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With Eye to Trump, Obama Outlines How Best to Wage War


With Eye to Trump, Obama Outlines How Best to Wage War

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

President Barack Obama this week is attempting to defend his questionable counter-terrorism strategy before handing over the vast and much-expanded presidential war powers to Donald Trump.


The best way to wage war is by promoting peace and not starting wars.

On that score Obama is a fail. All of those "rules" he outlines would not be needed were he a man of peace .


Obama's message to Trump....."Just continue what I've been doing and you'll be fine".


Amazing. He actually makes an appeal to "transparency", he of the most secretive presidency in history. The hypocrisy, as usual, is astonishing. I think Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and Julian Assange have done all that could be asked of them in matters of bringing transparency to the fore. In exchange they have only been persecuted.


" Obama emphasizes "the importance of transparency" "

More Wishy-Washy from Mr Hopey-Changey..


Can you say hypocrisy? After adding to and not killing the Bush perpetual war policies, now he feels he needs to put some limits on it all? If he hadn't set up this massive surveillance/killing machine which is our military he wouldn't have to be worried about it in the hands of Trump. Did he really think the next president would be a dem so hey, nothing to worry about? He's been as aggressive and ruthless and secretive as any we've ever had.
Coming out like this is a cheap way to try to rewrite his horrible legacy. Don't tell me you've had a twinge of conscience? Nah, you're worried about your own ass.


Ehud Bara(c)k Obama refused to prosecute **George Warmonger Bush because he is just as guilty as he is. Bush lied about Iraq. Obama lied about Libya, Gitmo, the Patriot Act and many other things. Now, he's advising Trump on war. He must want him to get the Nobel War Prize.


Obama who is an abomination to this nation and a murderous war criminal should be able to advise Trump how to best wage war. Because Obama certainly cannot advise Trump on how to wage peace!

Ever since the second world war, the US has been a military dictatorship, because that was the last time congress declared war.

Ask yourself this: why has America been at war ever since 1776? Out of the last 239 years America has been at war for 222 years.



What a hypocritical, lying sack.


He trashed his own legacy. But only cynicism would allow someone to do it the way he did it. I hope he enjoys his Presidential Library. This is the land of empty symbolism.


As long as we keep electing sociopaths there will be no peace. Color, gender, party, religion, it doesn't make a damn difference.


The President who actually founded a "Peace Corps" was Marked for Death (by Allen Dulles's CIA, his own Military and FBI) when he Chose Peace.
But the inevitable Tide is Turning.


As a Con-Man, Trump is an amateur compared to Obama, a virtual Con-Man Savant.


"It clearly reads like an explanation, a textbook that's left for the next person," Naureen Shah, director of the Security With Human Rights Program at Amnesty International, told Emmons. "Here are all the things you cannot do."

The problem is that:

They say the President Elect does not read....


When Obama mentions transparency, he is being opaque.

The speech aims to make political brownie points by rhetorically distancing himself and his party from the results of the engine of violence evolved during his administration and prior administrations. Obviously any serious concern with abuse of violence would not involve automated fiat killings.


Isn't that just special that Obama gives tips to the Clinton family friend Donald Trump on how to continue denying Americans peace. And "transparency"? REALLY? From Obama? What a massive FU to the American people on his way out the door.


How the wage endless wars. BAD idea. The greatest military ever can't win anything. Heck of a job Obama,


What a joke. No one has been less transparent that Obama. His legacy of codifying drone assassination, of solidifying corporate power, the repression of truth-tellers and whistle-blowers, endless interventions, war and the growth of an intrusive National Security State and the poisoned earth left by fracking and drilling will continue to haunt us for the foreseeable future.


Yes, as many pointed out here, it was no “explanation” but whitewashing - no pun intended - OB's own misdeeds. I think all the warnings about Trump might not be about what the president-elect might do, but what he might NOT do, and that Trump could very well end the endless wars and focus on rebuilding America. If that’s the case, the present daily, well-organized threats to deprive Trump of his office might be part of a bargain - conditions he must accept to become POTUS.


I agree with your sentiment but when were those 22 years that we were not at war?

This statement by Obama is clearly to cover his ass, if Trump does not follow in the tradition of absolving previous administrations of any responsibility for their war crimes...