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With Escalation in Syria Looming, War 'Fanatic' John Bolton Arrives at Worst Possible Time

With Escalation in Syria Looming, War 'Fanatic' John Bolton Arrives at Worst Possible Time

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With the White House set to decide whether to ramp up U.S.

Sure Assad is a thug, but the problem is he is Russia’s thug not America’s thug! Does anyone really believe that Amerika’s thugs Trump and Bolton give a damn about the innocent children that suffered in this latest chemical weapons attack?


Honestly this is one of the hardest issues facing America today. Domestic policy is a cake walk compared to foreign policy. I have not decided entirely what I think about the U.S involvement in syria and how that should change. Should we hand Syria over into its entirety to a brutal dictator? No, but is it even our place to do so, also no. I am no fan Iran being the most powerful actor in the Middle East, but Saudi Arabia is no better. Its easy to say that we should have never gotten into the conflict, and one could say that we have been so weak in our involvement that we are there only in name. In name is enough to be hated by the residents. Taking out ISIS in Syria makes sense as part of a large air coalition and local ground troops, but moving against the government no matter how brutal is a less state argument. At this point in the conflict Russia and Iran have become intrenched on this dictators side, if we wanted to take Assad out it would have been better before Russia and Iran were there. Then again just taking dictators out is easy building a functional government afterward is the hard part, ask Iraq. In any case the US should not go lone wolf in this decision, whatever happens needs to be done through consensus with local actors and the world at large including with those millions of Syrians who have been forced from their home by the conflict.

Israel and the neocons are driving this situation, with the latest gas attack almost certainly yet another false flag designed to justify further US military intervention, which, aside from being illegal, would be extremely dangerous. The US has no legal basis to even have troops on the ground in Syria, unlike Russia, which is there at the request of the govt. of Syria. The US has already slaughtered numerous Russian personnel there. At some point they are going to start firing back for real.

We are indeed at a very perilous moment, with buffoons and madmen meeting in DC to invent further pretexts for war. Only a week or two ago, Russia warned that yet another false flag chemical weapons attack was being planned by the US-backed rebels. Only days ago, Trump announced the US was getting out. The timing of this latest attack suggests the rebels and/or Israeli Mossad did it, to further enmesh the US in military action there.


Thats nonesense

Big F’ING Deal.

Another Demon on the payroll.

The Devil must be happy.

Hope he chokes on his next Big Mac.

You left out the Kurds (and the Turks who are determined to crush them)…Israelis (who launched air strikes just yesterday, killing 14)…Hezbollah (who showed how easily they can kick the asses of US/Saudi-backed Islamic fundamentalists)…and especially the 35% of the Syrian population who aren’t Sunni Muslims (Christians, Druse, Alawites, Shia, Jews).

And yet thee are many who post here saying ‘Assad must go,’ without a clue about will be left in an Assad-less power vacuum.


I think the Doomsday Clock should be moved forward a full minute, to 1 1/2 minutes to midnight.

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What’s nonsense is the claim that Assad has used chemical weapons, a claim that was never proven and yet continues to be parroted by the military-contractor owned media.


As long as Assad remains in power the basic problem in Syria will remain which is the Shiites will be in charge in a country where most of the population is Sunni. For many years the reverse was true in Iraq. It is almost certain that some group like ISIS will be created again in Syria if the conditions permit. Iran sees this war as a chance to have a corridor to the Mediterranean Sea with a path though Iraq which is now controlled by Shiites and then through Syria which the Shiites still control. Sine the Shiites and Sunnis have been at this for about 1,400 years I doubt if any solution will be found soon. Bolton will probably want to get even more involved in this endless turmoil between two groups of Muslims. Certainly with Bolton the situation seems to be more dangerous than it even was before his arrival on the scene. .

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Why would Assad use chemical weapons? He knows that would only provoke a huge military response from the US. Why would he want that?
Answer is, probably, that he WOULDN’T.
Why would the US want to stage a false flag chemical attack in Syria? Lots of reasons that make a lot more sense than Assad wanting the US to bring their bombers over Syria.


