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With GOP Reps in Hiding After Trumpcare Vote, Dems 'Adopt' Their Districts


With GOP Reps in Hiding After Trumpcare Vote, Dems 'Adopt' Their Districts

Nika Knight, staff writer

In the wake of the U.S. House's frightening vote to pass the GOP healthcare bill, Republican representatives seem to be hiding from constituents. Only 17 Republican members of the House—out of the 217 who voted for the law—are planning to hold town halls in their home districts during the Congressional recess.


We must not rely too much on Democrats for our salvation. They are too beholding to Big Money.

We need more Greens, Socialists, even Liberatarians promoting Democracy and Equality in Government.


If destroying Obamacare was such a benefit to the American people, why aren't the GOP happy to arrange Townhalls to get the reward for their political service that they so richly deserve?


While I think this was a great idea on the part of the Democrats, they shouldn't get a free pass in these town halls. People should demand that they support the HR 676 Medicare for All Bill if they haven't already signed on as a co-sponsor. No more support for the tepid ACA which will always lead to this problem. Medicare for ALL NOW!!!!!


When it comes down to battles between Left and Right I would suggest that even normally right leaning support of a responsible health care access plan should be welcomed. The principals of equality are a hell of a lot more important then arbitrary labels ever will be.


Perhaps the venues where this unbelievable new scam could be explained are all booked by shysters with get rich quick real estate schemes.


ha!ha!ha!ha! you're really carrying the water.


What a great idea!

We do need to make sure everyone elected to office has the interests of the country and the world at heart, including Democrats. A global climate mobilization; reinvigorated protections of speech, internet freedom, nature; universal health care; universal income.