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With EPA Lawsuit, Environmental Groups Step Up Fight Against 'Super-Toxic Chemical Cocktail'


With EPA Lawsuit, Environmental Groups Step Up Fight Against 'Super-Toxic Chemical Cocktail'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A coalition of health and environmental organizations on Monday challenged the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) decision to expand the use of a new herbicide in nine states, which the groups say could endanger wildlife and public health.


Glyphosate is supposed to break down in a year, but the soil in our fields is so contaminated with the stuff that I have my doubts.
A friend of mine in Indiana set aside a section of a field formerly used to grow soybeans and corn so that he could use it to plant vegetables for a garden. The soybeans on all sides were green and lush. The garden looked like a desert – nothing, not even weeds, would grow there. The former beautiful river-bottom soil was just bare dirt and shriveled up stalks.
Multiply this by the millions of acres of fields across our nation heavily doused with glyphosate and it makes you wonder what we are doing to our health.
Thank you Monsanto, DuPont, and Dow.
“Without chemicals, cancer itself would be impossible”


This exposes something much larger than Monsanto’s poison products. Our government is owned and controlled by the corporations and big money. It no longer serves the interests of the people. The health and well being of people, and our environment is of no concern to them. The government and all of its regulatory agencies only concern is for the profits of the privileged. Big money pays to get politicians elected, and guarantees them big money jobs for representing them while they are in office. There are many things that we can do about this, but not until we get rid of our present government. Voting for candidates outside of the Democrat and Republican parties would be a good start.


After the colossal bee colony collapse and loss of so many insects and song birds, devastating impacts on human immune system our corporate in disguise EPA approves more of the more vicious toxins. There is a clear pattern of increasing fracking, tar sand oil extraction, treatment of caged animals, spread of the GMO, the wealthy corporate dogs increase their willful poisoning of our bodies and our planet instead of reducing and eliminating them.


I’ve voted green since 2008. The corportariat owns us and Obama is their man… Obama is a political fraud neocon bankster. Monsanto lawyer Shrillary would be worse. It’s going to get a lot worse. TPP will enshrine the corportariat world wide. Secret treaties empowering secret tribunals. We already have the FISA atrocity. Now more powerful ISDBs International Settlement Dispute Boards made up of corporate lawyers. They violate due process. Trade agreements have been used for years by the oligarchs to subvert the constitution and Bill of Rights.


Monsanto was aware of the links to cancer in animals and Glysophates over 35 years ago.

Papers released by the EPA itself were the source of this information. This cancer link is not NEW science. The EPA was originally going to refuse to allow the release of Glysophates as harmless when they changed their minds after “more research” came from Monsanto itself claiming it harmless. Monsanto then asked that the contradictory evidence be kept from public purview as a “trade secret”.

The EPA and Monsanto than worked together to bring this poison to market , all for the sake of profits.

Source of this information an article on globalresearch.ca

This IS how that “Invisible hand of the Free market” works in reality.It is conniving done behind closed doors kept hidden from the Public.


This is posted simply as proposed break to re-energize in the face of this toxic behemoth, and in homage to the universal ‘mind’. I find myself regularly drawn to the elegant insights of the mathematicians who began to play with the algorithms creating fractals.
The iconic image of Earth in space that launched the struggle to make every day Earth Day also deserves, in my humble opinion, to the company of images of the fractal dynamics within which we live.

For later, some eye and imagination nutrient:
Quotation: Peter Aktins

I wonder whether fractal images are not touching the very structure of our brains. Is there a clue in the infinitely regressing character of such images that illuminates our perception of art? Could it be that a fractal image is of such extraordinary richness, that it is bound to resonate with our neuronal circuits and stimulate the pleasure I infer we all feel?



The article ignores one of the drivers for expanded use of this “super-toxic chemical cocktail”. Emboldened by their victories over GMO labeling initiatives in California, Washington and Oregon, in 2014 the chemical industry got EPA to approve Dow’s agent orange-resistant GMO seed. How many billions of taxpayer’s dollars did the US Government spend in 2014 paying Viet Nam era agent orange damage claims ?

Upon being elected in 2008 Obama appointed many chemical industry operatives (including many from Monsanto) to key positions in his administration, concurrent with Michelle starting the White House organic garden to distract us. EPA has never before had as many foxes guarding the hen house.


Lobbyist Claims Monsanto’s Roundup Is Safe To Drink, Freaks Out When Offered A Glass


Glysophates (aka Roundup & Agent Orange) are sold to farmers and home owners as a plant killer. Monsanto’s “scientific” tests determined that Roundup was harmless to animal life and now it contaminates much of our commercial food supply.

Our digestive system’s dependence on plant life becomes painfully obvious after medical treatment with antibiotics often requires a probiotics boost to return friendly flora to normal. How is it possible that Roundup, the super efficient plant killer; is allowed to force-feed that same digestive system?

Can the latest epidemic of gluten sensitivity of digestive systems under constant and deliberate attack be traced back to the EPA’s decision to allow Monsanto to promote wide-spread use of this poison, the top item on its profit ledger?


I’m around 60 years old. I never had gluten intolerance until recently. There has to be an environmental component to gluten intolerance.


The EPA is basically a worthless agency with little authority, even less funding and most importantly relies totally upon the “research” provided by the corporations whose products it supposedly regulates. Our career politicians are not capable of changing this since they also rely upon these corporations if they want to remain in their jobs. After all, once out of office they become lobbyists for them. The old saying, don’t bite the hand that feeds you, rings true.


Corporations are psychopaths and they own our government. Have a nice day.


I am sorry that I don’t know the reference, but supposedly something in wheat has changed so we do not have the same wheat from years ago. Hybrids do change the gluten content and make up. Luckily, I hear that Monsanto has not perfected GMO wheat, but there is still enough RoundUp out there that everything gets contaminated.


I think we really need a lot more done as it has filtered down into low level management positionsof agencies all the way to the top. We also know the same has happened in state government and agencies. It is very wide spread and deep.


More news on the Gluten subject: “The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic, it’s not the gluten!”

“Common wheat harvest protocol in the United States is to drench the wheat fields with Roundup several days before the combine harvesters work through the fields as the practice allows for an earlier, easier and bigger harvest”.

Sounds like Roundup is the real culprit as a weed killer sprayed on our food, first generation, then applied directly to our friendly gut flora. Goodbye, flora. We have been eating Roundup fresh out of the jar so to speak, minus the right to know or object, compliments from the lovely people at Monsanto.

Did anyone see the interview on line with the lobbyist who raved about Roundup being so safe that he would drink it from a glass? He was repeatedly offered the opportunity to demonstrate his faith and confidence with Monsanto until he ran from the room. We were offered neither knowledge nor choice to imbibe in this poison cocktail. Who knows what physical damage has been done to ourselves and our children. Monsanto has knowingly forced this product on farmers world-wide and plans to continue because they are convinced that they can.

In celebration of the bold new voice of the Left in accord with the rise in visible public anger, I would like to see a true public accounting of income and voting records for any and all politicians who enabled Monsanto, etc. to cause the damage done. I would be willing to actively work to impeach each and every one and prosecute the scum that they are. Some of the Democratic Party’s finest come to mind.

By the way, Blockertoo, I intend to patronize a certified organic grocery from now on.