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With Fudge's Ohio Seat Opening, Progressives Say "Congresswoman Nina Turner Has a Nice Ring to It"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/09/fudges-ohio-seat-opening-progressives-say-congresswoman-nina-turner-has-nice-ring-it


Too bad, most DNC are well past their “heart-attack prone” years? Has Charles Koch bred Cheri Bustos’ seething rabid kleptocrat replacement, in the bowels of Mordor, yet? I’d ALMOST donate to the party, if I’d have a front row seat at her swearing in (I’ve got a Goretex hoodie, lexan face shield & respirator rated against caustic fluids.) “Representative” Turner is precisely what Nancy, Chuck, Joe, Hills, Tom, John, Rahm, Neera and Debbie ALWAYS feared, loathed & HATED most: a REAL working-class Democrat, trying to do her job!


It would be a lot of fun to see Nina tear up the House. Hope she does it.


I saw several of her barn burner speeches over several days at the 2017 People’s Convention in Chicago. It would be awesome to have her doing that from the House Floor!
I"m in Illinois and I’d send her money

The 3rd Way crowd will never let that happen.


She will need lots of loot.
Just to her immediate west is good ole Jim Jordan, republican scoundrel, THEE Ohio State Universities wrestling sex scandal member and a guy who needs a ticket to Gitmo.


The time between the moment she announces and the moment my first contribution will be on its way will be too short to measure.


Well the rest of the Squad beat back those challenges. That’s just the field we’re fighting on. Every win will involve rolling over the Third Way. We’ll lose some, we’ll win some.


They’d absolutely NO idea, REAL Democrats were electable; especially ones interested in “representing” their actual constituents? I’m picturing Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles as a baseline of sociopathic syphilitic senility? That they’d pay tens-of-millions of our hard earned dollars to giant lie-spewing social networking advocacy solutions (ie: bullshit) factories to tell media hyenias what rich white folks, just like them needed to hear? Now, they’re probably using the same CGI or GMO life-like polymer androids Trump got infected by? Just look at how Nancy, Cheri, Neera, Tom & Chuck flew around in a pandemic, playing whack-a-mole, ensuring ONLY ex-war criminal, CIA or K Street “think-tank” jackals WON? ~https://youtu.be/yWHdkK5j4yk


Agree but,
Correct me if I’m wrong but, they ran for their spots. This would be an appointment by a Republican.

Doesn’t sound promising, in fact whats to keep the Gov from appointing a member of the Reich?

edit: This might be part of Bidens plan to have excuses to get nothing done and blame Republicans - like Saint Barrack did

Biden: 'No party should have too much power’

Former Vice President Joe Biden said he’s concerned about what would happen if Republicans get “clobbered” in next year’s election, suggesting such an outcome would be harmful to bipartisanship.

“I’m really worried that no party should have too much power,” Biden told reporters Friday during his bus tour in Iowa. “You need a countervailing force.”


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Why Is Marcia Fudge Being Nominated to HUD, if Not Tokenism?

The guarantee of safe and affordable housing is too important for HUD to continue being treated as the short straw.

But don’t calll this Fudge-packin’ !

Com’on someone was going to say it

Article I, Section 2 ,Clause 4:

“When vacancies happen in the Representation from any State, the Executive Authority thereof shall issue Writs of Election to fill such Vacancies.”

Governors can appoint replacements to fill Senate vacancies, but Representatives must be elected.


and TX !

Great video. Reminded me of my cycling days in London. Hyde Park Corner was a daily nightmare.

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It was interesting, as folks started to cycle in Manhattan, as April brought the locals out; as anarchy prevailed in pretty empty streets. The worst hit areas are a SCARY subway trip away. Most workers cynically designated “essentials” were Black, Hispanic and employed as 1099 gig workers (no benefits, insurance, sick-leave, overtime, etc). So, as transit workers sickened, ~26% sero-prevalence gave survivors some immunity? The ~5% of generally FAR more affluent, white, work-from-home Manhattanites took to cycling, electric scooters, bikes & skateboards going over 20mph, through lights, on sidewalks; as delivery & shopping app workers no longer had the streets terrifyingly to themselves. The ERs weren’t in any position to deal with idiots flipping scooters or hitting folks in crosswalks, parks or sidewalks. Folks were in bandanas, neck gaiters & crusty OLD surgical masks & no helmets. Kind of a science fiction movie without any handsome stars.There were a very few streets blocked off, but very little enforcement, so within a few weeks kids were speeding cars through empty streets. Cycling will be getting lots scarier, just as old, vulnerable and sick folks most NEED home deliveries & gig workers will be in ever more precarious circumstances: health, safety, housing, debt, kids, evictions, employer victimization… I’d ridden everywhere, here, in the seventies. Not now, just too old, scared, SLOW and COVID’s fucked up our O2 levels.

The good news, Nina Turner is running for congress on a progressive platform and is probably a shoo-in to win.

The bad news, Nina Turner is running for congress on a progressive platform and is probably a shoo-in to win to become another optimist crushed by the Democratic leadership and misery that is Washington.


Tina’s got a spine. And a vision. That vision is the remaking of the Democratic Party, and as more and more with a spine get into Congress, the pressure builds on the DNC.

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Great philosophy for the long term. If only we had a long term when it comes to climate change, the pandemic, the suffering of the poor in an economic collapse, and the attack on privacy and human rights. If the attempt to change the Democratic Party had started in response to the party’s move to the corporate right 40 years ago then it may have worked. Starting now, is too little, too late. What’s the other options? I fear we may just be beyond salvation through elections especially in a system rigged by the rich against change. You can call nihilist over pessimistic, but rarely can you call them wrong.

What would you propose, or should we all just accept annihilation passively?

Perhaps not. It’s a disgusting, homophobic expression and not one I would expect to hear in this enlightened forum. It might have served you, and us, better to keep that one to yourself.

Ha! You don’t know Ms. Turner. She comes from a distinguished line of Black politicians in the Cleveland area and they don’t crush. I agree with Daedalus!