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With First Executive Order, Trump Strikes Blow to Obamacare


With First Executive Order, Trump Strikes Blow to Obamacare

Nika Knight, staff writer

President Donald Trump's very first executive order was a move toward fulfilling his campaign promise to gut Obamacare.


A raw and empty celebration of his power. May it come to nothing, as it is meaningless.


It won't be nothing to the millions of workers whose bosses them them "your [already lousy] health care coverage has been cancelled" - now get back to work!"


I'm frankly more concerned about those of us who may again be uninsurable, precisely because we need health care. And those who were first able to get coverage through the exchanges.


I thought the ACA could only be canceled or changed through legislative action. Reconciliation affects only the budgetary aspects of the ACA which could have significant implications but will not change the bill itself, just how things are paid for. Not saying it won't happen eventually but it won't happen with just Trumps signature and in fact it will require some Democrats to crossover to pass it with a filibuster proof majority in the Senate.


You are right. Reconciliation will only accomplish the budgetary aspects of the ACA, but won't repeal the reforms per se. But, what I read Trump doing with his EO is the start of creating havoc for the exchanges and Medicaid expansion. If insurers are forced to cover people with preexisting conditions and all the other stuff required, and they don't know if they can rely on staff at HHS to help them steer through whatever regulatory changes are coming, they are going to massively up rates or drop out. Meanwhile, states that accepted Medicaid expansion but don't want to follow the provisions of the law will be given a freer hand to do as they please (like offer less care, etc.). All this means is a willful crisis created by the Trump administration leading to repeal. On that note, if Republicans wreck it, the plan to replace it is arguably worse than our old shitty system.

To make things worse, they get a court appointment, and possibly two if Ginsburg steps down. The votes against the duopoly could really put us farther from a single payer system than we are now. But on the left, we've got our niche grievances that are more important than actually creating a governing coalition.


I wish people like George Will would quit whining about Trump's uncouth style. He will do everything The Party wants, like this. He is the face and the hand of American Conservatism.


I wish he were only a Republican or conservative. He's in it for himself and his family business. We are ungoverned.


Uncertainty regarding the ACA mandates will mean to insurers that they will be less likely to have healthy lives signing up and consequently will be stuck with higher costs and lower revenue. Watch insurers flee the market and the Republicans claiming that the failure was the ACA itself rather than their own actions.


Yep. And Tom Price's replacement plan is actually worse than the system we had. Another justice on the Court, maybe two if Ginsburg retires, and the conservative revolution will be afoot. We'll be farther away from single payer than we are now.

That said, all of us have to do our part to let folks know this is happening. The media will be ready to forget about this EO if we let them. Democrats and their caucus friends in Congress--Bernie I'm looking at you--need to make it a part of every public discussion. It's not merely that they want to repeal the system, but are actually working to undermine it from the inside. And, just imagine the massive cuts to public health services if we had our own NHS.


Yes, the run for president, in my view, was just another Trump business and narcissistic decision.


All legislation relies on executive department agency enforcement. Get rid of the enforcement, and the legislation is effectively useless.


And some supposedly intelligent nitwit suggested that he should be given a chance to do what he had promised to do on MSNBC. He just gutted the ACA.


Is there still any question that he "didn't mean it", it was just a joke and we will declare an economic war on China, but we will let them buy up the country under the table. There you go Trumpers, enjoy your nut cake. I can smell the stench of buyers' remorse already.


It pushes agencies to target provisions that impose a "fiscal burden" on a state or a "cost" or "regulatory burden" on individuals or businesses.

Hmmmm. The unacceptable aspect of the ACA was confiscation of a citizens assets if he fails to purchase a private insurance product (and also fails to file all the exemption paperwork on time.) If the IRS can't garnish enough wages and bank accounts, then this crazy government incarcerates the victim, as I understand it.

A person thrown out of his house may no longer have a filing cabinet in his car or freeway bridge overpass, and thus cannot cope with Nasty Obama's mandatory insurance incarceration outrage.

If Trump is eliminating a "regulatory burden on individuals" then I applaud this executive order. We should in fact scrap Obamacare, and instead, expand Medicare for everyone, just like Senator Sander's says.

We shouldn't have feminist pussy protests with pink hats. What is that vague imagery supposed to do? Repukes are never going to give in to feminist desires. We need a NEW DEAL protest, and shut this country down. Make a list of ten things we are demanding.



What you described is already happening. Insurers have been fleeing the market or increasing or drastically increasing premiums and deductibles (which were already high). ACA is already crumbling.

ACA is junk just like the junk insurance policies people are forced to buy.


Then why did even larger numbers of citizens sign up under the exchanges in the 2nd year?


"They allowed." OK.


What is going on right now?

Seriously, you did not hear about any insurance companies exiting Obamacare or the increases in premiums?


It's ridiculous that I am being flagged for pointing out well-known problems with Obamacare.


Maybe if they acted like real democrats and supported democratic policies.....ACA was, after all, birthed from a conservative think tank.