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With Gorsuch Sworn In as Supreme Court Justice, a New Conservative Era Begins


With Gorsuch Sworn In as Supreme Court Justice, a New Conservative Era Begins

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

After a bruising Senate confirmation battle, former federal judge Neil Gorsuch was sworn in Monday as the 113th Supreme Court justice, restoring a 5-4 conservative balance to the nation's high court.

Chief Justice John Roberts administered the constitutional oath at 9:00am in a private ceremony; later Monday, Justice Anthony Kennedy—for whom Gorsuch formerly clerked—will ask his new colleague to take a second oath in a public ceremony at the White House.


President Asterisk* just got Justice Asterisk* on SCOTUS.

  • = stolen seat


What will Gorsuch face as a new Justice? by Lyle Denniston, very long time observer of the SCOTUS


I object to calling any of these MFs conservatives. The only things they're conserving are their own wealth and power while destroying everything else.


The most recent elections experienced within the three branches of the US Government have an ominous look and feel of what transpired circa 1933 in Germany. Hold on to your seats, anything can happen.


Agree --

This is a new round of corporate-fascism on the road to 100% fascism.


Yes, they are nothing but CON/.SERVING S.O.B.S


Now the court will get back to legislating instead of adjudicating.


This is more of a continuation of the current Conservative Era that paused when Scalia died. The court is very similar to what it was when Scalia was still alive.


Yet another disaster visited on the American people by the right and establishment Conservadems. Yes Trump appointed this guy but by rigging the democratic primary process and choosing the least liked of all the three between Sanders and O'Malley the conservadems ensured Trump's presidency. Having apparently learned nothing from the election Clinton and the feckless Democrats fell all over themselves last week praising Trump for dropping bombs in Syria. Whenever the media tells you there isn't bipartisanship in Washington, always remember they're talking about a narrow range of issues. When it comes to the neo-liberal and neo-conservative policies of the establishment of both parties bipartisanship always exists. They're both willing to sell out the working and middle class in favor of their campaign benefactors. Clinton has proven yet again she still doesn't understand what the American people see as important to their lives. The right course of action is to work through international institutions and Congress, neither of which Trump and both of which Obama did do, at least when it came to Syria, not so much with Libya. My guess is he followed the advice of Clinton and the foreign policy establishment on Libya, saw what a clusterfuck it turned in to, and decided to return to his natural position. Still after the failure in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, Clinton and establishment of both parties are more than willing to keep repeating the same disastrous mistakes over and over again, and never seeming to learn a damned thing.


I for one, would like to see the national narrative changed from conservatives to what the majority really are: i.e. treasonous, domestic, terrorists to 99% of the American people!


Calling them "conservatives" is spot on. Driven by fear, conserving wealth and power while destroying everything else is what conservatives do best:


They are both following Kissinger's lead.

Direct Online Democracy


All we need is a few more Neanderthals on the court and we can go back to the stone age.


You is so right, except that Neanderthals are already back in the majority; adding more would only be superfluous.