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With Failed War on Drugs as Backdrop, Global Day of Action Calls for Reform


With Failed War on Drugs as Backdrop, Global Day of Action Calls for Reform

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As the failures of the so-called War on Drugs become increasingly apparent, people around the world will rally on Thursday and through the weekend, calling for global drug policy reform that prioritizes public health and human rights over criminalization and punitive measures.


The stench of the failed WOD is bad enough, but when you highlight the fact that this fail costs us more than $25 BILLION per year…(all with the blessing of Congress)… it becomes more than absurd.


Every compulsive, reactionary, fearmongering, ignorant, violent, cruel and inhuman action like the racist, fascist War on Drugs is the result of authoritarianism, more benevolently named “conservatism”.


The “War on Drugs” can be countered by a “War on Bullshit.”


The damage caused by those repressive responses was the whole intent behind the war on drugs. It never really was a war on drugs; it was a war on minorities and fringe members of society like those hippies… The war on drugs is nothing more than a cover and opportunity for racist, bigoted conservatives to hammer down on “those people” and show them who the boss really is in society. Drug prohibition had nothing to do with public health or public health departments would have been involved. Instead, it was handed to the police and expensive law enforcement bureaucracies. Whole new and expensive agencies were created to deal with it such as the DEA. Want smaller government? Shut down the DEA or shut-up.


Eisenhower was the original dope dealer for weapons in Vietnam, a process that has been continuous since. Profits have financed America’s dirty wars for decades. Reagan traded dope for guns to over throw true democracies in South and Central America.
ditto the Bushes. Obama uses the profit to finance dozens of secret killing bases in Africa. The Benghazi affair was likely a gun running dope deal gone sour!!


The War on Drugs - The War on cannabis - is a war against people that benefit a few, notably “law enforcement”!

We cannot tolerate people being victims of abusive enforcement of laws that have criminalized perhaps the most beneficial most widely useful plant on earth and forcing people to beg and pay for the medicine it is for millions so a few can profit and politicians continue to serve big pharma and their own interests. The poster boy for political cowardice and corruption is Andy Cuomo who made the NY “Compassionate” Care Act so draconian and complicated and restrictive he made a mockery of reform!

There is no justice until people have the right to grow for their own use! Turning “decriminalization” into a money-maker for corporate interests/greed/profit is not acceptable!

Industrial hemp can provide hundreds of thousands of jobs in many manufacturing areas - a safe and easy to grow plant of 1001 uses.