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With Epic GOP Failure, Dems Urged to Go Bold with Medicare-for-All

With Epic GOP Failure, Dems Urged to Go Bold with Medicare-for-All

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With the Republican attempt to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) going down in flames Friday as Americans rallied to defend their right to healthcare, Democrats are being urged, both by experts and constituents, to seize on the moment and counter with a plan that will truly provide coverage for all.


Every sound minded human American knows that single payer is the only solution to our healthcare crises except the greedy profiteers. Healthcare must be declared a human right in America too.


Dem Leadership to now lead in correct direction?



If the Democrats are not successful “seizing the moment” in preventing confirmation of Gorsuch, today’s TrumpDon’tCare setback will be of no value as Trump stacks the SCOTUS with Gorsuch and other right wing judges who WILL end the ACA and just about everything else left of center.

Our futures will be impacted more by the Gorsuch nomination than everything else currently going on in DC combined. This is triage, With all the regressive legislation and POTUS misdeeds needing remediation, now is not the time to be pushing Medicare-for-All.


“The good news is that the American People are catching on to Trump’s lies”

Now if they can see the Duopoly for what it is, and that the Dem Leadership is no friend, because otherwise the man quoted above would be now be President, announcing Health Care as a Human Right for all Americans.


Very good insight.

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IX Amendment:

“The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

Among these is the right to health care, a right retained by the people.


It’s not “either / or,” but should resoundingly be “both / and.”

If the Dems were not a party run by corporate stooges, they WOULD indeed both walk, and chew gum, at the same time.

They would HAMMER AWAY at Trump’s own on-the-record past statements in support of Single Payer and universal coverage, while promising that whatever Trump does, the Dems will require every Dem candidate in '18 to pledge to support Medicare For All, and push it forward with what will be their new majority.

AND, they would use every procedural and mass pressure tactic to block the Gorsuch nomination.

These would be but two parts of a broad strategy to block the recidivist agendas of the extreme Ayn Randian corporatists, white supremacists, and religious nut-cases that have coalesced around Trump, while focusing mass attention on their revitalized agenda of putting programs back in the service of common people.

Too bad the Dems are themselves a party run by “moderate” corportate stooges… but there is no REAL reason why anyone needs to choose between promoting Medicare for All, and blocking Gorsuch.


OK, Bernie - time to put up or shut up - a plank in a campaign is fine - but you are a sitting Sen - time to introduce HR676 into the Sen as a Sen bill and fight for it as if our lives de[ended on it, because they do …


Yes, replace Obamacare with Medicare for all.

With the Ryan fail, watch Trump turn to - who’s the a$$hole who is health sec - and this guy will continue to gut the ACA from within. Need to pay attention to this and make sure responsibility falls where it should.


Here in Vermont our librarian heroes are going bold! They are on board for hosting single-payer or Improved Medicare for All! You can do the same–and please consider it seriously–in asking all your libraries or other venues such as churches, synagogues, mosques, community centers, etc. to host such events.

Some resources to help you educate all your neighbors regardless of party or no party affiliation:





Well said. Both must be done and more. The pressure from us must be unrelenting–pressure the democrats especially.


I have little confidence the Dems will take advantage of this fiasco. They are after all supported by the same donor class as the Republicans.


We need to contact Bernie and place pressure also on Liz Warren to step up and co-sponer the senate version that is supposed to be coming out.

Washington D.C.

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Elizabeth Warren

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You are so right.


The political reality is that even if, by some miracle, single payer got passed by Congress, it would still have to survive a likely Trump veto, as would be demanded by his far right base. Still, I think it is important for the Democrats to step forth and finally go on record to make a committment to single payer. Even this would be progress. That would at least give voters a reason to vote Democrat in 2018 other than the Democrats are not Trump. This is a good time to apply the needed pressure. Absolutely.

The more immediate concern remains getting rid of Trump for the sake of the environment and world peace. The man is unstable. By now, even some of the Republicans have to realize that.


Schumer is no friend but he needs to be pushed. My short message to him:

As the new head of the minority party and after failing to stand by Bernie Sanders you owe it to everyone in the US regardless of party affiliation to press to stop Gorsuch but also to push for what the people want: Improved Medicare For All. The time is now. Please don’t blow it.


It’s more likely that, like usual, Dem tribalism will have them doubling down on a “signature” law of theirs. All praise Obama the Beloved, etc.


Yes. That is the imperative. No livable planet all else is moot.

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It’s not a “right”, but is a good service to provide a fair and just society.