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With Focus on Assange, Belmarsh Tribunal Puts 'US War Crimes on Trial'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/02/focus-assange-belmarsh-tribunal-puts-us-war-crimes-trial-0


The witch trial of Julian Assange would not be happening without the systematic brainwashing of the U.S. people. Roger’s point is apt: without propaganda, U.S. crimes against humanity would not be possible. Propaganda/Infotainment has amused/hypnotized too many people to the point of mental and spiritual death.


…And when they found our shadows
Grouped 'round the TV sets
They ran down every lead
They repeated every test
They checked out all the data on their list
And then
The alien anthropologists
Admitted they were still perplexed.

But on eliminating every other reason for our sad demise
They logged the only explanation left
This species has amused itself to death.

-Roger Waters, Amused to Death


Rumored that this being blocked in the UK

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It’s very troubling that the volunteer American war criminals revealed by Manning and Assange via the Wikileaks Collateral Murder video and other evidence rarely if ever are punished for their crimes, but Manning and Assange are punished.
The American military has long been a war crimes organization, with every volunteer complicit if not actively involved in war crimes.
Most American presidents since Roosevelt have been involved in war crimes.
And of course the USA is the only country to have ever dropped atomic bombs on anyone.
Trump pardoned a vicious war criminal, and Cheney and W are still walking around free.
The Amerikan empire is crumbling, but will continue to do horrible things as it dies.


What took so long???


This is the proof that the experiment of America has failed—although there is still time to become what we could have been----but is there a will? The UK is corrupt, the United States is corrupt—I have no idea why so many celebrate religion as it too seems a farce. And now with with climate disaster looming everywhere still amazes me that so many want to war against their own humanity with the future of our planet is unknown

So many seek power and sanity is a rare quality, while most of all the skill of LISTENING is missing, and showing kindness and the fact tha TRUTH tellers are made to be a problem.
I’m not sure how this happened—but we seem to be stuck collectively in a Kafka novel—probably, THE TRIAL .How intriguing and how thoroughly disgusting that one of the people that Julian unmasked is the husband of the British judge from hell, who was apparently the Queen of Hearts in a previous life! How throughly British to value revenge over TRUTH.
Is there an address or connection where I can send a donation to this group who are there to help Julian? They too are there to help all of us. A reminder from a long ago poet, Dylan Thomas: " Do not go gentle into that good night—rage, rage --against the dying of the light." : (


As with most revolutions - Russian Revolution started out as a socialist revolution –
there is betrayal –

In the US we were betrayed by our Elite Founders – no democracy – they created
an Elite/Patriarchy in a bait and switch from the Declaration of Independence - all are equal.

There was REVOLUTION in what FDR did – happening at a time pretty much like we’re
going thru right now – with many more complications – especially Global Warming.
IMO, we should all be taking the wheel to move the revolution – we know what is required –
get rid of the damned gasoline-driven cars – re-engineer them to Electric –

Otherwise we remain at the mercy of Elites who will do the least they can while trying to keep
everything running – i.e., profits and exploitation of everything – as usual.

We can’t afford any more of that – !!

We should uninvent money – it seems to do something evil to the brain –

Same with property – I’ve done REAL ESTATE and I can tell you I’ve never see any “god”
or “Creator’s” name on a deed.

Also wondering if anyone here has been in touch with the campaign –
I’ll try to look into that myself tomorrow night –
Are we writing letters as we did with Chelsea Manning –

Another thing I want to mention – we need to try to ensure that the people who testified
against Trump in the Impeachment are not further retaliated against by him –

And of course he tried to do that - very much hope that they have found new employment –



"The Great Waves of change, though immensely dangerous—so dangerous they could crush human civilization—provide another alternative. And that is for nations to cooperate, to assure for their own populations and for their neighbors as well, the availability of the essential resources of life.

Instead of spending fortunes on building huge military empires, they will have to spend fortunes on building food production and the purification of the world’s rivers and the transportation of food wherever it is needed and the relocation of vast populations who are now driven from their homes and their lands because they cannot live there anymore."… from the teaching, searchable:-- “Rebellion, Revolution and War” from the New Message teachings.


Great post…keep your work.

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Right. Brainwashing. I only watched the first 15 minutes. (Continuing later today.) And hopefully they will succeed in releasing Julian with their endeavour and also show the war-mongering countries for what they are.


Wouldn’t be surprised at that.

Hi stardust
I am a member of progressive international. I joined when they first created their organisation. You can go to their website and join or send donations.


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the persecution of Assange for his publication of the proof of our war crimes by both our major political parties is the proof that we are a nation dedicated to the use of our military to exert our will on poor third world countries-to steal their resources for our corporations-or make them into proxies in our push for world domination and that we will support any war crimes done by the military-- making us --simply put–a rogue terrorist nation–

as Assange is only a publisher of news(one of the few news sources that has and is bringing the truth of our many crimes–the job of a news publication) everyone should be extremely worried about the evisceration of reporting that is obscuring the reality of our county–a very fascist act perpetrated by both political parties in the name of continuous wars we have been engaged in for decades–a total of 225 years out of 243 years since our start in 1776 (the proof of our war mongering rogue nation status)


The great Roger Waters, much hated by Israel.
You probably already know about the movie that shows the sinister aspect of television in a visceral and very powerful way: They Live.
The movie is also a wonderful parable about the alien nature of the wealthy, the power of denialism, and the possibility of awakening.



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SOOOO DAMN TRUE! I realized that when Chelsea Manning was first convicted of treason, when she was really a patriotic hero.

I mentioned to an acquaintance, that Chelsea Manning just got convicted of treason and his brainwashed reply: " WHICH MANNING? THE ONE THAT PLAYS FOR GIANTS OR THE ONE THAT PLAYS FOR THE BRONCOS?"

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“From Belmarsh, Assange now faces extradition to the United States—the first time in history that a publisher has been indicted under the Espionage Act,” PI said. "

Why? Because Assange published the truth about American war crimes? This Espionage Act is something right out of Orwell’s 1984 to paraphrase: IN A TIME OF UNIVERSAL MEDIA DECEIT; PUBLISHING THE TRUTH IS A TREASONOUS ACT!


Hi Greenwich:
YES! YES! YES! to everything you said! : )

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Hi wingsofadove;
THANK YOU and I am leaving this page and donating right now. : )


Sounds a bit like the Jamal K. story. Let’s hope it doesn’t end the same way.

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