people to know what its done.

This situation is a scam, theres no doubt about it, BUT its a tremendously intricate one, after all its goal is to steal the entire future of humanity by ending compassion and forcing greed-

See ~http://policyspace.xyz/@@search?SearchableText=governmental+authority+exclusion

Only popular democracy that can decide things like this, disposing of it decisively. Disposing of us. Thats why I find it disengeneous that you would pick that document. You should read Scott Sinclair (of policyalternatives dot CA’s critique of it, which shows how in their attempt to rebut their dritics, the WTO actually shows that the criticism is fact.

How exactly do you propose for us to get Medicare For All?

No, we have to be truthful and we have to be smart. By being complicit, were helping cover up a hige huge crime. Would we help hide a rape for rapists? thats what we’re doing by helping hide GATS.

Just to go on ignoring GATS, collecting peoples votes and NGOs, their moiney, while not making any effort to actually call the thieves who stole our right to regulate or challenge the theft until its absolutely impossible to challenge, just like Biden is only discussing (probably nothing at all as the ONLY WAY to get what we need is Article XXI.

Not doing that prevents any resolution. Dont you see it as a little bit immoral to hide the fact that this deal exists from everybody, while asking for our votes, holding out hope that something would “change” when its actually literally not only forbidden, we are actually fighting a Global war against public healthcare, especially single payer. meanwhile lots of poor people are dying, probably again at least five or six more today as I write this. Is it the most profitable scam in the world? I dont know, maybe.

Is this the reason Trump and others are so terrified of the International Criminal Court (which brings genocidal killers like Slobodan Milosevich to justice?)

BTW he was convicted by statistics.

This makes me as nauseous as it did when Harry Reid described Obamacare, as a “stepping stone to single payer” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Is it proof that Obamacare clearly was trying (and may have succeeded) in locking us in to a for profit system by immediately hiring a British company?

(BY THE WAY, that is the answer to your question from the other day, yes, they have locked us in, and in a way that shows what a pretext this situation is, and how its a deliberate plot to desstroy poples faith in democracy by filthy rich oligarchs who couldnt care less if a million or two or 30 for that matter million poor people die. Thats exactly what happened in Africa.

which just may have something to do with this scheme to take over the future and cripple democracy thats Ive been talking about, dpearl.

the stories woud have been easy to miss, a series of stories from St Lous TV station KMOV about a British company, US government contractors, being holed up in a warehouse and going mad from boredom, "being paid to do nothing"

IS this proof how much of a SCAM GATS is? or not?*

Yes, its a scam, to steal our democracy. Why cant people face reality? We do need SINGLE PAYER TIERLESS HEALTHCARE SYSTEM, NOT to walk into a trap set by the most devious con artists in the world.

True my progressive friend, but in my opinion two things you have wrong: 1. We do not live in a free country, that is total brainwashing hogwash ( especially if you are black )
2. I do not disagree with the Republican Party; I detest their totalitarianism!

I never said we did, but we ALL WANT TO.

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Well, except for the WTO website - I have been pretty much reading stuff from U.S. sources. Let’s take the following quote from policy space.xyx (i.e. YOUR SITE):

"…No “Medicare For All (Unless it is “Single Payer” which means it charges no money at all since it is the only one it has to be free)”

There are tons of quotes from your website about single payer being viable under GATS. I presume I don’t have to quote them all to you.

The Medicare For All system that I support is a single payer system. In fact that is the current general meaning of the term “Medicare For All” - it applies to the single payer systems as proposed in legislation by Sanders in the Senate and Jayapal in the House. People who just want to expand the current Medicare to other age groups call their proposals something different. I believe it is amoral to have financial considerations entering into decisions about seeking medical care and so only a single payer system makes any sense.

Obviously, you cant have anything other than single payer to have single payer. But its surprising how many people are so myopic that they dont realize that if there is only one system with no tiers it has to be free and totally noncommercial and have no competition at all NOR CAN THE COUNTRY ALLOW THE SALES OF HEALTH INSURANCE and its for that reason that the UK’s NHS is on a collision path with GATS. Which it likely wont survive.

For a similar reason, while were married to the for profit system to be able to have a public unitary healtthcare system we must get out of the for profit system, what do you see on my site that gives you any other impression?

Its under ~http://policyspace.xyz/recommendations

withdraw from GATS to get it. Actually, thats what a former WTO employee told me, who had spent most of his working life at the WTO. He directed me to Article XXI, we were discussing Brexit a few years ago.

I do know however, that were a new President, say president AOC, to be elected by a large margin and she directed her new USTR to get us out of GATS, doors would open.

Exactly. That’s truly the most viable strategy. We need a good Congress to pass it. A good president to sign it (and help move it through congress). And a good USTR to make those doors open that you are speaking of.

Its time for a younger, more mentally flexible and agile president, who’s not part of the problem we’re trying to fix.

Somebody who doesnt have issues with behaviors we want to see ended…

That sounds like an interesting story… (was it from the Great stock market crash of 1929?)

Lets not forget that when people get evicted they often lose everything they own, which can include important documents, family photographs, and basically everything in a household. This often is a blow that sends people into a downward spiral that ends in their early death.

You must be confusing what I said conditioning it on a Sanders victory with what happens if we LOSE. (now) Its a disaster without a victory, and everything is lost to corporate pillage.

There is a Note from the WTO you should read that goes into detail on what they want.


Note that youre misunderstanding what I have been saying, all along, I was trying to be kind but I should not have been so kind when Bernie wasnt discussing GATS, I fell into the trap like the rest of us. I didnt want to have to say BERNIE, PRAMILA, YOU’RE FORGETTING THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

yes, only single payer is allowed to be sustainable - It has to be pre-existing to avoid going through Article XXI. (Before Jan 1, 1995?)

Otherwise its subject to onerous GATS laws designed to shred it to pieces.

Look at this flow chart to determine if a health care system is exempt from GATS,


Until we started signing these agreements with their standstill clauses we could do whatever we wanted. They traded away our policy space, and we need to restore it, thats the whole point of my site, getting that policy space back. Its been stolen.

[quote=“zed, post:62, topic:79136”]

I’ve already read the WTO statements in the Lancet article you are pointing to and saw the flow chart on your site. That is why I’ve been saying that single payer Medicare For All system seems to be fine with GATS at this point (free to user, with no private supplier of service that the government competes with).

People like this shouldn’t make decisions about working people. Workers unite! General workers strike!


What about the obligations we committed to? For example, a UK company we brought in to manage Obamacare even though it appears there was very little work to do. ~http://www.kmov.com/news/investigates/More-workers-from-ACA-contractor-say-employees-are-paid-for-no-work-259595671.html

That’s not a working url

You know we are being sued already right, over the number of jobs - not the fees, the fees are just a way to hide the real issue which is the number of jobs in play.