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With Faith in Regulators at 'All Time Low,' Canadians Ask Trudeau: 'Where Are You?'


With Faith in Regulators at 'All Time Low,' Canadians Ask Trudeau: 'Where Are You?'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As Canada's National Energy Board (NEB) begins hearing testimony on the controversial Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline expansion project in British Columbia, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under fire from environmentalists and First Nations activists who say he's breaking an election promise to fix what they call a broken pipeline approval process.


Until Trudeau starts rejecting the Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP) the "faith in regulators at an all time low" will go even lower.


A Liberal dose of deceit


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As opposed to a colossal fossil dose of conservative deceit? How many Canadians know about the House Conservative reaction to Canada receiving the 'Colossal Fossil' award? They cheered and clapped. Yep. Fossils.

Trudeau is more in tune with Canadians than Harper ever was. To quote Trudeau Senior, "Just watch me". Look at his cabinet. A First Nations Woman from BC as the Minister for Justice". Never in a conservative millenium.


I've dealt directly with the NEB several times. In my last "discussion", I asked for info about how the board was appointed and for an explanation about how the top decision making functions. I politely expressed my opinion that this decision making system was heavily skewed towards big oil and needed to be changed. I never heard back.
Although the Harper gangs establishment of AMPs (automatic monetary penalties) is better than nothing, the public is still left with secrecy as to when those penalties are enacted (I know the NEB has an info site). Furthermore, since these companies are often worth billions, the low AMPs do not vigorously encourage compliance but rather enable the defying of accountability and regulation. Expect me to pay 25 cents when caught speeding and I will continue speeding.