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With Fudge's Ohio Seat Opening, Progressives Say "Congresswoman Nina Turner Has a Nice Ring to It"

After all the euphoria of Our Revolution and Bernie, we end up with Joebama, a failed government just waiting to happen. Mitch McConnel won in a landslide. Nanncy Pelosi had no challenge to her leadership from the faux-gressives. Is it what a majority of the people in the US want or need, not even close, but it is what the people with real power wanted. Billionaires add a quarter-million dollars to their wealth for every death from Covid-19 in the USA but Congress debates what more they can squeeze out to hand to corporations. I’ll eat every word of this if corporations are not handed protection from liability for Covid deaths in the next don’tCares Act. The poor and working-class are being crushed, the climate is on a steamrolling downhill race, and voting is not going to change that. Now what? I’m not that smart but, as a half-empty type of person, a bad ending seems inevitable. Writing letters, voting, and peaceful demonstration may be cathartic but are they actually accomplishing anything meaningful given the short time frame left? Read Chris Hedges articles and books. He has been on the ground watching governments and states crumple, he sees that in the USA of today. Is the fall of the US empire even a bad thing?

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Yes I know all that. We all do and don’t need lectures from you or anyone else on that. But it was a binary election and fascism was on the ballot. The election result stopped fascism from continuing to run the state and all its apparatuses. So it did make a concrete real difference. The fascist threat is still there and we must continue to fight it, but pretending that fascism and bourgeois democracy are the same, or that we should not use every tool, including elections, to resist it is dangerous, simple minded and certainly not rigorous from any materialist standpoint.