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With GOP Refusing Urgent Relief for Main Street, Tens of Thousands of Shuttered US Businesses Now Closing... Permanently

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/24/gop-refusing-urgent-relief-main-street-tens-thousands-shuttered-us-businesses-now


It’s all collapsing now.


The House refused too. They gave Trillions to the 1% but pocket change to the People. You can’t say GOP without including Dem Leadership and their last Executive Branch.

Now let’s get on iith the general strikes.


This is what Americans want. They won’t vote for people who want to address things like this. Look at what they did to Bernie Sanders. They told him ‘no thanks’ twice.

Well, here you go. Enjoy.

Where do you think you’d be now if Sanders was elected president in 2016 instead? How do you think you’d all be faring now? Better?

I don’t know why you Americans do this to yourselves.


Powerful words and analysis in that piece.

Walmarts, Amazon and Dollar stores. That is all that will be left.

But hey everyone that can not work can join the Military.

This will make schooling so much easier. All 99 percent of the people will need to learn is how to work at Walmart or Amazon or how to shoot some poor colored person in Africa.


This Counterpunch article is most excellent, covering almost all bases.

Here is Dennis Meadows, one of the original MIT “Limits to Growth” (1972) authors, in 2012:


Published 18 January 2012

From Dennis Meadows, University of New Hampshire

Your article “Doomsday book” is one of the very, very few critiques of our work, The Limits to Growth , which clearly states our goal was to understand the dynamics of growth in a finite world rather than simply to predict collapse or provide a litany of various limits to physical growth.

Humanity’s use of energy and materials is now so far above the globe’s long-term, sustainable capacity that collapse of some sort is inevitable. Thus I do not pay much attention these days to discussions about how one or another technology will “save” us. It is nevertheless very gratifying to see our message succinctly and accurately conveyed.

Durham, New Hampshire, US


I read that report in 1972, after I had come West from Montreal and McGill University.

Here is what I wrote in 2008, on a website I was constructing:

"Let’s not pussyfoot around. I think our civilization sucks. The good ship ‘Western Way’ is a failure, and is about to become a disaster. We have plenty of smart people, all seemingly impotent. War, environmental degradation, and the hemorrhaging of our humanity mark us as a failed society, unfit to live properly, or lead others. We don’t even know how to eat, and too many os us can’t be bothered to even vote./

Most of us are physically and mentally compromised from birth, and until we fully realize this, and do something about it, things will only get worse. There is little point in tinkering with the ‘Western Way’, we need to replace it."


In 2019, Ronald Wright estimated our chances of making it intact to 2015 stood at one in three, and he considered that optimistic,

In 2004, Martin Rees, astrophysicist and Astronomer Royal, had estimated our chances at one in two of making it to 2100,

Things have deteriorated, pretty obviously.

Jacques Cousteau may have been most prescient of all, being an ocean explorer. The ocean is after all, key to all.

“If we go on the way we have, the fault is our greed [and] if we are not willing [to change], we will disappear from the face of the globe, to be replaced by the insect.”


Looking back on my own life, I was first a canoeman.

Then a pilot.

Then a wellsite geologist for 18 years.

Then a mountaineer for seven.

Then a father and husband - and a true environmentalist.


Now here we are, our son, Underacanoe’s and mine, Cloudrunner, is almost sixteen, and graduated from grade ten online during a global pandemic which is now out of control, due to criminally irresponsible leadership and citizen apathy.

As Churchill said - “So be it”

Cousteau did say that “only the impossible missions succeed”.

Well - our work is now clear - we have Cousteau’s impossible mission.


I am not sure how much longer the people will persist in this belief that the Democrats can be reformed from within. By the time that day comes everyone will be dead.


He is still ‘allowed’ to be president. The paramilitary secret ‘police’ are still ‘allowed’ to cause extra mayhem, illegally, and to kidnap legally protesting citizens. Mitch McConnell is still being ‘allowed’ to stack the federal bench with radical unqualified ideologues. All of the openly fascist bigots are still ‘allowed’ to run all of the federal cabinet positions — All ‘allowed’ by the citizens of our nation without any real revolt. The tax cuts for the rich and the cuts to medicare and social security are still being ‘allowed’. Not to mention the fact that the pandemic as been ‘allowed’ to be purposely completely out-of-control, and proven to be the worst response of all the other nations. To paraphrase the infamous quote… It’s the ongoing, never ending, incredibly constant, insane ‘allowing’, stupid.


