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With GOP Masquerading as Pro-Transparency Party, Critics Ask: 'How About Trump's Tax Returns?'

With GOP Masquerading as Pro-Transparency Party, Critics Ask: 'How About Trump's Tax Returns?'

Jon Queally, staff writer

With the Republicans in Congress, spearheaded by House Speaker Paul Ryan, arguing the release of the controversial "Nune's memo" on Friday was all about the "sunshine" and the public's right to know, critics are taking the opportunity to point out the obvious hypocrisy of a party that champions "transparency" when it suits their political ends while continuing to block the release of other information in the clear public interest like, say, President Donald Trump's still

It’s about time a Daniel Ellsberg of the IRS emerged to release Trump’s tax filings!–Also the Resistance needs more “dirty pool” plays like that to really bring Trump regime down!–Progressives may never catch up to all the dirty deeds done cheap by the Republican party, but should start initiating some of their own, why be so polite all the time?


Proof of that statement is crooked, Paul Ryan just received a purported $500,000.00 campaign gift from the Koch Brothers.

Poor guy - and he was doing sch a good job of fleecing, I mean deflecting attention from that Koch problem


Trump, Pence, & Ryan >> This doesn’t end well.


Neither of The Two Parties has any real interest in ‘transparency’ - one thing politicians seem to hate is a snitch. That’s why whistleblowers always seem to get punished with more certainty than the crooks whose behavior is exposed.


It is no surprise! Democrats allowed repugs to get away with tax cuts (job creation supposedly, everything about the debt until they are in charge, transparency but not for them, family values (they have none) Christians (they are not). so on and so on the dems and the lamestreet media let’s them get away with it so why wouldn’t they keep it up - no accountability.


I sure hope has the jail cell next to Trump as he is a religious evil person.

Panama Papers Leak: Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and …
May 10, 2016 · … foreign shell companies and offshore accounts to … for tax evasion and fraud … Panama Papers Leak: Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and …
When It Comes to Tax Avoidance, Donald Trump’s Just a …
Oct 04, 2016 · A new study shows how Fortune 500 companies have managed to shelter trillions of dollars in profits offshore from being taxed, leaving Mr. Trump in the dust.

Remember the Panama Papers? That was all about “shell companies” offshore used by rich Americans like Trump to hide their money where it could not be taxed in “shell” companies offshore that really were not operational companies but just there for investors to put their money where it could not be taxed. Trump’s name is mentioned in the Panama Papers over 3,000 times. How presidential is that?


Just to be clear: its not “critics” asking. It’s “Democrats”. Even an honest headline seems an impossible act anymore.


Yes. Thanks for the links.

Echo chambers come in every flavor, yo.

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and apparently “sh*t” is the flavor of the month in this store.:wink:

seeing as trump was so quick to release the memo i would think he would gladly release his taxes.

Sarcasm much?

Dam- right we want to see his tax returns, and he has broken the emoluments clause of the constitution!

of course lol

Not true. Many businessmen have asked for it. Several senior Republicans have suggested in the past that Trump release his Tax Returns, etc. What is he trying to hide is the question you should be asking yourself instead of wasting time on playing the Democrat blame / lame game.

“sh*t is the flavor of EVERY DAY” on Fox, Breitbart, Info Wars, etc…all of Trump’s favorite “news” outlets (if you can call it that).

The tax cuts were not subject to filibuster, having been passed via reconciliation. Not a single Democrat voted for them. There is no “let” that was possible—Republicans are 100% responsible.