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With Hawkish Engel Heading Out the Door, Progressive Groups Demand Dems Make Sure Next Powerful Committee Chair Committs to 'Ending Our Endless Wars'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/14/hawkish-engel-heading-out-door-progressive-groups-demand-dems-make-sure-next


Engel gone, good riddance! Next! These spineless donkeys that continually vote with the scoundrel republicans must all go!


Look for Sherman of California to take over and continue the foreign policy dictated by our “Ally” in the middle east.


calls for transformation are getting louder.

“A progressive movement is demanding change on foreign policy; we hope Congressional Democrats are listening,” she said.

Yes, the revolution that Bernie railroaded was a threat.

But we’ve put that behind us now, and we can trust VP Nothing-Will Fundamentally-Change to keep those pesky progressives who have to swallow him, choking on his word salad gibberish.

Any politician who might try to stand up to stopping the USA’s endless wars might want to have a seance with Paul Wellstone for starters.


Another letter! I’m sure it will work this time.


Wouldn’t it be a blessing to finally put an end to all this endless war? Maybe it’s time to wage war in a manner that gets results…

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Get rid of EngIe and AIPAC. That’s how we’II pay for Medicare 4 AII, the Green New Deal, and maybe Puerto Rico wiII get some money for repairs and we can fix a whoIe Iot of Wyoming and PA which has been fracked ===pus Iouisiana stiII needs heIp too with sinking graveyards and sinking Iand and unclean water and soil. And of course PANDEMIC $ for the people and for developing more smaII business and Iess of the CEO crowd
There is so much good too that can be done when the military stops being able to use and then Iose the money they get! And Congress, remember YOU are the onIy ones that are supposed to be abIe to declare war—when are you going to stand up for that?
Oh and maybe if EVERYONE was drafted at age 18, no passes for the rich, those reIated to Congress and most especially those with bone spurs—then I bet Congress would find fewer reasons to go along with this constant murdering upon people of the worId. Isn’t it time to stop murdering compete strangers who have done nothing to harm us?


Well, you can always vote Green. You don’t HAVE to vote for Biden. I live in a safe red state, and I’m voting Green - again. If you live in a swing state, you may have to do some deep soul-searching before you mark your ballot.


Progressive Groups Demand Dems Make Sure Next Powerful Committee Chair Committs to ‘Ending Our Endless Wars

Oh yes, they demand. And I’m glad they’re doing it.
But honestly: when have demands from any easily marginalized group led to the results sought?

As many here and elsewhere have observed often enough, power (the establishment) will only yield to greater power. It won’t even negotiate unless the other party has at least some rough equivalency of power.
The DP has already yielded to the power of capital, part of which is the Military-Industrial-Spy complex; and need not yield to anyone or any group in the lowly electorate, as long as they can rely on the likelihood that the suckers will accept their arguments that they have no other option then to go along with the perceived lesser evil.
That is, in fact, the price of lesser-evilism. One cedes all leverage. The gears grinding down humanity and the planet will therefore continue apace.

So unless these groups withhold their endorsements and threaten to both withhold their votes and organize people to a genuine resistance, their demands aren’t worth the paper on which they’re written.


Just to be aware, almost nothing has changed with our voting condition since 2016.
That doesn’t seem to bother enough people to have a change made.
We will gripe about the same stuff all over again and space out as though we were in the “Twilight Zone.”
Then we’ll get mad.
Then we’ll gripe.
Then forget it, it’s too late.

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And the Kennedy brothers and MLK.

Big big BIIIG Time!

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[With Hawkish Engel Heading Out the Door, Progressive Groups Demand Dems Make Sure Next Powerful Committee Chair Commits to ‘Ending Our Endless Wars’]

And when they say NO!..Who ya gonna call, suckas…?

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Now we need to focus on those who supported Engel: Hillary Clinton, U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, the moderates (Republican), the Republican party, etc…

One DINO down, thousands to go!


There is so much to say to support your statements. However, you painted a pretty clear picture for all of us. Thanks. Now let’s get started on our big job. Throw out both of those war mongering Political Parties before they get us all killed and put all our efforts toward finding a solution to Human Caused Climate Change. That will enable all countries of the world to come together in Peace.

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How easy it is for time to cause that outstanding man to slip away. How easy it was to bury how he was killed.

Don’t vote Green because it is safe! Vote Green to win.

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North Carolina is considered purple, but I needed no soul-searching. Green is the only option that has any chance of improving things.

I hear this (the idea that there is as much money spent on war as is needed to fund an M4A system) a lot on this site. That assessment is off by a factor of 2 or 3. Money to fund M4A comes from money ALREADY being spent on health care through private insurance. Since the Green New Deal has no financial studies anywhere near the detail we’ve studied M4A , I have no issue arguing money saved from a sanely sized military (1/4 or less of what we have) it should go into that but I’m afraid it’s not enough money for that either.