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With Enormous Harvey Damage, Naomi Klein Warns Against 'Disaster Capitalism' Redux


With Enormous Harvey Damage, Naomi Klein Warns Against 'Disaster Capitalism' Redux

Julia Conley, staff writer

Now is exactly the time to speak out against free-market exploitation, says author of 'The Shock Doctrine'


Right on!
One need look no further than New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. People were displaced and the public schools gutted and privatized. Look for more of the same. Disgusting.


" Klein cautioned against dismissing concerns about climate change."

One has to wonder what kind of a climate disaster will it take before many climate deniers get the final wake-up call! Of course I hope I am wrong, but in my view, it will probably take some kind of world wide climate disaster, where millions die, before many, like Trump and many in his administration, admit climate change is not a " Chinese hoax" !


They already know! Face that fact despite all their denials! They already know but want to maintain their dominance over the system. They promote thei precepts of their standard anti-liberal religion so they don’t have to think about some disaster. They all see how bad Harvey is and all they can think about is how not to let the knowledge of climate change benefit the liberals.

They know despite their denials. They see how bad Harvey is but if you think that they will change their denialism then you are wrong about that.

Ask a right winger to say a liberal was correct? That is the reality we face. They will never admit that they have been wrong if it means their having to say that liberals have been right.


" If you think they will change their denialism then you are wrong about that."

Unfortunately, probably true!


Capitalism is THE disaster. Until we realize that and deal with it, “disaster capitalism” will rule every disaster, as is does everything else.


The main problem seems to be a metropolitan area of 6 million people located on a plain near the Gulf of Mexico. That is a disaster waiting to happen during the hurricane seaon. And once again disaster has struck this area. I haven’t heard any information about what type of neighborhoods were affected the most. This may become clearer as time goes on. There is no high ground in the area so the rich cannot be living on the high ground while the poor are in low lying vulnerable areas. All areas in this region seem to be vulnerable. There was no order to evacuate Houston. A number of years ago much of area was evacuated and the storm never hit directly but the evacuation itself caused many hardships. While the forecasters predicted this storm would stall for several days and drop large amounts of rain they could not accurately predict which areas would be most affected. This was somewhat a somewhat similar situation to the tropical storm Allison that affected the Houston area a number of years ago but this time it is much worse.


Perhaps the success of disaster capitalism explains the insufficient preparation and response to catastrophe.


Predatory capitalism - we don’t need it.


The message is continual: this is neither the time nor the place to think


Klein should get a Ph.d, then maybe more would take her work seriously. Otherwise, she’s just preaching to the choir, like degree-less figures Michael Moore, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, etc.


Right on! Nature always bats last She’s certainly swinging for the border walls right now…:v:


There are PhDs designing nuclear weapons, and PhDs designing torture programs. Recently, there was a PhD rocket scientist who’s kid shot her dead with the gun she had cavalierly left in reach in her handbag. There are PhDs working to design algorithms to funnel all the money to the top. In one lab I worked in, when we went out for a group lunch, everyone would jockey for position so as not to sit next to or across from a certain PhD who sprayed food everywhere as he ate with his mouth open. I’ve worked around PhDs all my life, and I can assure you that some, but not all, are idiots. Please explain why and how a PhD confers immediate legitimacy. As I see it, ideas stand on their merit, whether there’s a degree behind it or not. Personally, I find Naomi Klein compelling and persuasive, certainly more so than your feeble, ad hominem attack.


Seems pretty bad all around but we will see how things shake out. Further, Klein is also and perhaps primarily referring to the aftermath, ala New Orleans when the “rebuilding” played out The Shock Doctrine to a tee.


No one outside her Left supporters take her seriously or discuss her work, just like no one on the Left buys into Hannity or Limbaugh’s drivel. Grand theories like disaster capitalism have absolutely no legitimacy where it matters: in scholarly circles. When her first take on this theory came out, it got a lot of media (Left media I should say) buzz, but my grad teachers had absolutely no opinion on her work. This may not be important to you, but in any case it’s an observation. Professors have students, and students are our future workers, leaders, and voters. You can mention cute anecdotes about PhD friends, but my opinion was just a factual and tactical remark.


Correct and then make worse just like NO.


Well said, EdsNote! Nothing not to like about Michael Moore, btw! I am pretty sure that Bob Dylan, and Mark Twain, and Woody Guthrie, and Henry David Thoreau had no Ph. D. either.


Academia is subservient to corporate/ gov. grant dollars. Johns Hopkins was caught helping coal barons delay/ deny health benefits to labor. ‘follow the money’ is an excellent guide to understanding under capitalism.


False analogy though comparing her work to Thoreau or even Michael Moore. They’ve done quite a bit more work and in different mediums than her, and they never espoused grand theories that gained little traction


Yes, yes, those “in scholarly circles” are going to make all the difference in the world, aren’t they? After all, the free market fundamentalism of the Chicago School has made the world so much better for everyone. I hope you enjoy your ivory tower, and it’s probably better that you hide there with the rest of your precious Ph.D clique. You can reassure each other that you’re so much smarter than those without your “advanced” degrees and dismiss anyone who does not share your elitist views or your elitist opinions of the “lesser educated.” And do let us know when you’ve figured it all out.