I don’t understand why most Americans show such apathy and lack of spine despite their lives being turned upside down. We need to get out and make life hell for the trumpsters and corporate America thieves. People are swallowing a lot of crap dealt to them by the Trump administration, it is high time for a revolution. What have we got to lose now with locally owned and operated businesses that are the backbones of American economy are shuttering down for good. This will only pave the way for higher sales for Chinese made wall-mart plastic trash since people will be more cash strapped looking for bargains. The current row with China over trade will probably lose intensity since our home grown businesses are allowed to fail and there are no alternatives available. Millions are unemployed and soon to lose their covid -19 disaster aid. I hope those millions of unemployed and newly made homeless will come out on (actually they’ll already be) on the streets to raise hell and teach the elites and the corporate thug tyrants that we mean business despite tRump’s goon squad’s violent attacks thuggery and intimidation.


And as he said many years ago, based on the state of the oceans, the earth has 50, 100, 150 years maximum left before collapse.

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As for Bernie Sanders case, America has been fed so much fucking cool aid for such a iffin long damn time it’ll take decades to completely un-dumb and overhaul the education system and shred to smithereens the fucking whore house tabloid elite propaganda machine media bought by Murdoch etc… irresponsible parasite monsters. Main stream media feel zero responsibility toward vast majority of average citizen despite the public “owning” the airwaves. Yeah i recall the son of General lying to the UN Colin Powell about Iraq nukes selling of licenses to the low life news empire tyrant dictators disguised as journalists and responsible citizens.


“Bourgeois society stands at the crossroads, either transition to Socialism or regression into Barbarism.” - Rosa Luxemburg


So, since it now becomes politically expedient to report, you suddenly report on businesses closing and job losses. Where have you been? Businesses have been crashing all around us. Take the catering industry - devastated. Talk about job losses! Where are your stories about that?

Instead, its cases, cases, cases…all the time.

We better figure out a way to live with this thing, safely, or we are all f’kd.

I was going to add that quote, wings - but I didn’t.

Glad you did - very much !

You know wings - this is a time of liberation in some small senses.

My old climbing colleague, a chaos mathematician and Professor of same, used to say ‘well we won’t have to worry about it’. I said back - ‘I think we will live to see it’.

Looks like I will win that bet, unfortunately.

So I’m dotting i’s and crossing t’s wings.

A couple of books on Old Hawaii are on order, one I gave to a friend, another was never returned by a now non-friend.

I’m planning to re-read some epic history, “Undaunted Courage” for example, and here for all, as I am descended from Montreal Voyageurs, and once camped on the Winnipeg River myself, the old Voyageur route to the ‘pays sauvage’ (in '94, on my Year of the Pilgrim). Here, for any interested - a
‘chanson de voyageur’"

(you can get a translation on the internet - basically about three pretty girls on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River. I was born and raised on the Island of Montreal, originally Ville Marie)

And here, a McGill History of the Voyageurs:



Oooh Sighs from the depths. That black humour made me LOL. (For quite some time.) Tarantino could make a great film from that scenario.

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Not sure who you are - often a troll it seems, but I could be wrong.

We know how to fight this virus, we always have.

New York listened to the expert science, and flattened the curve, China same, New Zealand same, there are more examples.

Any one anywhere who depended upon their ‘gut feelings’ - basically a hand waving exercise, which I have seen you do in fact - has been and still is out to lunch, or, since I am in Voyageur mode, ‘up the creek without a paddle.’

The longer there is chaos the easier for the rich and powerful to steal every dime there is.
General strikes will not work if businesses are already shut down by the virus. Only a bloody revolution will bring the change needed.

The priority should be to control the virus.

Then develop national work programs like Roosevelt era. Work to improve health, infrastructure, public transport, food production, environment and alternative energy. Strive for a healthy national and international psyche, and respect for the environment.
Or else perish.



Stiglitz has an article on the metrics he has found are effective in the August Scientific American. I read it in full this morning, but unfortunately I was unimpressed. It is an improvement to be sure, but economics was called by John Kenneth Galbraith “the dismal science”, or words to that effect.

But economics is far from any science as I know it, even though economists measure lots of things.

But it takes more than quantitative measurements to make a science.

For me, |Planet of the Humans" said it all, and better.

Downsize - including population growth, especially in consumption per capita. Ronald Wright pointed out in his 2019 interview with the CBC on the fifteenth anniversary of “A Short History of Progress” that population had doubled in a recent time frame, but in the very same time frame consumption per capital has also doubled. Thus the effect is nearer to a quadrupling of the population.

I am surprised at the martial tone of your remarks these last few weeks - you are a doctor I believe ?

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Add to the “chaos”:


You as a mountaineer will appreciate the absurdity of this travesty. (Which to me all ties in with everything happening on our planet today.)