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With Free Tuition and Ambitious Tax Measures, Alternative Budget Dares Liberals to Think Big


With Free Tuition and Ambitious Tax Measures, Alternative Budget Dares Liberals to Think Big

Karl Nerenberg

When the Conservatives were in power the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' (CCPA) annual Alternative Federal Budget, or AFB, really did seem to come from an alternate universe.

There was little chance the Harper government would even read what the CCPA had to say, let alone heed any of its recommendations.

Now, with the new-look, self-described progressive Liberals in power, the CCPA can hope someone in government might at least consider its ideas.


As if it's a mere coincidence that Canadians are facing the same unfair tax structures as those of Americans.

All the money cut from the top earners under the guise of some generic high-sounding tax cutting policy meant less money for programs that support communities and the lives of persons who matter (and require some assistance).

Reagan sure taught the Western world how to play "trickle down" economics... as the elites essentially urinated upon The People.

If humanity survives the world built for, by, and about the Corporate overlords... this period might be referred to by future economists as the Mass Golden Shower Phase.


yep the same game played up here between the various Political parties all of them vying for the Corporate dollar. Now in Canada there was no Citizens United equating money to free speech but the Corporations have found other ways to corrupt the system

As in the USA represent the interests of Big Businesses and you will be invited to sit on their boards when you reture from politics fail to win tht next election.

More importantly by "controlling the means of production" the Corporate State will in essence blackmail Governments they deem unsuitable. They control the CAPITAL that is used under the economic system to develop the raw resources and thus create jobs. In Alberta under the old Conservatives when Royalty payments on oil deemed to high they simply told the Government they would invest their money elsewhere unless it was lowered.