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With Eye on Biden Victory, Warren and Schumer Unveil Plan to Cancel Up to $50,000 for Federal Student Loan Borrowers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/17/eye-biden-victory-warren-and-schumer-unveil-plan-cancel-50000-federal-student-loan


Finally! This is what Dems must do if they are to win. Just disparaging Trump won’t do it.


They MIGHT be getting the message? I think the hard sell that they have been trying of “At least we are not Trump” is not quite working out as they had hoped so they scramble with these new promises. The thing is, if they are finally going to get around to implementing what Sanders suggested over "nothing will really change " Biden , then why did they work so hard to ensure Biden the nominee.


One problem for those of us who only look at progressive media, rather than the corporate venues like CNN, is that we’re missing what the Dems are proposing.
I’ve seen numerous Biden/Harris ads and news coverage outlining policy proposals, but most of them are on CNN, MSNBC, etc.
I’m glad that the Dems are also disparaging Trump, because Trump deserves it and any political advisor would tell you that to not attack Trump is dumb.
it’s a two-pronged attack.


Progressives need to keep up the pressure before a vote is cast.
My vote is here to earn. I like this resolution. Let’s see more.
And if this bill falls by wayside under a Bide/Harris Administration, I’ll be livid.


Corporate shumer/pelosi, where have they been???

They now support a Warren bill??? I feel the “bate and switch” after the election


WTF … allow students to bankrupt on their debts like Trump.
This is for ‘federal student loan borrowers’. A massive amount
of college debt is private debt held by wall street banks and private
vulture funds.

Where is Biden? He is okay with Trump’s multiple bankruptcies and opposed student bankruptcies. In fact: Wasn’t Biden the main sponsor of the anti
student bankrupt legislation?

Promises are similar to global warming:
A lot of hot air. I’m still awaiting my Reagan tax cut.


I would subit it is just another empty promise. If nothing else it will probably be somehow compromised… remember the Biden/Harris ticket was selected by the corrupt DNC.


My hopes aren’t high. The backlash from banks will be ugly.
Biden wrote the damn bill that locks people into student loan debt.

But unlike the noseholders here, my promise not to vote for Biden unless he does a lot more to earn my vote is happening before the election, not after the election when it’ll be too late.


And…Why Not:
1.Implement Medicare for All.
2. Slash Military Weapon Spending by 75%.
3. Eliminate Tax Breaks for Fossil Fuel companies.
4. Ban Fracking.
5. Stop the elimination of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.


Winning the November 3 election, like most elections, will require the right marketing. Although student loan relief may play well in the blue states that Biden is certain to win like Schumer’s and Warren’s states, it is a gamble in the swing states where Biden already has a heavy lift.

M4A indeed has much wider voter appeal. Even free community college has wide voter appeal.

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Just curious about why you don’t believe student loan debt cancellation has legs in swing states, ray?

The percentage of the population in swing states that have student debt is lower.

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I chuckle when I think that if Trump had proposed this, the noseholders would be telling us it was election year pandering. Which it is – and so what? I want politicians to “pander” to our needs, that’s supposedly their job.


No, it’s not, at least on a per capita basis:


Who is responsible this loan problem? There never have been a problem like this. Sadly Amerikas is sliding were quickly to 3rd world on all fronts.

Very good point. We’ll know they are desperate to win if they start pretending to implement M4A.

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50 thousand. That’s a great big help to those with 200 thousand plus and there are a lot of students with that level of student loan debt. They could, cancel student debt. The likelihood of them even doing the 50 is next to null. Two worthless corporate sycophants purpose worthless legislation that they know will never make it off the Senate floor.


I seems like they are trying to follow Sanders’ plan - elect a right wing oligarch democrat and convert him into a progressive. I guess they think that Biden will sign off on their progressive agenda. I can tell you right now, they won’t get even 30 percent of the democrat’s to approve a progressive bill - any progressive bill. Remember how democrats all belittled Sanders’ agenda in the primary election, saying his ideas were not practical? Now Sanders plan is to put progressive bills in front of the right wing extremist democrats so the oligarchs can spit in their corporate owners faces and pledge their allegiance to the most miniscule minority in the country, the antifascist progressive .00001%. Think again Sanders, think again!

Why have they done nothing like this in the past? This is nothing more than an obvious attempt to con people out of their votes.