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With Final Vote Delayed, Grassroots Effort to 'Defeat Brett Kavanaugh Once and For All' Intensifies

With Final Vote Delayed, Grassroots Effort to 'Defeat Brett Kavanaugh Once and For All' Intensifies

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After President Donald Trump on Friday reluctantly directed the FBI to launch a probe into sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh—delaying a final confirmation vote by up to a week—progressive opponents of the right-wing judge moved to take advantage of the "new opportunity for pressure" by intensifying their campaign of calls, ads, and direct action aimed at persuading the handful of undecided senators to vote no on Kavanaugh.


I hesitated to weigh in on this issue because my opinion will not likely be shared widely here, but now I feel compelled to. I probably disagree with Kavanaugh on almost every issue, but the way the Democrats are trying to take him down is extremely dangerous. People seem to forget that the allegations are based on “recovered memories” from 36 years ago, that were supposedly first “recovered” a few years ago, and the therapist’s notes show that there were discrepancies between the story then and the story now. Such memories are extremely unreliable as various psychological studies have shown. After so many years of not retrieving it, the memory is virtually all gone, and when it is “recovered” it is mostly a creation of the moment and not a reflection of the past, though the individual with this memory sincerely believes it is accurate. In short, the evidence against Kavanaugh is extremely flimsy.

By destroying Kavanaugh’s nomination with such flimsy evidence, they are creating a precedent by which any Supreme Court nominee, or any politician, Left of center can be destroyed with flimsy evidence. Since the MSM is leading the charge on this, and the MSM is run by some of the most vicious and ruthless plutocrats on the planet, do not think for one second that this is intended for the public welfare or that any Left of center nominee will ever be safe in the future, no matter how exemplary the record or character.

This is one more step towards total disintegration of the system, the end of the middle class, and the end of any kind of democracy in this country.

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The statements by Dr Ford are NOT ‘recovered memories’.
She has lived with this assault since it happened.
The memories have been an going effect in her life.
Have you watched or listened to the testimony given before the Senate Judiciary hearings?
I have, from the beginning of this process.
The drive-it-thru-no-matter-what antics by the R’s on this nomination have been breathtakingly arrogant and disingenuous. A doc dump at the last minute, actual withholding of docs for no good reason, the ridiculous artificial timeline for seating this piece of crap judge, who on every issue coming before the SC is a genuine horror for We, the People.
Kavanaugh has proved to be a serial perjurer; another article on this site has posted the detailed information about these instances.


You need to become a Woman and experience a sex assault for yourself!


Thank you!

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A decent person would have stepped down! He’s just like his boss and the rest of the sex addicts in DC. There were other choices for this position, yet the pig Republicans want to shove this guy down our throats to prove they can Win.


This Grass Roots sign carrying nonsense has to stop. Put them down and DO SOMETHING!

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Keep in mind people, that even if the nomination is withdrawn that another probably Federalist candidate will be nominated and ideologically will be just as bad OR worse than Kavanaugh. The only way a somewhat more “moderate” nominee will be put forward is if the Dems re-take the Senate, which is highly doubtful. We still will be fucked for 20 or 30 years with a radically right wing court.


I don’t agree that memories of horrific experiences can’t be recovered. I also don’t think that that even applies here. Dr. Ford lived with this memory her whole life. She just didn’t reveal it until years later, which is not hard to understand.

But I do agree that we are going to keep seeing this kind of ugly partisan warfare continue. Rightly or wrongly, Rs feel that the Ds exploited Ford’s very real victimization to maximum political advantage, and you can be sure they’re going to retaliate. You saw it in Lindsey Graham’s face. And on and on it will go.


They are doing what they can. What are you doing?

My senator’s is Feinstein the snake, she is so damn twisted that even if she votes no she’ll help the republican nominee in other ways. We have to push very hard, this man isn’t only a sex offender he has a dangerously Despicable record as an unfit judge.

The operative word is " reluctantly".

Folks what does that tell you? It tells me that no matter what the FBI investigation digs up on Kavanaugh’s lying, he will still be confirmed!

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… Stating the obvious… and what are you doing?

Carrying signs.

This is a crucial moment in American history. The ruthless fascists in power are relentless and eager to seize the judiciary and do away with democratic principles, at any price.If not Kavanaugh, another immoral, arch conservative misogynist will be rammed through…


The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary have been great so far, trying to find the truth about what happened despite going against a big corporate SCOTUS candidate. I hope their good example will trickle down to those Democrat Politicians, DNC, DCCC, and their bureaucrats on the corporate dole.

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natureboy, I hope that, too…

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HI Kivals:
But conversely-----memories from 36 years ago by Mr. Kavanaugh would be treated the same way.
I think that Mr. Kavanaugh is destroying his own chances by his own treatment of Senators, and his own bizarre emotions and angry responses. In fact, he doesn’t seem a bit “judge- like” in terms of thoughtful response, or how he looks at evidence, or even, the language he uses.
He seems to treat women the way that some at McDonald’s treat their female workers—which is sexist. But then, he’s equally rude to the male senators too.

I really wonder if Mr. Kavanaugh is just too alcohol or brain compromised by many years of drinking that nothing can save him now. It does seem that he is a hired gun for those who lean almost horizontally to the right. Since he seems not to be able to judge his own behavior----I think it is best NOT to put him into a position as he does not seem to be able to competently judge what is legally in the best interest of the nation.

Your premise is not true. These are not “recovered” memories. They are memories that were not discussed with others until some time later, but they were never forgotten or in need of “recovery.”

As for your assertion that the evidence is flimsy. This is also not true. We have Dr. Ford’s testimony and we also have her relating the same experience to others, in a different setting and at a time far removed from Kavanaugh’s nomination. These prior consistent statements to others in a different context corroborate her story. And we have Kavanaugh’s own calendar entry for July 1 of that year.

Well that’s wonderful. Hope you get those bad guys!