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With First Vote, Gorsuch Allows 'Machinery of Death' to Whir On in Arkansas


With First Vote, Gorsuch Allows 'Machinery of Death' to Whir On in Arkansas

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch cast the deciding vote late Thursday to allow Arkansas to execute Ledell Lee, a man who maintained his innocence until the end.


Once again the state is allowed to carry out a satanic ritual in the name of the people.


Particularly with the death penalty in this country, it must be remembered that institutionalized murder was and is a keystone in the construct of domination for the sake of predatory capitalism. Wikipedia lists Gorsuch's decisions history


Which is why this needs to be dealt with legislatively. The reality is that capital punishment is vulnerable for the first time in decades. Leaving these things up to the historical ebb and flow of courts is bound to end in disappointment. Take it out of their hands altogether.


So Gorsuch is proving himself to be the despicable beast we worried he might be.


American society in general is and has always been violent and indifferent to the pain of others.


Congrats Americans, we share this evil practice with such luminous countries as Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, North Korea, Pakistan and Iraq.

Nationalism on steroids.


While it is too late to save his life, Mr. Lee's DNA can be now be taken. If the test proves him innocent, his family should sue the shit out of the state of Arkansas for wrongful death.


That Mr. Lee was denied a simple DNA test that might have proven his innocence is unconscionable.
As Kakistocrat has suggested, can his DNA now be taken? If he were shown to be innocent that would be his legacy to future generations.


The empire of evil is complete: the nefarious now control the executive, the legislative, and the judiciary. Death will come at an alarming rate...in prisons and around the world leaving no one untouched as all life is connected. Our nation, the people, the environment with the demonic despot leading the charge and his flying monkeys bringing up the rear, will suffer immeasurable catastrophic destruction and unspeakable atrocities from which all may never recover.


Well, personally, I am not opposed to the death penalty in some particularly egregious cases. Torture murder of children for instance, serial killers are another. I do think that free, immediate, DNA tests are a right to anyone. As it stands now, the death penalty is a failure. Average time on death row is over twenty years in this country. Life in prison, not the fake life that let my cousin's killer loose in six years, looks like a good compromise.


Lee maintained his innocence until the end.
Lee refused a last statement--isn't this a most powerful statement?
Lee was executed 4 minutes before the expiration of his death warrant.
Lee was executed before DNA testing.

Now, can we really continue to consider the death penalty as having any semblance of justice?


ncycat- this is not about the death penalty per se, but i am always curious when someone makes a blanket declaration with which i do not agree. so if i may ask, in this case does american society means americans? and by in general, you mean that the majority of americans are violent and do not care about their fellow humans? i am not trying to start a fight or even a debate; like i said i am curious and like to understand opinions that are different than my own. thank you for your time.


Society in this case means the population in general and their social constructions of reality. Our history is one of violence, genocide and exploitation. Capitalism is based on the concept of individualist pursuit of profit, regardless of how it affects others. Our education system is geared toward making children profitable work units. I don't see tons of compassion, empathy, social justice, or community-oriented thinking. In general. Of course there are exceptions and wonderful people everywhere. I am speaking in generalities.


thank you


This is why the election mattered, folks. I was a Bernie supporter 100%, and was very disappointed
in the Democratic Party establishment, and the MSM, for not taking him seriously.

However, in the end, I, like many others, did indeed vote for "the lesser of two evils", and I would do
it again, because of one thing: SCOTUS!

Many of the right-wing Christians that voted for Trump did not do so because they liked him best. In fact, many would have preferred someone else. But they were, and are, single-minded in their determination to have a very Conservative majority on the Supreme Court. Now they have it, probably for decades!

This is why it mattered! If you disagree, okay. Just give it time. I guarantee you it mattered to Ledell Lee, big time!


As an addendum, we can't bring Mr. Lee back, but we can damn sure boycott anything & everything
from Arkansas!


There you go all you self righteous anti yelling crusaders. This is by far the preferred solution, or maybe drown them in the bath tub. I much prefer yelling to the quiet rage. Now don't get me wrong; I don't like someone yelling; "god is Great" while murdering innocent people, but yelling at a child standing on the rim of the grand canyon is O.K. Yelling at this idiot would be O.K This is nationally sponsored murder, especially problematic if the man is, WAS, innocent.


I'm still a Bernie supporters. Donate


Good thinking, and I share the national guilt. If it comes out that the man WAS innocent, I will be doubly uncomfortable for having put a man to death. I can't escape the guilt. How do people like Gorsuch sleep at night?