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With Grace and Love


With Grace and Love

A glad moment to recognize that vast numbers of Americans continue to offer an outpouring of grace and love in the wake of brutal Orlando. They are the "angels" and thousands more who turned up at a weekend funeral to drown out a few Westboro weirdos and ensure mourners could "grieve in peace." And the 50,000 who gathered at a Lake Eola vigil to vow love wins and sing "Rise Up." Perhaps, this time, we will.


Yesterday, at First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, on at most a week's notice, choristers and instrumentalists from First Pres and premier music groups in Philadelphia offered a concert in memory of those who lost their lives in Orlando.

The concert began with Mozart's Ave Verum corpus. It continued through movements from the Brahms and Faure requiems, Elgar's Enigma variations. Barber.

The Dark came rising. Lives were stolen. The tradition sings it reply. May it continue to do so.