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With Friday Deadline, These 16 House Democrats About to Go Down in History for Helping GOP Kill Internet as We Know It


With Friday Deadline, These 16 House Democrats About to Go Down in History for Helping GOP Kill Internet as We Know It

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The U.S. House still has an opportunity to side with the vast majority of the American public and overturn the Republican-controlled FCC's net neutrality repeal, but time is quickly running out.


Our current Internet has not been already compromised? Seems to me it has. Fake News, Hacks, Companies have all our Info. So what will change?


Expect more uncensored fascist propaganda…??


“Go down in history”. And which history might that be? The “age of stupid” discovered by some aliens or new life form on earth in “the year 2525”.


Just 16 amount the legions of the Empire. Brought to you by the lesser of evil corporate political scam.


And where the Hell is the House Dem “leadership” in the weak and utterly compromised Nancy Pelosi??

Where the Hell the House minority Whip, so-called, in Steny Hoyer that is charged with making a majority of their forces?? The answer to both questions is nowhere! It is always a group of sold-out corrupt political hacks serving their financial masters that betray the people that look to the DP to represent them and are consistently betrayed, with the complicity of the BS “leadership”!

The party “leadership” is a fuckin joke! None of them have any gumption or commitment to the issues that serve the Common Good or progressive issues that have wide support among the Democratic and Independent base. The MO is most often to serve the powers of wealth and profits rather than to fight-for the people and the issues that benefit the people.

The DINO establishment is addicted to campaign contribution bribes to finance the increasingly obscene costs of politics under our entirely corrupted system that holds big-money as most important. In selecting candidates, funding the chosen, buying the squandered sold-off peoples airwaves, and after “election” immediately providing the quid pro quo the bribers desire to further enhance their wealth, monopoly, or domination over public policy, now made a sick joke!

Nancy Pelosi, Hoyer, as well as Chucky Schumer, et al serve big-money interests and that MO must be smashed if there is to be any real justice and government to promote the Common Good, not common greed!


Sinema has fewer excuses than the rest since she doesn’t need to run for re-election for 6 years.


Exactly. And, The Daily Bleached ( Beast ) is touting her as a possible entrant in the 2020 Democratic Presidential Sweepstakes?
What are they smoking over there?


Its the Russians again I tell you. These congressvermin are being paid by the Russians not to sign.
Those pesky Russians are everywhere, just read US media.


Patriots, if you are out there listening, silence these 16 Democrats before Friday.

They are Traitors to the People.


HI DIm O Crats . you’re not planning on fund raising directly to the citizens through email are you----because how will citizens know, as the internet for us wi be so sloooooooow. Of course we could probably pay extra for more speed-----but remember, most of us can’t even handle a $400 emergency.
I guess we will have to use the U. S mail for our concerns----maybe you’d better stock up on paper and envelopes, although, that’s not really helping the environment by killing all those trees for paper, is it. Geez, maybe newspaper of paper will have to come back, because, you know, corporations really would have rather us mute, don’t you think?

And you know, it’s pretty important for us to have connections to the world, what with the fires and floods and hurricanes and tornadoes going on. So I guess Americans will become more isolated without net neutrality-----states will just become more isolationist and then —why would they need a federal government? Say, maybe this could work out for the People after all.
We really would see our tax dollars at work in our own cities and states. : )


For years I felt lightly massaged by the political realm assuming it was a careful game of (don’t lay too much on them at once). When W Bush showed up that premise disappeared. And with Trump, well he could care less.
People don’t need much more than having the internet or their cell phones compromised to go to the mat.
So hang on to your towels and get your walking or riding gear ready just in case we have to move.


If the corrupt Duopoly politicians happen to Kill the Internet as We the People know it on Friday, every single American needs to call their Internet Service Provider on Saturday, and cancel their service, including their cell phones.

Don’t worry about any cancelation fees or charges, just send your bills for those charges to the DNC.

This, is the only thing that the corporations understand. Losing money.

They’re banking on us not doing that.


Restoring Net Neutrality is like achieving healthcare as a human right – in the de facto Fourth Reich of the United States, neither will ever be allowed without genuine revolution.


Agreed, but we can’t let our collective cynicism and frustration let us quit. We’ve got to call these guys, and even if we’re not their direct constituents, this decision affects the whole damn country. Call soon…because it appears that letters/ email can take weeks to get screened and tallied and time is of the essence.

To call each one’s office, dial 202-225 and then the 4 digits:
Brandon Boyle, Pa…6111
Matt Cartwright, Pa…5546
Dwight Evans, Pa…4001
GK Butterfield, NC…3101
Jim Costa, CA…3341
Josh Gottheimer, NJ…4465
Brad Schneider, Ill…4835
David Scott, Ga…2939
Pete Visclosky, Ind…2461
Henry Cueller, Tx…1640
Vicente Gonzalez, Tx…2531
Filemon Vela, Tx…9901
Kyrsten Sinema, Az…9888. Wtf?
Tom O’Halleran, Az…3361

These two are leaving Congress, so they have nothing to lose:
Robert Brady, Pa…4731
Gene Green, Tx…1688

You guys know the drill. The phone people just keep a tally, yay or nay, but if you want to leave your reasons, go for it. (I hope the numbers are correct. Didn’t proofread.) If your call won’t go thru on the first try, dial again.

Tangent: interesting there’s one female in this list…


Call them anyway!


Call anyway!


WTF?!? The Constitution gives the term of House members as two years. How on earth could one go through three election cycles without having to stand for re-election? ESPECIALLY in a state with thousands of Republicans drooling to knock off any Democrat?


I think Aliens have been here for a long time… Just look at the long weird list of Presidents and the strange people that surrounded them. Look carefully at their hair… Orange is a dead giveaway…


Canines. Having cohabited with dogs for most of my life – and having become somewhat familiar with the ways of coyotes and wolves both via rural living and friendship with an environmental biology professor who was one of my colleagues when I was teaching journalism and social documentary photography – I have long been convinced canines are Mother Earth’s next apex species. (Unless of course some ChristoNazi blows up the planet “to save it.”)

Plus – I add this for persons of a spiritual bent – there’s also the possibility the Bible was mistranslated: that our creator was really “dog” not “god.”