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With Focus on Police Brutality, UN Panel Slams US Human Rights Record


With Focus on Police Brutality, UN Panel Slams US Human Rights Record

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The United States' human rights record faced fierce criticism on Monday during a hearing of the United Nations Human Rights Council, when a panel of more than 100 international leaders voiced concern over violations spanning from police brutality and the continued use of the death penalty to the torture of detainees at Guantanamo Bay prison.


And guess what? When the UN votes a censure or some sort of sanction on the US, it will go to the Insecurity Council where the US will veto it.


In the Even A Stopped Clock category…

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who launched his presidential campaign last week, says people would agree with calling him calling President Obama a psychopath if they just knew what one was. “Like most psychopaths,” Carson said in a lengthy GQ profile when discussing Obama’s State of the Union speech. “That’s why they’re successful. That’s the way they look. They all look great.”


Democracy and the Rule of Law are two required bases for a humanitarian record. The US, today s failing in both these requirements. The judicial system is politicized and therefore corrupt. The police are brutal, the government uncaring, the safety net full of holes, militarism in full array, torture part of government policy, imprisonment for even the smallest of misdemeanours the norm, violence in the streets on a daily basis. What don’t you understand about why the US is no longer a supporter of human rights? It would be beyond gross hypocrisy for any American leader to attempt to tell other nations to clean up their acts with respect to human rights!


I keep looking for brown shirts to become fashionable again.


Lauren, I spoke at the pre-UPR proceedings in Geneva. I’m happy to say they also called out the U.S. on their reluctance to remove the Fair Labor Standards Act exemption from 1938 which allows child labor in U.S. agriculture. As a result we have an estimated 350.000 children 12 and sometimes younger working. Belgium recommended the U.S. remove agricultural exemption in Fair Labor Standards Act which would raise the age for harvesting and hazardous work for hired children.‬ Meanwhile, Panama thanks the U.S. for their participation and programs to eradicate Panama’s
child labor


An EMPIRE IS what an EMPIRE DOES and yet so few even in the leftish progressive-lite community have the brains to recognize, expose, and call-out this fucking EMPIRE AS BEING AN EMPIRE, eh?

WTF is wrong with the faux progressives?


Tom, the Empire’s media/propaganda-sector anesthesiologist has put the progressive-lite community to “sleep like sheep” and no one notices the nightmare cancer of Empire the Cancer of all Maladies during their wet dreams of battling all those stupid little ‘identity issuses’, and subordinate ‘symptom problems’ — and thus the leftish herd has no time nor acuity to focus on the singular EMPIRE which is the CAUSE of all their little-minded concerns and useless protests (and equally useless distractive alt media web-sites articles).

“Empire abroad entails tyranny at home” H. Arendt

And if you igrnore the Empire abroad, don’t fucking complain about the tyranny at home — which will at first just kick your ass, but proceed to killing you.


“With Focus on Police Brutality” the Empire is berry berry happy that there is no “Focus” on It as an Empire