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With Eerie Echo of Nixon, Trump Camp Declares President 'Has No Conflicts By Law'

With Eerie Echo of Nixon, Trump Camp Declares President 'Has No Conflicts By Law'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Seemingly adhering to the Nixonian adage that "if the president does it, that means it is not illegal," the Trump team continues to stand by the legitimacy of the incoming president keeping his business ties.


Nixon was a very complex, enigmatic person but he was intelligent, experienced in and devoted to being in government on all levels, had an excellent grasp of foreign policy/relations and protocol, signed into law the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, created the EPA, and established the first diplomatic and trading relationship with China. Like T-dump, Nixon’s darker side was his penchant for prevarications, subterfuge, secrecy, and dictatorial manner. But on the evil/diabolical scale, T-dump far and away eclipses Nixon in the worst possible sense. And T-dump has NO intellect, NO rationale, NO clue what it takes to be president in neither a business nor a national setting as he proves day-in and day-out in ever increasingly frightening ways.


The House Dems should raise articles of impeachment of Trump on a daily basis. Otherwise they’ll be not only enabling him, but tacitly going along with his precedents of impunity. It will also force all others to endorse his treachery by shutting down the impeachment motions.

Progressives must use his hubris against him and his toadies’ every waking moment.


How astonishing that perhaps millions would long for the days of Tricky Dick Nixon…the contrast between Nixon who was only a crook, and the orange emperor’s pathology, astonishing arrogance/ego, ignorance, and complete lack of moral compass is stark…


You know he’s in violation of something all the time and there seems to be many that can recite those in detail. Missing of course, is the punishment, if any, and who could enforce the law.
I’m beginning to think Trump, sadly, may have the law on his side. No one seems to have a clue what the ramifications of his illegalities could be.
Do we still have enforceable laws in this country or have they been changed while America was sleeping? What the fuk?


If “both the Wall Street Journal and CNBC on Thursday published new visual mappings of the president-elect’s potential conflicts of interest”, did the Journal and CNBC list themselves?


The Emoluments Clause of the U S Constitution for one as the emperor-elect will continue to profit from his holdings and his contacts/business dealings in Russia run counter to our nation’s security. The Logan Act is another (treason).

Besides, he has absolutely no care or concern for our nation, our people, our planet…which will be judged harshly by other POWERS-THAT-BE resulting in him literally going down in flames. That alone should prevent someone of his ilk from being president.


Here ya go.


Thanks for the link Plains_Edge. I heard the Eisen-Painter interview today and it laid-out many aspects of trump’s conflicts of interest and possible criminal actions/evasions, and almost certainly his lies re financial matters.

His obstinate refusal to provide his latest tax returns like every president since Nixon may hold the smoking gun(s) that could bring him down…his claimed billion dollar loss and paying no taxes for years, deceit (read lies) on charitable giving, other issues like trump university perhaps, his actual worth, and business ties and banking loans with foreign governments, all show conflicts and perhaps criminal acts…where the hell is a competent hacker and leaker when you really need one?


So, all the meat puppets who voted for this fraud, please defend his cabinet choices, his just released budget proposals and cuts, his 180 on issue after issue since the election; where the heck are you?
Better call Saul, I guess, right?
The lesser of two evils thingy ( argument ) is like walking into the Las Vegas Senior Living Residence for Ol’ Hookers, wondering which one has the best warranty and guarantees for the $28, in quarters, jingling in your front pants pocket. Even ol’ hookers know you’re so stupid they’ll clean your clock, wipe your dumb ass and have $27.25 left over for the buffet, and slots, at The Venetian.
Hello out there, you just been royally had. Priniples, wars in the MENA and Europe; plus, $3 will get you a two hour bus ticket ride to nowhere. P.S. I hope you choke on Trump Vienna Sausages tomorrow.

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Exactly the predictable outcome of LEV.

“’…an invitation to strategic efforts by other countries.’”

I’d say, “an invitation to strategic efforts by the Republicans in congress.” As long as TD plays ball with their agenda, violating his election campaign promises, they won’t impeach him or let impeachment efforts succeed. The minute he balks against Paul Ryan and the rest, he’s toast.

That… is a pretty good strategy… barring other more… drastic ones…

Yeah, really… Anonymous is supposed to be on this.

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You know… it REALLY ISN’T… what those in office are going to DO about Trump… it is WHAT THOSE IN THE STREETS ARE GOING TO DO… This is NOT going to be a NICE time in our country… there WILL be NO ACCEPTANCE OF HIS POLICIES(SH*T)…NO PIPELINES… NO PUSHING THE AGENDA OF THE FOSSIL FUEL COMPANIES…As time goes on… and his agenda gets underway… IT WILL BE MET WITH EXTREME PUSH BACK… there is NO WAY… So, in other words… our time here in this country of “status quo” protests etc… IS OVER…
I saw yesterday that the Repugs are trying to put through legislation to make nonviolent protests illegal…they are pulling out all the stops, to try and stop us… but the coming fire storm aimed back at them… will be non stoppable…many, who do not understand such dedication and will shocked at the new temperature in our country… we haven’t seen anything yet…

Forget Congress.

Forget law.

We enter the “law-is-what-my-lawyers-say-it-is” era.