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With Haley and Kushner Watching, Abbas Tears Into Trump's 'Unlawful' Jerusalem Move

With Haley and Kushner Watching, Abbas Tears Into Trump's 'Unlawful' Jerusalem Move

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a speech before the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday—attended by both U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley and White House adviser Jared Kushner—Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas tore into President Donald Trump's "unlawful" Jerusalem decision and condemned Israel for continuing to expand its illegal settlements.


Abbas has a valid point.

When will the “Hand of Righteousness” strike down those who have put themselves above the law?


Since the “Hand of Righteousness” hasn’t smitten yet, I think it’s safe to assume it never will. We’re on our own here.

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The United States of Israel supports the no Jewish blood Khazarian mafia apartheid mother state of Israel. Wars for Israel who murdered JFK, carried out 9-11, attacked the US Liberty in 1967 killing 34 Americans, wounding many more trying to sink that ship. Endless manipulation of all American legislative bodies. Meanwhile the US Christian churches bow down to their enslaver.

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Too much rant—smells like anti-Semitism. Too little fact. No substantiation. GONNNNNNNnnngg…

There is nothing anti-Semetic about it. It is only about fairness. Israel is in the wrong on the settlements and the capital, among other things.

as more Palestinian land is gobble up and its history erased! time is what the j are looking for, time to completely wipe out Palestine…

I agree about the apartheid, settlements and the capital. Don’t know what other things you mean.
Rant=United States of Israel…No Jewish blood khazarian mafia
The rightwing government of Israel is to the everyday normal people of Israel as the Dump Cabal is to the everyday normal people of America.

Of course the entire rant is anti-Semitic. The capital of the Jewish people has always been Jerusalem. Nutcases claim that Jews aren’t Jewish but instead are Khazars (a Baltic people who converted to Judaism 1500 years ago). Israel is not apartheid; you cannot list a single law that qualifies as apartheid, but I can list many Muslim laws that apply only to Jews. For example, Jordan will not allow Jews to become citizens or own land. Israel is not responsible for 9-11; the Arabs are. Israel did not murder JFK (that’s a new one on me). And a reminder of how deranged anti-Semites are; the Indonesian tsunami was blamed on a “Jewish death ray.”

The article has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. Totally false.

Boycott ALL Israeli goods, services and institutions until Israeli racism, terrorism, colonialism, mass murder, ethnic cleansing and apartheid are ended and the human rights of the Palestinian refugees are honored.