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With Final 'Evil' Act, Ousted Jeff Sessions 'Reminds Everyone Yet Again Why He's Been the Worst Attorney General in Modern History'


I about split a gut. Watching a bit of MSNBC and someone told David Corn that Trump lying to the American people is an impeachable offense. Without missing a beat Corn said: “Well then the House Impeachment Committee has 6,100 charges of impeachment for the month of October.”


Because to defend the principle of no one is above the law…except we essentially live in a two tier justice system where people like Sessions and Mueller are above the law…ummmm oh yeah I know, because Americans are gullible idiots.


You have to give the elf credit, though. It takes a lot of hard work to be worse than John Ashcroft, but through diligent effort, Sessions has succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations.


Because Sessions is part of the Resistance!