Once again nonsense. I could give you a dozen reputable sources that prove this but you would inevitably cite a abscure blog or sputnik as proof that Im wrong.

Well if by “reputable source” you mean CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS and the rest of the shills for the Pentagon, you are credulous.

We need the FBI to jump on this (I’m sure they won’t), there can be no way Bolton, with being on the payroll of a terrorist org., gets a security clearance.

Who is the “we” you are discussing? I don’t have a say in any of this and neither do you (I presume). I also would love to hear the logic as to why we should intervene on human rights grounds when our ally is currently slaughtering innocent people and journalists in Gaza, when another ally is Saudi Arabia, when our ally in South America Colombia is the deadliest place for union organizers in the world and is a human rights disaster, and I could go on forever. Let’s not pretend that those in power want to get involved in this for humanitarian reasons, and I am sick of people dying and the world being on the brink of destruction because of chess games that those in power in different countries play with peoples’ lives. There are groups in Syria worth supporting, but there is no chance in hell those in power of this rotten government would align with them, as they are not of their liking ideologically. If they align with anyone, it will be with Jihadis, and they’ll make decisions on all of this with next to no concern for what is good for the Syrian people. Let’s be adults here and take an honest look at the record of the State Department, the Pentagon, the CIA, the NED the world over going back decades. To think that we could start a world war over this is absurd and the height of irresponsibility, and it has nothing at all to do with Syria. Syria is simply one piece on a chess board, and you aren’t playing. You’ll just have to live with their shitty decisions, per usual.


Good point on the human rights grounds. (I use we as the US in general I know that you and I specifically dont have the power to change this situation at the moment.) Its possible for us to demand better from our allies by denying them military aid if they dont. Those are seperate but important issues. I also recognize that cutting aid to our allies over their human rights abuses is not going to happen anytime soon.

You got two of them, Im not a fan of the networks though. Try to find proof that those are actually owned by the pentagon, fair warning you’ll be lookin a while.

Greedy murderous capitalists will take us all down. Armed to the teeth killing bastards because the fiat dollar is god. We need antiwar protests across this nation. Some pushback, we have nothing of the sort, being effectively silenced.

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I have asked myself WHY? When the Syrian regime and assad have slaughtered the opposition, killed thousands and destroyed cities and more, and are on the verge of a “victory” - if such slaughter can be called that, WHY should they do anything so freakin stupid as a chemical attack? HOW could they possibly benefit? The only consequences tp such a moron stunt would be seriously negative - they may be mass killers of men, women and children but that doesn’t make them stupid.

So who would benefit? The entity and mechanisms that would benefit from more war and destruction, from more conflict and excuse for war against Iran. the entity that has wanted, planned, subverted, and salivated for Iran to be destroyed after Iraq, Libya and Lebanon. Israel - that’s who. Their history of such false-flag ops is very long, including 1967 attack on USS Liberty covered-up by both the US and Israel. Syria being right next door; a chemical attack false-flag op would be easy and SOP for such a malevolent and malignant entity thru their “security services” and shadow terrorist organization. The other possible suspects are the US war machine, the Saudis, both of which want Iran destabilized or destroyed, but the Israelis are the prime suspect.

The problem is the political courage and integrity to actually investigate this alleged attack and ID who is actually responsible, is also near zero, the new US pro-war nutters are taking office - bolton, pompeo (maybe), et al - and the world’s so-called “leaders” so buffaloed by Israeli propaganda and political power, they will not even bother to sus the truth! Fill in the blanks…welcome to war against Iran and another destruction of Lebanon…and who knows how much more!!

By Gerry Condon The chances that the Syrian military actually carried out the gas attack in northern Syria are pretty much ZERO. The Syrian government has absolutely nothing to gain from such an attack, and a lot to lose. They are steadily …

“They are steadily gaining more ground, and the terrorist groups are on the run. The Trump administration announced this week that it will not seek Assad’s ouster. Peace talks to end the war are about to resume. So who benefits from this horrific attack?”


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